What is the temperature in hawaii in january

By Moshakar | 18.07.2020

what is the temperature in hawaii in january

Hawaii Weather and Climate in January

Hawaii Weather in January January maintains the state’s average daytime temperatures in the low 80s Fahrenheit, with the only exception of being slightly colder in the evenings (which really depends on if you consider the mid-high 60s to be cold). January in Hawaii is part of the winter season called ’Hooilo’. Temperatures range from 66°F to 81°F making January the "coldest" month of the year. You might want to pack a light jacket to wear in the evenings. The trade winds are stronger making it an ideal time to .

Averages By Month. Hourly 10 Days. Based on the weather we can safely recommend any time of the year for a vacation in Hawaii. The sun will shine daily and trade winds will provide a refreshing breeze. In Hawaii the weather has only two seasons. This time of the year is ideal for surfers who love the higher waves.

Hawaii simply what is pranayama in yoga everything vacation wise- from turquoise seawater what size rsj do i need for loft white sand beaches, beautiful waterfalls, rainforests, mountains, whst volcanoes and even snow!

You can enjoy janiary shopping malls or explore the endless activities in the nature. The weather on ths different islands is quite contrasting. On the big island of Hawaii, for example, you may sunbathe at the beach and swim in the ocean even during winter months November until February. Straight after you could go for a walk in the snow on the mountain Mauna Kea.

However, along the coast the weather is pleasantly warm all year round. The island of Molokai is famous for its rustic charm and beauty. Lanai is the hawaui of contrast and balances relaxing luxury with rough nature. Maui offers a huge amount of unforgettable experiences from its famous beaches to the mountain Haleakala.

Finally, yemperature the Big Island of Hawaii you can explore endlessly. From active volcanoes to coffee farms, beautiful beaches temperatkre a rich history you will not get bored.

In general, the sun in Hawaii shines daily and temperatures are pleasantly warm all year round. You might want to pack a light jacket to wear in the evenings. You might also find some passing rain here or there 9 rain days on average so bringing an umbrella temperautre be a good idea.

The sun usually shines for 7 hours a day. As the holiday season comes to an end, the first few days in January might be busier than other periods to visit. January is a popular time to visit for golf enthusiasts as Hawaii traditionally hosts the opening PGA Tour event of the season.

Surfers might want to visit one of several surfer events that are held in January. Best Time to visit Hawaii Based on the weather we can safely recommend any time of the year for a vacation in Hawaii. Hawaii Location.

Hawaii Weather for January 2021

10 rows · Hawaii Temperatures in January Typical temperatures for cities, towns, parks and beaches. It has warm weather throughout the year, including January. When visiting at this time, you will see tropical flowers in bloom and can bask in balmy tropical temperatures in the low 80s. You might be surprised that at this time of year the nights get a little cooler and drop into the mid to high 60s in some regions, but it’s nothing a light sweater can’t solve. Hawaii weather in January. Honolulu. Waipahu. Mililani. Pearl City. Kailua. Temperature January. 23°C | 73°F. Precipitation / Rainfall January.

The island state boasts pleasant temperatures and plenty of things to see and do no matter what time of the year, and the month of January is just as nice as any other in Hawaii. Parts of Maui and Hawaii Island will be a bit colder, while Kauai will likely see more rain than the others.

On Oahu , the biggest obstacle is the crowds, but that tends to be overshadowed by the larger number of attractions. The bright side of these big waves is that they are super fun to watch, at a safe distance, of course! You can spectate surfers on every island, but some of the best in the world are on Oahu's north shore. There is also a higher chance of rain in January, which may put some travelers off; but remember, this is the tropics and the rain is what helps give Hawaii its signature rainbows, lush forests, flowers, and fresh air.

Expect an average monthly rainfall of 9. Same with swimming temperatures, which average just above 76 degrees F 24 degrees C during this time. Since rain is nearly impossible to avoid in January, bug spray, good hiking shoes, and rain gear are an excellent idea if you plan to hike. While visitors in January will most likely miss out on any traditional holiday activities unless it is early on in the month, they will still be able to enjoy Chinese New Year, a couple of festivals, the Sony Open, and surf competitions.

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