What is the point of panty liners

By Dihn | 20.07.2020

what is the point of panty liners

To wear or not to wear panty liners? A gynaecologist answers this pertinent question

Oct 08, †Ј Prevents stains on panties. 6. Some people even use them in case their tampon leaks- its better than wearing a tampon AND a pad when you can just wear a . Apr 13, †Ј Panty liners can be a big help with unexpected leaks whenever you have a day ahead of you when you know youТre going to be super-active. Panty liners can help manage adult incontinence if you experience that issue as you get older, provided you only have mild or moderate odishahaalchaal.comted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Shocking, shocking, shocking Ч wearing pantyliner everyday would lead to vagina bacteria infection! This is such a critical issue to me that I wished I could amplify my voice to the whole world and warn all the female counterparts.

Not to scare everyone off, there are also mild cases like genital acne problem or yeast infection. But, that is disturbing enough. I asked the doctor why would wearing pantyliner on a daily basis brings about these issues. Her explanations were free whatsapp download for android tablet to understand and I wish to pen them down so that I can remember them and let this be a warning to all of us.

Firstly, the adhesive strip at the bottom of the pantyliner is made of plastic. And, we all know that skin is unable to breath through plastic. Now image this : You pass out normal genital discharge during the day, your discharge stays on the pantyliner, which would be sticked against your skin for as long as you are still wearing the pantyliner. We also know that bacteria grow much faster in wet and high-temperature area. Now, you see, the bacteria is growing on areas like your Labia Majora and Clitoris.

This will highly likely cause gential acne and irritation. The doctor said those added attributes definitely require added chemical content. Well, and God knows how those chemical is treating our skin. I sort of forgotten the real purpose of pantyliner until the doctor mention it again, and here is what I found on Wiktionary. Yes, if you got it right, pantyliners are meant for spotting days, and not to be worn on a daily affair.

The type of panties that we wear would contribute to the problem too. Cotton is absorbent and creates less abrasion against the skin, thus, lower chance of developing genital irritation. Girls, ladies, babes, we should take care of our own bodies, because we own them. This entry was posted on Saturday, February 23rd, at am and is filed under Body Needs. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. I have got ALOT of discharge and that makes me feel so uncomfortable without the pantyliner. Stubborn me. As for those Girls who wear Gstrings Those t-backsit is highly likely to cause infections too. Hope it helps. It is possible you have a scented pantyliner. What books did roald dahl write for children, this is a good post.

With that said, my good friend once told me that when we sleep, we should try not to wear undies or wear loose boxers. Oh goshЕ This is shocking indeed. I did not realize that prolonged wearing of pantyliners could cause folliculitis Ч thought only bad shaving and ingrown hair could cause that.

Everytime I visit the toilet I would change them. In this way, it is not too thick Ч my fanny could still breathe. And I could change n dispose of it quickly and easily. I have heard constant use of tissue paper causes vaginal infection, I mean the my boss hates me what can i do particles from the tissue.

Shan: It is definitely tough to be a girl. Well, if you really have so much discharge, I would suggest you visit the doctor. I would think that it is not normal to have so much discharge. Let me know if you need company. Van: Thank you for the great tip. I tried it Ч it is a great cooling experience. And I think, this is all we can do to be friendlier to our dear friend down there. Elaine: I was shocked too when the doctor told me that.

Thanks for your advice. Its kinda hard coz after reading your entry, I tried stopping for one or two days and then I forgot about it. Its an automatic action I do everydayЕsigh. I shall stop buying after the current one runs outЕperhaps that will work. Out of sight, out of mind. I was googling about panty liners being unhealthy for girls and I found your site. Is it really true? Not sure whether the pantyliners are the culprit.

Amy: Thanks for your comments. I have personally faced that problem and my doctor explained that to me. I think her explanation do make sense.

I understand how it feels when you have discharge and it kind of wet your panties. I guess if you really need to wear pantyliner, you can probably change it more frequently to reduce moisture build-up.

Yeah, I dont wear pantiliners, but i use tissue everyday, and change after I use the bathroom. If I dont wear it, my panties would be soaked. I thought I was the only one pissing all over myself. Nah, it doesnt smell bad, but its so uncomfortable walking around with wet panties. And i wear all types of materials, silk, cotton, ect. Might just be me. I guess different people have different preferences Ч most importantly, you must how much are pnina tornai gowns comfortable with what you are wearing.

How do I do? Hi Viv, thanks for dropping by. There are various ways you could try changing your usage. If you really need to wear them everyday, you may wish to change it more frequently. You may need to try out what work best for you. This just the post I was looking for.

Thank you. I was thinking of going super natural and getting the cloth liners since I already have the Diva cup. This post has helped in swaying me. Alternatively, you could change your PL more frequently. Hi there! I read the post and do think wearing a panty liner all day every day would start to cause some problems. But, I think a better solution would be to wear a reusable cloth panty liner. Hi Anna, thanks for sharing with us. What is the difference between piles and hemorrhoids have not seen reusable cloth panty liner in the pharmacies.

Let me go hunt for them and will try it out as well! Let me know how it goes for you. Take care there. Interesting article! Thank you! Most cloth pantyliners are made with a few layers of flannel Ч I make my own and I sell them, too and they only have two layers Ч so they breathe, but they pull all the wetness away from my body.

A few weeks ago I ran out of cloth and switched back to disposables until I could do laundry Ч it was so uncomfortable Ч dry and itchy! Why do we put up with stuff like that as women? Hi Candice! Thanks for sharing with us. I can certainly feel the agony of the woes of being a woman.

I wear pantylinersЕdarnЕnow what? I dont like wearing pantyliner because i think they feel hot and unconfortable inside my panty so I always wear a folded tissue instead. The problem with tissue is they tend to damage quickly and make a mess inside my panties and vagina!

If you need a pantyliner because of moisture, the best thing you can do is simply wear a cloth pantyliner.

Ah that explains so much! I wear pantyliners everyday, and i dont have my period yet. I get alot of how to get a job at tyler perry studios, so i wear pantyliners so i wouldnt be uncomfortable.

Is it bloody discharge? Or you may find that if you switch to cloth liners, that the disposables were causing an irritation that increased the discharge.

So Kotex it is.

Woman's World

Some women choose to wear a panty liner every single day. Others never use them. ItТs an issue of personal preference. It is normal to experience vaginal discharge throughout your cycle. You bleed during your period, and you may have also noticed a white or yellowish discharge at other times of the month. You can choose to wear a liner during those times of the month to keep your panties УcleanerФ . May 26, †Ј Panty liners are now part of women's personal hygiene routine, specially after their period ends, to help with any spotting or vaginal discharge. Before getting used to wear panty liners, read along to know how these daily pads can affect your vagina, and find out the right way to wear them. 1. Before wearing your panty liner, make sure to wash. Feb 22, †Ј A pad worn on the inner surface of womenТs underwear during a shoulder-day of the menstrual period, designed to absorb small, spotty quantities of menstrual fluid, in contrast to a tampon or sanitary napkin, worn on heavy-flow days. Yes, if you got it right, pantyliners are meant for spotting days, and not to be worn on a daily odishahaalchaal.comted Reading Time: 6 mins.

An integral part of my daily personal hygiene is the use of a panty liner. It is similar to a pad but just not as thick or absorbent. Thinner than most pads, a panty liner can be an everyday saviour for women who need that all-day fresh feeling down there. Panty liner keeps you dry and fresh all day. I detest the feeling of wet innerwear due to normal vaginal discharge. Panty liners keep your inner wear dry on such occasions.

It prevents you from wetting your pants a little when someone cracks a really funny joke. I am always reminded of how I need to increase my kegel exercises when I have a good laughing session and realized I wet my pants. The panty liner does a great job where you continue to laugh harder and do not mind the little flow.

It makes for a great running buddy. It is great to hydrate often when you are on a run, but there are those moments when you are running and notice you have lost a bit of bladder control. Panty liner to the rescue! It comes to the rescue when your period shows up unexpectedly. Carrying a panty liner in your bag is a great idea on days when your period appears unannounced and you can't get hold of a pad in time.

Definitely saves you the stress of embarrassment and ruining your favourite dress. It is great when you are expecting your period or on the last day of it. Who needs a pad when you can use a panty liner that is so much more flexible and comfortable. It's a great save when the washroom you are using has run out of tissue roll. I prefer a non-wet inner wear at all times and a panty liner always ensures that.

It takes the stress off a little outdoor foreplay. If you and your partner do get a little naughty at a dinner or a theater, the pantry liner does the perfect job to hold your passion flow. Divya Dwaraknath. Reasons to Use of Panty Liners Here are seven good reasons to use a panty liner every day: 1. The Conversation Start a conversation, not a fire. Post with kindness. Please review and accept these changes below to continue using the website.

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