What is the movie deja vu about

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what is the movie deja vu about

Mystery of deja vu explained – it’s how we check our memories

Synopsis. In Algiers, New Orleans, an explosion of a ferry transporting sailors from the USS Nimitz and their families on a Mardi Gras excursion causes casualties. Lonely ATF agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) is assigned to investigate the terrorist attack. He is informed by Sheriff Reed (John McConnell) about the corpse of a woman, Claire Kuchever (Paula Patton), that washed up on shore. Nov 22,  · Deja Vu is a high-action, crime-drama, sci-fi, thriller which is exactly what you would expect from Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of such action-adventures as "Con Air," "Enemy of the State," "National Treasure," "Pirates of the Caribbean," and another Denzel Washington favorite, "Remember the /10(K).

It is a follow-up to the anime television series Steins;Gatewhich was based on the video game of the same nameand is part of the Science Adventure franchise. The film takes place in Augustone year after the events of the anime series.

After going through a painstaking journey across multiple 'World Lines' due to the invention of 'D-Mail', text messages that can be sent to the past, Rintaro Okabe has assumedly landed in the "Steins Gate" World Line, in which he was able to prevent the deaths of both Mayuri Shiina and Kurisu Makise, as well as prevent a future ruled by SERN due to the invention of a time machine that no longer exists.

On August 3, Kurisu arrives in Japan for a press conference and reunites with all the members of the Future Gadget Laboratory. Meanwhile, Rintaro starts having intense side effects from his time travels, seeing visions of alternate Worldlines. The next day on August 4, a mysterious visitor shows up at Kurisu's hotel, telling her to remember three things: a cell phone, a microwave oven, and SERN. Furthermore, no one else seems to remember Rintaro ever existed, with Kurisu barely retaining a faint memory of someone.

A week later on August 11, as Kurisu finds a fork that Rintaro left behind and remembers the words the stranger left her, she learns Itaru what is the symbolic meaning of the color yellow Hashida had for some reason hacked SERN, suddenly giving her the urge to build a Time Leap machine. Using the machine, Kurisu leaps back to the night of August 3, where she observes Rintaro disappearing and reappearing from existence, with everyone's memories of him changing accordingly.

She is then contacted by the visitor from before, revealed to be Suzuha Amane, who came from the future using a time machine Kurisu built. She explains to both Kurisu and Rintaro that all the memories of World Lines Rintaro had visited is overloading his Reading Steiner, causing him to fluctuate between the current world line and the "R" world line, the only other world line where neither Mayuri nor Kurisu die.

Suzuha states the only way to save him from vanishing completely is to use a time machine to travel to the past, but Rintaro ostensibly refuses, as he feels neither time machines nor time leap machines should exist and doesn't want Kurisu to go through the same suffering he went through, saying he would rather disappear to allow her and Mayuri to live in peace. He instead urges Kurisu to forget about him, leaving her with a kiss. As Rintaro disappears once again the next day, Kurisu breaks down in tears before grudgingly deciding to accept his wish and try to forget him.

Later, on August 13, as the Future Gadget Lab gets word that it might have to close up, Kurisu is once again approached by Suzuha, who tells her that she is not being honest with her own feelings, eventually convincing Kurisu to go with her in her time machine. In order to keep Rintaro in the Steins Gate world line, he must be implanted with a powerful memory that helps distinguish it from other world lines.

The two travel back to June 30,where Kurisu attempts to talk with the young Rintaro, only to result in him getting into a car accident instead, leaving her too afraid to attempt another trip to the past. Back in the present, Kurisu discovers Mayuri and the others also possess faint memories of Rintaro, which are soon awakened when she does an imitation of his persona, Kyouma Hououin.

Encouraged by everyone's feelings, Kurisu returns to the past, this time succeeding in her mission by implanting the concept of Kyouma Hououin into Rintaro's mind and giving him his first kiss, which led him to take on his 'mad scientist' persona to protect Mayuri. With this, Kurisu manages to bring Rintaro back to the Steins Gate world line and the movie ends with Rintaro asking Kurisu if she will return his first kiss to him.

Smiling, Kurisu says "Never". Additional items were shipped depending on the retailer. The Japanese release also includes English subtitles.

He additionally revealed that he had accepted only a single yen as a royalty fee from the film. Richard Eisenbeis and Toshi Nakamura of Kotaku stated, "This movie really lives or dies on how well you connect to Kurisu and Okabe— and given the amazing performances of their voice actors, I can't imagine not being able to," and proceeded to call it, "An excellent epilogue to the Steins;Gate story.

The two volumes were released on May 1 and June 1, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Madman Entertainment. Manga Entertainment. See also: List of Steins;Gate characters. Anime News Network. Archived from the original on Retrieved October 29, Archived from the original on November 2, Retrieved November 13, Kadokawa Shoten.

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Science fictionhow to start a turbine helicopterthriller. Jun Murakami Takeshi Abo. March 26, — November 26, May 1, — June 1, Anime and manga portal.

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The team of top-secret program brings ATF agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) into its midst to capture the terrorist (Jim Caviezel) responsible for a ferry bombing that left hundreds dead. Its 55%. It is deja vu that guides Federal Agent Doug Carlin through a government investigation that uses a top-secret time-shifting surveillance device to decode the events behind a shattering crime. Called in to recover evidence after a cataclysmic bomb explosion on a New Orleans ferry, Carlin discovers that what most people believe is "only in their heads" is something far more powerful – something which will . Apr 22,  · What's the story? A thriller with a science-fiction twist, DDJJ VU begins with a terrorist attack -- a bomb explodes aboard a ferry carrying Navy sailors on leave. Among the authorities trying to sort out the crime scene is ATF agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington), who's particularly good at reading details.3/5.

After a ferry is bombed in New Orleans, an A. In the wake of a devastating terrorist attack on a slow New Orleans ferry, the A. Designed to bend the very fabric of time, this state-of-the-art technology enables the user to observe a detailed representation of what happened four days and six hours in the past, tracking the target's every move prior to the attack. However, the man responsible for the deadly explosion is bound to strike again. Can Carlin figure out who he is, when he is always precisely four days behind?

BATF Doug Carlin is brought in to assist in the massive investigation, and gets attached to an experimental FBI surveillance unit, one that uses spacefolding technology to directly look back a little over four days into the past. While tracking down the bomber, Carlin gets an idea in his head: could they use the device to actually travel back in time and not only prevent the bombing but also the murder of a local woman whose truck was used in the bombing?

After an explosion on a ferry kills over people including a large group of party-going sailors, an ATF agent investigates the crime. AN FBI agent also joins the investigation. Meanwhile a young woman who was burned washes up on shore. Meant to look like part of the explosion, the body arrives at its location too soon, which leads the agents to believe her death is related to the explosion. As they use the new technology to study the woman, the ATF agent determines that this is not satellite imagery but somehow is using a time warp.

After viewing satellite surveillance, Carlin also stumbles upon a woman named Claire Kuchever, who has been murdered shortly before the Ferry incident. Carlin also finds out that he can use the surveillance systems to travel backwards in time. So, he time warps 4 days before the Ferry incident, so he can stop Claire's murder, and to stop the Ferry incident. In Algiers, New Orleans, after the explosion of a ferry transporting the sailors from the USS Nimitz and their families with casualties, the lonely ATF agent Doug Carlin is assigned to investigate the terrorist attack.

Without any lead, he is informed by Sheriff Reed about a corpse of a woman that was found one hour before the explosion, but burnt with the same explosive. He is invited by FBI Agent Pryzwarra to join the surveillance team headed by Jack McCready in the investigations, using a time window and Einstein-Rosen bridge through seven satellites to look back four and half days in time. He discloses the identity of the mysterious dead woman called Claire Kuchever and decides to follow her last moments trying to find the criminal.

Along the surveillance, Doug falls in love for Claire and tries to change destiny, saving her life. Sign In. Edit Deja Vu Jump to: Summaries 6 Synopsis 1. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Edit page. Top Gap. See more gaps ». Create a list ». Crowd Pleasers. See all related lists ». Share this page:. Clear your history.

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