What is extended zoom on sony camcorder

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what is extended zoom on sony camcorder

Sony Handycam Lineup New Features

Mar 10, EXIF Digital Zoom: a # greater than 1 indicates the use of some type of extended zoom with any camera. Multiply the Digital Zoom # by the 35mm equivalent Focal Length i.e. mm x = mm (35mm equivalent). EXIF Digital #s (exact) Correspond to Sonys __x #s (rounded). i.e. Sony SZ x: EXIF # might be Mar 11, ALL Optical Photos, show Digital Zoom: 1 (which means no extra zoom used). EXIF Digital Zoom: a # greater than 1 indicates the use of some type of extended zoom with any camera. Multiply the Digital Zoom # by the 35mm equivalent Focal .

Jpeg Only CIZ via right rocker zooms 1. Only at 10mp or 5mp image sizes. All Digital Camcorrder. I never tried current DZ, Anyone???. Discover something you were otherwise unaware of. You can combine extra zoom with focus magnification assist very magnified. Magnification gives the ability to see your remote subject clearly, and, because so visible you can wait for something to finish the shot:.

Both focus and metering automatically change to full screen area size. That seems a disadvantage, however you are zoomed in so much that full screen area size is perhaps smaller than spot area size from afar using OZ. Focus and Metering systems see only what is a child care nurse magnified area. In all cases, because they are progressive, cakcorder can leave them on and not use them, or, keep zooming a little, or a lot, as desired.

In-camera processing power increases. An optical in-camera sensor crop, with no other in-camera processing. It is the same as a crop you would make later in software. No extra pixels created. Crops have increasingly fewer pixels. An in-camera SZ crop, and a matching crop in your software will have the same of pixels. Of course post crops can be of either Jpeg or RAW images. There is no menu option. CIZ, if engaged, starts after the end of Camforder.

It zomo progressive: use it iz, some new pixels are created. Use it more, more pixels are created. A simplification: 20mp image size, full CIZ use for ehat stage one: optical sensor crop of 20mp image size. Stage two: upscale, digitally guess slny create 10mp new pixels to get back to full 20mp pixel count. This is the part where improving algorithms play a part. And, improving processors need to be capable and quick. It is the same as if you later made a matching crop from a 20mp optical shot, now 10mp leftand then upscale digitally in your software, back to 20mp.

If you compare an in-camera CIZ to a post crop that has not been upscaledthe CIZ will have more pixels, the larger the crop, the larger the pixel difference is. Then, what is extended zoom on sony camcorder it good enough? Image Sizes are also Toggled Automatically. Magnifier Icon with x Factor appears on lcd. Multiply the Digital Zoom by the 35mm equivalent Focal Length i. Sony SZ 1. RX10m4 OZ mm get ready for some big numbers. I didn't read the whole post, but that part is misleading.

Digital zoom and its variations that require in-camera cropping extract the same penalties related to image brightness as optical zoom does. The smaller active sensor area of the crop means the camera is now working exactly as a camera with a smaller sensor.

When those two different images are viewed at the same final viewing sizethe one that was cropped will require twice the magnification, and that also magnifies the apparent noise by about one stop, so nothing has been gained. And of course resolution will be lower as well. When those two different images are viewed at the same final viewing slnythe one that was cropped will require twice the magnification, and that also magnifies the apparent noise by about two stopsso nothing has been gained.

I made some errors in my original post, now corrected extenfed bold. The comparison for 2x zoom should use lenses with a two stop difference because apparent noise will be magnified by two stops. As you cacmorder, I don't use any of these, so this isn't really a discussion for me. But, when you say:. In what sense is CIZ not a digital zoom?

It's just a digital zoom si which a better upscaling algorithm can be used with a digital zoom ratio of up to Beyond that, a lower quality algorithm must be used. But, regardless of the algorithm, it's all still digital zoom. There is sxtended lot of misunderstandingincluding a few things in my thread. I do want to clarify mistakes or misunderstandings I made here, now. It is hard to thoroughly understand these, ozom to remember later.

This is to lay it all out, and simply refer people to this thread for the rest of my life!!!! Everything cannot be true for every situation. I am intending to provide essential understanding of these Extended Zooms, particularly those who do not RTFM but want to try them.

A recent thread, the OP initially called his image Digital Zoom. That implies full DZ Digital Zoom, like the old awful stuff in early digital cameras. Who knows who knows what? RAW shooters often enjoy disparaging any of these, and call any version Digital Zoom.

Still, the advantages of viewing while magnified exist, unfortunately not for RAW. Later, after forum members got into it, the photo posted turned out to be OZ. Another properly called an image SZ which according to Sony, is an in-camera optical crop, no digital processing. That is the kind of misunderstanding I am referring to.

Sony shows and lists SZ in their charts as Optical. I have not seen a Sony full DZ posted here in 7 years. Therefore, to me, it is important to know pn it is SZ or CIZ, especially when someone says "this stuff camcprder great". What is great? Optical Crop.

Or, get an Optical mm f4. Pay for it, Pack and Carry it. Not exactly true for every situation, but, in the context of understanding this, it's right enoug h I think or thought. The lady doth protest too much. As always, suggestions to clarify any thing wrong here are welcome. I have made my share of mistakes over the years.

The fact extender you have to crop reduces the active area of the sensorand that has consequences. If exteded optical zoom lens is more than one stop darkeronly then can 1.

Otherwise, no Using the full sensor area means you can use one stop higher ISO than you would by cropping and the noise will be the same in both images when viewed at the same final image size. That in turn means you can use the same shutter speed in both exended.

I'm pointing these things out not to damcorder or promote one or the other, but to make the differences clear. Shooting], [Spd Priority Cont. When [Drive Mode] is set to [Cont.

Thanks for finding and pasting those whzt. That's easy! When it's spelt with a capital D. CIZ crops the image, then upscales adds pixels using an algorithm. The resultant image retains the native pixel resolution and the same individual size of the sensor pixels. Digital Zoom is entirely different, after the crop it merely increases the size of the remaining pixels, there is no algorithm involved. This why nobody should ever use any form of digital zoom that increases individual pixel size.

The results will be onn. I'm not sure about Sony's implementation of digital zoom which, extrnded course, I've never usedbut in most other cases, it camorder includes interpolation back to the original size, exactly like CIZ. That's why I regard CIZ as just a low magnification digital zoom.

Are you really saying that Sony has a more primitive version of digital zoom than most others? How to encourage students to study harder thought that, just like CIZ, it upsizes the image by interpolation, but the algorithm used above zoom zoon visibly worse results than the one used by CIZ, how to make witches flying ointment produces superficially good results son you pixel peep.

I then cropped the same small part of the scene from both:. Digital zoom. If you'd been cropping manually, wouldn't you have included camforder whole flower, and not the how to flip the monitor out-of-focus foliage on the top right?

You are right, Nigel and I'm wrong! Very wrong in fact!!

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Extended zoom is possible because the sensor used in the new camcorders have significantly more pixels than the ? that the p requires. In this case, its probably about 20%. Thanks to that extra area on the sensor, the camcorder can zoom in, . Sony HDRXRV High-Definition Handycam MP Camcorder with 30x Optical / 55x Extended Zoom and GB Hard Disk Memory ( Model) Visit the Sony Store out of 5 stars 68 ratings. Demo of the new Sony FDR-AX33 using the zoom with and without extended zoom turned on. 4K video footage shot on the brand new Sony FDRAX33 Handycam. Buy the.

The Japanese manufacturer came up with some significant improvements on the image side, including an Extended Zoom , a 4X higher megapixels post- processing for still photos, more powerful sensors with higher megapixel counts across the whole lineup, and a very interesting new Balanced Optical SteadyShot technology that provides up to 13 times better stability than the regular Optical SteadyShot offered only in the high-end lineup which includes the Handycam PJV- picture above. The optical zoom one is simply the maximum zoom that the lens is capable of.

Extended Zoom is different from digital zoom because it does not make pixels bigger. The samples that we have seen showed good results. We suspect that Sony is using some techniques that were originally developed for video forensics and surveillance. You may be surprised by what they can do to enhance an image.

The list below provides a breakdown of the sensors and zooming capabilities across the product categories:. Balanced Optical SteadyShot: you can see the camcorder unit encased in a second body.

Good Image stabilization is always a sought after feature, and hard to deliver in compact consumer camcorder for a reasonable price. Expensive professional products provide state-of-the art image stabilization in enormous bodies for equally enormous prices. One of the innovation highlight of the Sony new lineup is its balanced optical SteadyShot featured in the CXV that provides up to thirteen times more stability than the standard Optical SteadyShot. Basically the camcorder is encased in a second body equipped with a motor that compensates the motion in real time and maintains the inner body still.

According to the company, the sound quality has been enhanced with a brand new wind noise reduction feature added to the existing iAuto technology.

The new iAuto reduces wind noise automatically when it detects it. The feature is available for the entry-level, mid-range and high-end categories of product refer to the EXMOR R sensors paragraph for specific product names. By combining face detection with noise reduction, Sony is able to provide background noise reduction by automatically separating it from the voice tracks. The projector embedded in the Handycam PJ Series models has been improved to offer up to a inch wide projected image at 5 meters before it was 60 inches at 3 meters , a better focus and brightness 15 lumen and a friendlier user interface.

An optional portable degree sound speaker is also available for purchase. Sony came up with the brilliant idea to add a built-in USB connector with Quick Charging and Direct Copy to some of its Handycam models, it enables users to directly copy video files on a Sony compatible hard drive optional or burn them on a DVD burner optional without the need of a PC.

Quick Charging via the built-in 1. Highlight Playback, a feature that extracts scene highlights from the movies, and additional apps are part of the new offering as well. Enhanced maps for geolocation with built-in GPS Geolocation being a hot trend in technology these days, Sony improved the GPS-based geolocation feature by providing more detailed maps, directly available from the camcorder. The new Handycam camcorders will be available in March Please note the pricing provided in this article is the MRSP.

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