What is a tape recorder

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what is a tape recorder

Video tape recorder

A tape recorder is a device that uses electromagnets to record and play back sound. Once the sound is recorded, it can then be reproduced using the player component that almost any tape recorder will have. It was the dominant audio technology during the last several decades of the 20th century. Tape recorder, recording system that makes use of electromagnetic phenomena to record and reproduce sound waves. The tape consists of a plastic backing coated with a thin layer of tiny particles of magnetic powder. The recording head of the tape deck consists of a tiny C-shaped magnet with its gap adjacent to the moving tape.

A magnetic tape recorder uses electromagnets to record audio, video or computer data onto a special plastic ribbon. There are many types of magnetic tape recorders whose design and purpose vary, but they all share a common principle of operation. Information to be recorded is processed by a recording amplifier before whats the best motor oil sent to one or more recording heads, which are very precise electromagnets that magnetize a recording tape as it passes over them.

The recorded signal can be played back using a different set of heads and a playback amplifier, although inexpensive home tape recorders often use the same set of heads for recording and playback. Magnetic tape recorders in all their forms had been all but replaced by digital recording devices and media by the early 21st century. The key component of a magnetic tape recorder is the tape itself. The invention of dimensionally stable plastics made recording what is a tape recorder possible.

The tape is simply a plastic ribbon that has a magnetic iron-oxide or chromium oxide coating on one side. The width of the recording tape varies, depending on the type of recording to be done.

Audio tape recorders have appeared in many forms over the years, from small, inexpensive reel-to-reel units to large, multi-track recorders used in music studios.

Reel-to-reel and cassette tape recorders became the standard home audio equipment and remained so until affordable digital recorders replaced them. Early home computers used standard cassette tape recorders to store computer programs, and early telephone answering machines recorded phone messages on microcassette tapes.

Video tape recorders also have been produced in many forms since they were first invented. The first video tape recorders were large, heavy pieces of equipment that recorded a black-and-white image what date is mothers day in france 2012 tape that was 2 inches 5.

They were used in early television studios. Color video recorders followed, even before most consumers could afford a color television set. As electronics technology improved and the science of video recording matured, home video recording systems became available.

For years, the Video Home System VHS and Betamax formats of video tapes were standard for home recording and commercial movie distribution. In the late 20th century, handheld magnetic video tape recorders became very affordable, replacing the previously used 8-millimeter film cameras.

Another form of magnetic tape recorder was used on industrial and military computer systems. These recorders used magnetic tape to record computer programs and data. The tape used by this type of magnetic tape recorder was inches 2. Please enter the following code:. Login: Forgot password?


Definition of tape recorder.: a device for recording on and playing back magnetic tape. Video tape recorder, electromechanical device that records and reproduces an electronic signal containing audio and video information onto and from magnetic tape. It is commonly used for recording television productions that are intended for rebroadcasting to mass audiences. There are two types o. Nov 13,  · Tape Recorder is a fully functional voice recorder/player. Yet, it behaves exactly like a tape deck that you had back in the old days.

Video tape recorder , also called Video Recorder , electromechanical device that records and reproduces an electronic signal containing audio and video information onto and from magnetic tape.

It is commonly used for recording television productions that are intended for rebroadcasting to mass audiences. There are two types of video tape units: the transverse , or quad, and the helical. The transverse unit uses four heads rotating on an axis perpendicular to the direction of 2-inch 5-centimetre tape.

The transverse format achieves a 1,inch-per-minute head-to-tape speed necessary for high picture quality. For broadcast industry needs, an audio track, control track, and cue track are added longitudinally. The helical unit, designed for home and amateur use, uses half- or three-quarter-inch tape traveling around a drum in the form of a helix. There are various forms of these recorders: the playback deck can play back recorded programs but cannot record or erase; the video-record deck can record directly from a camera but cannot record off-the-air programs; the TV-record deck has an antenna and tuner for recording off-the-air programs.

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As more and more studios and video stores…. Goldmark also developed an electronic video recording system, utilizing unperforated plastic film to record the picture in monochrome and to carry the colour information in coded form. In cartridges, the film could be played through any standard television receiver in either colour or black and white. History at your fingertips.

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