What is a riri zipper

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what is a riri zipper

Riri Zippers

RIRI AQUA ZIPPERS. AQUAZIP It is a high tech water resistant zipper first developed by RIRI in The polyester tape of the AQUAZIP is laminated with a polyurethane tape so water cannot soak through. It is available in sizes 4, 6 and 8. There are multiple PU colors to choose from. Riri Zippers Buckleguy is the USA distributor of Riri zippers by the yard for the leather goods market. We carry a huge assortment of Riri zippers and riri zipper pulls in metal 4, metal 6, and metal 8 that we sell by the yard. We stock a large variety of tape and teeth colors, as .

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Every customer must wear a mask to enter! Skip to Content. RIRI Zippers. It has polished tooth zippers — teeth are stamped from Tombac, a very high grade brass alloy and are individually polished through many steps so that the chain of the zipper is very smooth to the touch unlike other zipper companies that use cut wire as teeth.

Tape feels like cotton! One piece casted slider is much stronger than other sliders so slider will not break; no safety pins or paperclips needed! It has molded top and bottom stops for a more refined look that are finished to match the zipper chain. It has vast selection of finishes and tape colors. It can be cut to any size desired. It has large selection of pullers to pick from. It is customizable. Top slider matches the bottom slider for two way zips. Each zipper is still made in Switzerland.

Comes in many sizes from Metal 4 to Metal 14! Extensions on teeth give the zipper a higher end look than most other plastic zips. Plastic sliders and puller with stainless steel ring available so no possibility of rust or corrosion. You can use a RIRI metal puller on the plastic chain to give it a more what is a year round school look. All zips are still produced in Italy. It is available in sizes 4, 6 and 8.

There are multiple PU colors to choose from. It is available whxt a plastic slider, stainless steel ring and plastic puller to avoid any rust or corrosion. Great for rain jackets and water resistant bags. Compare Products. Remove This Item Compare. Clear All. Wish Wjat. Last Added Items. Whst to Cart Add to Cart.

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Riri Zippers

Riri is a Switzerland based zipper manufacturer. They are one of the leading zipper manufacturers in the world. Founded in , Riri has been in business for over 80 years.

They were the first to patent die cast zipper on Nylon, putting zipper teeth and tape into one piece. The company manufactures zippers, zipper pulls, zipper stops, and finished zippers. These Riri products can all be found on Buckleguy. Riri makes their zippers in both Mendrisio, Switzerland as well as Tirano, Italy. In , they were the winner of the Swiss Technology Award for their Storm zipper. This zipper is best used in extreme conditions safety products and outdoor products.

Riri does have a High Tech line used for sportswear, however Riri zippers are also used for high-end clothing and bag designs. An interesting zipper that is made by Riri is their Eloxal. The teeth on this zipper can be colored, adding a beautiful touch to a garment or bag. The Eloxal zipper is also known for being very light, weighing less than half of a brass zipper. Dye-able zippers are cotton and can be completely customized in terms of color.

One-way zippers have one zipper pull, where as a two way, or combi, can have zipper pulls placed on either end. A separating zipper will come apart at the bottom, allowing both sides of the zipper to come apart. Separating zippers are most commonly found on jackets. Symmetrical zippers are a two-way zipper, meaning they are meant to move around corners. Symmetrical zippers are best used on briefcases. Their tight teeth allow them to zip along differently shaped items. High quality is what Riri is known for, and is what sets them apart from any other zipper on the market.

Customers note a smoother experience, as well as a higher quality and feel. Riri is nationally recognized for their high standard in quality, which certainly shows in their product.

Additionally, Riri zippers are known for opening and closing with ease, as well as their teeth that lend themselves to minimalist design. The zippers can be subjected to lbs without breaking, making them ideal for several different uses. Riri makes a very durable product, while still having a sleek aesthetic.

With all of the different types of Riri Zippers made, you are sure to find one that will suit your needs! We strive to produce great hardware that lasts while meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements. Some restrictions.

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