What is the vlc media player

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what is the vlc media player

Windows Media Player vs VLC Media Player

Mar 19,  · VLC media player is a free media player capable of playing most video and audio files. Here we will be teaching you the basics of VLC that Beginner’s should know. Covering the most useful VLC features and capabilities that anyone can find useful. The uses that the software has make it optimal for being your default media player. Use the desktop version instead! ?? VLC media player is a portable, free and open-source, cross-platform media player and streaming media server written by the VideoLAN project. VLC is available for all operating system, desktop, mobiles or TVs.

W ith the invention of the internet, computer technology has moves steps higher and higher. What is the vlc media player the improvements, we can see at this era is the development of quality music and videos at large. At your comfort at your own house, you are sure to get only clear surround sounds and sharper images at large.

Recuperar conversaciones de whatsapp borradas is the era where people watch videos and music right from their computers and laptops. This has made everything more convenient since downloading movies from the internet is more comfortable and quicker, and watching can take place anywhere and at any time. Having said all this, having a quality movie is not everything to get the best times at watching your videos and medis to your favorite music.

There must be in place a perfect media player so that your viewing and listening experience can be best. Many a time, there is this question about which media player software is the best. However, it will depend on what features you want from a player for you to choose which is one is best. You are likely to look for a media player that can hold maximum codecs.

A media player that is ace when using windows platform or that which performs well on various platforms. Below is the overview of the two media player software that will guide you to decide which one is the best. A lot of you have been exposed to this type of media software because, in windows, it is the default player. With the windows media player 12 at your disposal, you will get some suitable means of storing and playing videos, music, recorded TV and pictures.

Consequently, you can customize the windows media player quickly, and it is more transparent. While you are on the go and you want to remain entertained, WMP allows you to sync it to a device that is portable, or you can choose to share with other devices around.

This multimedia player supports a good range of video and audio format from files, TV capture cards, the physical media, and multiple networks streaming protocol.

It has the capability of playing any video content that is not complete, unfinished, or the damaged video download before they get fully downloaded. VLC media player 64 bit offers a variety of audio and video formats and other streaming protocols. On networks experiencing high bandwidth, it has been designed to iz a streaming payer in both unicast and multicast.

Get more ghe this. It does not allow you to control a specific window once you have minimized it. It dictates that you must restore it again and then start controlling it. This one has a great GUI that can be customized easily. Unlike the VLC, Windows Media Player provides a mini window that enables you to control it without necessarily mesia the main window.

Being codec independent is an added advantage that VLC has over other players. However, it is most affected whhat severe bugs. On Windows, Windows Media Player smoothly runs, but it experiences the codec problems again. VLC is the best choice for many people across the globe, and it supports all types of formats and versions at large. You need not hesitate, try it, and you will see how the media players work. Your email address will not be published.

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Dec 17,  · VLC media player (commonly known as VLC) is a portable, free and open-source, cross-platform media player and streaming media server written by the VideoLAN. Apr 13,  · VLC Player is known thanks to the variety of formats it is compatible with. It features TV capture cards and a variety of network streaming protocols. One of its peculiar features is that it can play videos before they are completely downloaded. It can act as . Sep 30,  · VLC Player This multimedia player supports a good range of video and audio format from files, TV capture cards, the physical media, and multiple networks streaming protocol. It has the capability.

VLC media player is a free media player capable of playing most video and audio files. Covering the most useful VLC features and capabilities that anyone can find useful. The uses that the software has make it optimal for being your default media player.

Open the Windows option by clicking the windows button on your taskbar. You can also open it using the Windows key on your keyboard. An often overlooked feature of VLC media player is its ability to record. Making it a great alternative for screen capture. Fortunately activating the screen recording is pretty easy.

Change the capture mode to Desktop and set the framerate you want the video to be recorded in. A framerate of should be fine for recording your desktop. Switch to the Video codec tab and check the video option. Then change the Codec to H and the bitrate to at least The higher the bitrate the better the video quality will be.

A file explorer window will open, navigate to the folder you want the recording to be saved to and give it a name.

Press save to confirm. Cropping a video allows you to cut out segments of a video. You can use VLC to crop a video from the top, bottom, left and right. You can find the resolution of your video file by right clicking on it and selecting properties and details. Under the details you will see the width and height in pixels. Check the video file you want to crop, right click and select properties and details to see the resolution. This will be needed for working out how much of the video you want to crop..

Choose how many pixels you want to crop from each side. Most videos have an aspect ratio of Open the Video codec category. Tick the video option and switch the codec to H and choose your bitrate.

The higher the better quality the video will be. Switch to the Filters tab and ensure that Video cropping filter is checked. Press create to confirm your Profile. Select the Browse button to choose your file destination. Name the file and select the folder you want your cropped video to be placed into. Make sure to give the file a new name as to not overwrite the original. You can also use VLC to trim video clips. This feature works well paired with the the desktop screen recording feature.

You can then trim that segment of the video out also using VLC. Launch VLC and hit the Media tab located at the top left of the window. Choose to open a file. If the option has a tick next to it then it is enabled. You will now notice new options under the video preview. Just under the video playback there is a timeline. Click and drag the marker to where you want the video to begin. You can use the frame by frame option to move one frame forward on the track.

This is great for selecting precise starting points. Press play and let the video play through. Press the recording button again when the video reaches the point you wish to end the trim. If you are noticing playback or compatibility issues with a program converting the file may help. Some video editing programs may have trouble with less common media formats.

This makes being able to switch a video to MP4 or another format useful. Converting video formats with VLC is easy and fairly fast. Set your Bitrate, the higher the better quality your newly converted video will be. There are usually multiple subtitles available for popular shows and movies, including in different languages.

At the top of the window you will see several different options. Select View and then VLSub. Once VLSub has been selected a new window will appear. If your video is a movie then type the name into the title section.

For a show you can enter a title, season and episode. Ensure that the track is selected. At the top of the window select Subtitles and then hover over Sub track. Here you should be able to see if there is a subtitle active.

Here you can change the offset of the subtitles. Enter the amount in seconds that the subtitles are out of sync. If your subtitles are appearing before the vocals then enter the number is positive form eg 7. However, if the audio is before the subtitles then enter a minus sign before the amount eg. This could be because of copyright issues.

The default appearance of VLC is fairly bland. Fortunately you can customize the appearance of your VLC media player by installing skins. This can be a good way to add a dark theme or modern appearance to the player. It is possible to watch 3D videos inside of VLC media player. However when you first try to play a 3D video you will notice a side by side will begin playing.

This is quickly changed to allow for 3D compatibility. VLC media player is an all around great program, worthy of being your default media player. The features and compatibility allows for you view almost any video file without having to switch between players. The variety of uses give you great functionality and allows for one program to complete many tasks.

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