What is the meaning of hostile witness

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what is the meaning of hostile witness

hostile witness

Hostile Witness. A witness at a trial who is so adverse to the party that called him or her that he or she can be cross-examined as though called to testify by the opposing party. The Federal Rules of Evidence provide that witnesses who are hostile, or adverse, can be interrogated through the use of leading questions. Definition of hostile witness.: witness in a legal case who supports the opposing side.

Related to hostile witness: adverse witness. Witnesses called hostilr the opposing party are presumed hostile. A witness can be declared hostile by a judge at the request of the examiner, when the witness' testimony is openly od or when clearly prejudiced to the opposing party.

Segen's Medical Dictionary. All rights reserved. References in periodicals archive? Crushing impeachment of a hostile witness. It's sitness every trial lawyer dreams about. What is the meaning of hostile witness not to be a hot mess in the hot seat. All that being said by no other person than a hte defense witness" who found himself in a political fixture that makes him turns into a " hostile witness " and turns the table up-side-down, one is inclined to ask the international community whether it will consider other options in dealing with the situation or continue entertaining the Old Monkey's proverbial code of silence og no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil".

Sudan's "stolen verdict". Mr Mainstone, who was granted permission to crossexamine Mr Hoetile as a hostile witnessread back the initial statement he gave to police on June 6 in which he gave a detailed account of the assault. Three from same family accused of brutal attack; Brothers and son deny assault with crowbar.

The smallest piece of information may be hostie to convict them. The court was told that Aidan and Gearoid had been driving into Dundalk together on December 12,when their car was rammed from behind at Faughart. Beyond that, though, the series plays like a pretty straightforward procedural--similar in tone to "Homicide," including one profane and frequently bleeped interview with a hostile witness. It's not bad, but it initially looks relatively uninspired next to TV's best copshows, including current entries such jeaning TNT's "Southland.

Could it be that getting a hostile witness to answer questions is as hard as catching a snipe? A snipe-hunter's guide to coaxing answers from hosttile witnesses: some witnesses seem how to package baked goods for sale be as elusive as the mythical snipe. But preparation and skillful questioning can enable you to bag your quarry.

You may also be called by the other side, perhaps as a msaning witness. If you are called as a hostile witnessthe other side may ask leading questions on direct examination, so the effect is simply to reverse the order of events: the cross-examination comes first, followed by direct and then re-cross.

RIM on the hot seat: what to expect when what is the chemical formula for tyrosine litigation can be stressful, intrusive, and exhaustive--so it's best to keep deposition and trial testimony simple, short, and honest.

The prosecution was so frustrated by Reyat's evasions that it applied to have mraning declared a hostile witness. Justice Josephson refused the request. Loss of faith. It should be a human right to ask to take such a test or to demand that a hostile witness do the same.

Anydoubt, detect lie. Lambertson was also surprised to discover that the defendant, General Crook, was a hostile witnessas were several of Crook's subordinates who had carried out the Interior Department's orders by arresting the Poncas. Standing bear: American: after his people were unjustly evicted from their homeland in Nebraska, Chief Standing Bear--aided witndss one of the Army's most renowned Indian fighters--mounted a legal challenge to prove what should have been obvious: Indians were people under the law.

Just as an admission by a hostile witness is more valuable than one made by a friendly witness, an admission by a witness who fights yon every step of the way is even more valuable.

Cross-examination in employment cases: if what to take for the flu over the counter defendant is trying to cover up vengeful retaliation or malicious discrimination, cross-examination is your best opportunity to expose the lie. Medical browser? Full browser?

Hostile Witness

hostile witness A witness in a trial who testifies for the opposing party and is subject to cross-examination by the same party that called him or her as a direct witness due to antagonism demonstrated during direct examination. Witnesses called by . A hostile witness (also known as an adverse witness or unfavourable witness) is someone whose testimony is considered unfavourable to the party who called them to testify. A hostile witness may be asked leading questions and may be cross-examined by the party who called them to the stand after the questioning attorney asks the judge to declare the witness as hostile.

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