What was the date of the second boston tea party

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what was the date of the second boston tea party

Who Participated in the Boston Tea Party?

Sep 24,  · A second Boston Tea Party took place in March , when around 60 Bostonians boarded the ship Fortune and dumped nearly 30 chests of . Jan 26,  · On December 16, , Americans boarded British ships in Boston harbor and — disguised as Indians — dumped their cargo of East India Company tea into the water. Now fast-forward more than two hundred years, to the start of the new millennium.

The Democrat leftism of Massachusetts boeton legendary. The Reagan Landslide in is the only time in the last fifty years when Massachusetts voted for a Republican presidential candidate.

Last year, Obama won Massachusetts by a whopping The Massachusetts state legislature is just as profoundly Democrat and leftist. Democrats in the State Senate outnumber Republicans by 35 to 5, and in the State House, they outnumber Republicans by to Look around the country at state governments. No big state has anything like the overwhelming partisan domination that Massachusetts does. Indeed, very few states in America have such lopsided partisan control of state government offices as Massachusetts.

What is true at the state government level is just as true dzte the congressional level. Massachusetts has ten Wws seats in Congress. All ten are Democrats. Actually, that understates the monolithic nature of Democrat control of House seats in Massachusetts. All the House seats after the election were Democrats, and Republicans contested only five of those ten House seats. All the House seats were Wqs after the election. In that election, Republican contested only three of the ten House seats.

Last year, Republicans actually contested four out of ten House seats in Massachusetts, although the Republicans were clobbered in each race. Indeed, the last time any Republican seriously challenged Democrats for a Senate seat in Massachusetts was fifteen years ago, in the midterm election, when Mitt Romney ran against Teddy Kennedy.

When Teddy Kennedy died -- in the midst of being lionized by the left datte a grandiose funeral intended to make his memory much greater than seconr himself ever wwhat -- the Democrat leadership behaved shamelessly. First, Democrats tried to pull a "Wellstone. Rather than have a dignified funeral for a liberal Democrat who was genuinely respectful by many people, the Democrat Party in Minnesota turned Paul Wellstone's funeral into a partisan festival.

Democrats also despicably lambasted Norm Coleman, an equally well-regarded Republican candidate, during these proceedings. Democrats have similarly tried to whip wzs for the dead Senator Kennedy into support for health care "reform.

Second, Democrats repealed the law that required a special election to replace Kennedy because Democrats were afraid in that if John Kerry won what does an elevated wbc count indicate presidency, Mitt Romney would have the opportunity to appoint a Republican wsa fill his unexpired term and made a new law that allowed a gubernatorial appointment and then a special election.

The sole purpose of this new law was to ensure that Democrats had an extra Senate seat during the health care debate in Congress. The cynical change in Massachusetts election laws, like the efforts to tie the dead senator to federal legislation, stinks.

Ironically, the ploy may backfire. Democrats, with understandable confidence, expected any member of their party to simply walk to victory in the special election, which was scheduled by the Democrat governor for Pzrty 19, In the interim, the Democrat governor could appoint an innocuous cipher Democrat senatorvoting in lockstep with whatever the Democrat leadership wantedto fill in until the special election.

Sure, tea parties had been wwhat all over the nation, indicating a very real, very passionate, and very serious challenge to the catastrophic economic policies gea both implemented, like the stimulus, and proposed, like health care -- pushed by the filibuster-proof Senate, the dictatorial House leadership, and Obama.

The idea that Americans everywhere might be appalled by what is happening in Washington seems not to have occurred to the insulated politicians, who utterly ignored tea parties in their states and districts, not to mention phone calls, e-mails, and faxes from their constituents. The challenge which Republican Scott Brown is making in Massachusetts to win the special Senate election against Democrat Martha Coakley ought secoond to be a huge surprise. As Whqt noted in August, conservatives outnumber liberals in virtually every state of the nation, including Massachusetts.

So when a Democrat pollster actually shows Brown bostob by one point, that also ought not to surprise us. Political debates are increasingly between conservatives and liberals, and as poll after poll has shown us in recent years, conservatives outnumber liberals and are the largest bloc in American politics. The people -- meaning the ordinary voters of Massachusetts, who will have to endure the consequences of a very unpopular health care measure and an increasingly qhat president -- will speak next week.

Washington insider punditry and the smug bosses of the Democratic Party, who bribed Ben Nelson with noxious privileges which offend even the benefited Nebraskans, may well hear the loud voice of average Americans at last. If by some miracle Brown wins, then the filibuster-proof Senate is doomed, along with plans to pass a murky, ugly, how to see fnf number in grameenphone health care bill.

If Brown comes close to beating Coakley, then no Democrat in America can feel safe outside deeply gerrymandered congressional districts. The mere fact that Democrats are sweating now means that the Second Boston Partyy Party has sent a clear, strong message to Washington: You work for us, and not the other way around.

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Of course, you’ve heard about the Boston Tea Party, a protest by the Sons of Liberty in Boston Harbor on 16 December against the British Tea Act. But did you know there was a Second Boston Tea Party in American history? And did you know they used tea from the original Boston Tea Party? In , nine men gathered in Scituate, Massachusetts, for the Second Boston Tea Party. Colonel Charles . Mar 08,  · The Aftermath of the Second Boston Tea Party “What natural right, whether that of smuggling, or A Portrait of Thomas Oliver? Evacuation Day Lecture Now Online; Call for Papers for “The Meaning of Independence,” “Whereas Tea is an Indian Plant ” “King of the Narragansett tribe of Indians”? Tales of the Second Boston Tea Party? Jan 12,  · The mere fact that Democrats are sweating now means that the Second Boston Tea Party has sent a clear, strong message to Washington: You work for us, and not the other way around.

Asked by Wiki User. The first Boston Tea Party is the one we learn about in all of the history books at school. It occured on December 16, , and involved a group of patriots disguised as native Americans. However, there was a second Boston Tea Party. It occured four months later, on March 7, Sixteen more containers of tea were thrown into the harbor. Compared to the 90, pounds of tea thrown over the first time, it was a much smaller incident.

It is generally much more difficult to find information on the second tea party specifically. It is usually briefly mentioned in conjunction with articles on the Boston Port Act. This article on the Boston Tea Party which occurred in Colonial America in provides fast facts, history and information about the events of the Boston Tea Party. You can find information about the party rental from online sites about party blogs. You can find things like party rental of popcorn machine and toys and games.

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Some of these places include Zillow and Bankrate. Ask Question. Boston Tea Party. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered There are some bits of information at the related link s below. Related Questions. Where can you find information about the Boston Tea Party? How do you find better information? How can you find if their relatives were participants of the Boston Tea Party?

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