What is a good white elephant gift for work

By Merg | 11.06.2021

what is a good white elephant gift for work

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Dec 10, No white elephant gift exchange is made alike, but its safe to say theres a huge variety of white elephant gifts that work no matter the crowd. Thats no small feat: A white elephant exchange (also known as a Yankee swap) might include coworkers, distant friends, family members of different generations, or other mixed ages and personalities, so a gift that could speak to all those. Dec 07, White Elephant: A white elephant is an investment whose cost of upkeep is not in line with how useful or valuable the item is. From an investment perspective, it refers to .

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Beginning to look at white privilege as the elephant in the room forces social service providers to understand the reality of its effect on their work with clients of different races. Education Beyond understanding its advantages, this process has forced me beyond what . Dec 14, If you're also on the hunt for a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift, most of these affordable picks will also work for your gift exchange. FYI: . The White Elephant restaurant has always struggled to stay in business and the future is not looking good. They desperately need customers - and when they finally get one, Gordon's skills in the.

Trickybut not impossible. With this guide, finding the best white elephant gifts for your next exchangewhatever the occasionwill be a breeze, so you can both be proud of your contribution and keep your attention on the other tasks on your to-do list.

Each attendee places their wrapped gift in a pile, draws a number, and selects a gift from the pile in that order. The subsequent numbers can either choose a white elephant gift from the unwrapped pile or steal from anyone who has already opened a gift.

The game continues until every wrapped gift has been opened. The more playful and interesting the gift, the betterthe point is to have a little fun. In a Yankee swap, participants have the choice to keep or swap an open gift. With both gift exchanges, though, neutral gifts are keyspecific gifts for men or gifts for women can make the game less interesting.

White elephant gift exchanges or Yankee swaps typically take place during the holiday season as a more affordable, less stressful alternative to buying Christmas gifts for every party attendee or worse, having to give a Secret Santa gift to someone you know not-so-well , but in theory, you could exchange gifts at any time of year.

The white elephant gift ideas ahead will have you covered, no matter the occasion. Good gloves are a mustespecially if plenty of outdoor gatherings are in the futureand this reviewer-loved pair also has touchscreen-friendly fingertips, so whichever lucky person gets to take them home can hang outside with warm hands without giving up their scrolling habit. If your gift exchange crew has refined tastes, tickle their tastebuds with this high-end set.

One can never have enough hand sanitizer. Creative types and the bored-at-home alike will scramble to snag this white elephant gift. This clever paint by numbers kit is made to entertain adults for hours, and this scene of umbrellas on a beach will soothe anyone. If you and your pals have already binge-watched Friends on Netflix, this commemorative ornament will be a hit at your next gift exchange.

These laser-cut handheld mazes are perfect for fidgeting during a video call or a Netflix binge-session. As a white elephant gift idea, mazes and handheld toys are fun, interactive, and sure to draw out some competitioneveryone will be scrambling to claim this gift and take it home.

Be prepared to bring the most stolen item at your white elephant party. Both practical and funny, using this shower wine glass holder is an easy way to relax after a long day. Anyone without a pet might not understand, but those with a dogespecially those with multiple household members charged with feeding the dog, or those with not-so-great memoriesdefinitely will.

Donut fans and New Yorkers alike will be eager hungry? Any dog-lover will be itching to get their hands on this fresh, all-natural candle. First, because it smells great, and second, because of the adorable dog-themed branding and candle label.

These flexible, putty-like magnets are sure to be a sought-after item at your white elephant gift exchange, especially if there are thumb-fiddlers and fidgeters in the group.

They can be an office tchotchke or a tool to keep in the car for spare moments of zen at stoplights; wherever they go, whoever brings them home at the end of the day will love playing with them. Any puzzle-fan at your gift exchange will love taking this white elephant gift home. Making decisions is hard, but fortunately, this little paperweight makes it easier.

Pair this set of hanging planters with two mini plants to make the ultimate white elephant gift. Available in four different sizes, the compact shelf can hold up to 15 pounds and has built-in groves along the sides so you can keep your devices connected and your cords organized.

This coffee mug warmer with more than 4, five-star reviews on Amazon is the desk accessory you never knew you needed. For those times your coffee gets cold too quickly, this handy, portable, and on-budget gadget was made for coffee lovers who are in constant need of a warm cup of Joe. Plus, the indicator light lets you know when your beverage is warm and ready to drink.

This silicone nail polish holder will probably elicit some confused looks upon opening. This ring slash nail polish holder slash drip catcher will actually come in handy when there is no flat surface aroundonce the person figures out its intended purpose, of course. Slip these into your Yankee swap, and everyone will be scrambling to take these portable, bendable, colorful straws home.

It includes 10 straws in irresistible colors, so everyone could get one if their lucky final owner decides to share. A lightbulb? Just hear us out: This lightbulb doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, turning any lamp or light fixture into a music machine.

Let your contribution be the sleeper agent of the gift exchange by putting the bulb in different packaging and waiting to explain what makes it special, then watch the audiophiles scramble to take it home. Anyone and everyone at your white elephant exchange will be scrambling for this clever phone case, which is sleek and good-looking but also super practical, thanks to the attached fabric wallet that can hold three cards plus cash.

The case is available in different colors and phone sizes, so you can tailor it for your gift exchange audience. The winner of this powerful, portable speaker can turn anywhere they go into a party.

The speaker is splash-proof, with surprisingly powerful volumea great gift for anyone and affordable, too. Bring this one to the white elephant gift exchange among your yoga-going, matcha-drinking friends. This deck of 50 cards includes prompts and exercises that encourage peace of mind and body.

This pocket-sized gizmo holds twelve stainless steel kitchen tools, including a spoon, a grater, and a peelerperfect for your gathering with outdoor enthusiasts, chronic picnickers, or on-the-go foodies. For the nostalgic typesor those who feel like the last five years have just flown byintroduce this journal to your next gift-sharing gathering. Raise a perfectly chilled glass of bubbly where ever you go with this insulated flute, which looks great in any setting and keeps your celebratory drink of choice cool for hours.

Add this gift to the pile to get a good laugh out of your fellow white elephant gift exchange attendees. Most people in your circle are likely stressed, distracted, or sleep-deprived sometimesor a lot of the timeand will likely leap at the chance to nab a portable essential oil balm formulated to alleviate those issues at the annual gift exchange. This kit includes five pocket-sized balms in a subtle tin, perfect for staying calm, focused, happy, and more anywhere and everywhere.

Tea- and coffee-drinkers alike will be racing to snatch up this one-handed travel mug, which allows the probably-in-a-hurry user to open the spill-proof lid with one hand. For the tequila-loving crowd, this set of four shot glasses will be a hit and an excellent addition to any bar cart. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

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