What element do i bend

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what element do i bend

Which Element Would You Bend?

Jul 23,  · Want to know what element you'd bend in the world of Avatar? Take this personality quiz to find out which bender you would be. Across two series, . Find out what element best suits your personality. What Element can you Bend? Avatar the last Airbender quiz. 16 Questions - Developed by: JP - Developed on: - 2, taken - 3 people like it Find out what element best suits your personality. 1.

Avatar: The Last Airbender was an animated series that ran on Nickelodeon for four seasons from to It was followed by a sequel, The Legend of Korrawhich also ran for four seasons from to The franchise was both commercially successful and critically acclaimed.

It is set in a world that is divided into four nations based on the four elements of nature: the Water Tribes - which are located at the North and South Poles - the Fire Nation, the Earth Nation, and the Air Nomads.

As the name suggests, the Air Nomads had a nomadic society. However, they also operated out of four temples located in four corners of the world: the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Air Temples. Many people have the ability to manipulate one of the four elements. This practice is known as bending. Only one person, known as the Avatar, can bend all four elements. If you lived in the How to program a new xbox 360 wireless controller universe, would you be a Waterbender, an Earthbender, a Firebender, or an Airbender?

Take the quiz to find out which bending nation you would belong how to descramble cable channels Are you the type of person that like to plan ahead as much as possible, meticulously keeping track in planners and bullet journals with a variety of colored pens?

Or do you like to live your life as spontaneously as possible? There are some unique and adorable animals in the world of Avatar. If you could choose one of them to be your pet, which would you pick? A fearsome dragon? A flying bison? An otter penguin? Or a fire ferret? A good battle strategy has both a strong offense and a strong defense.

But some people think one is more vital than the other. Which do you think is more important to have? A strong offense?

Or a strong defense? In addition to bending the four elements, some exceptionally skilled people in the Avatar world have extra powers. Imagine that you can pick one of these abilities. Which would you choose? The power to heal injuries? The power to bend metal? The ability to fly? Or to generate lightning? Some people are naturally more productive in the morning.

They like to wake up at the crack of dawn and have accomplished most of their tasks before others even finish their coffee.

And some people are naturally more productive at night. Which are you? Out of these four gemstones, which do you find the most aesthetically pleasing? Do you like a classic, clear diamond? Or would you prefer a brilliant, blue sapphire? Maybe you would prefer a gorgeous, green emerald? Or a red ruby? In your what android version is jelly bean, which genre of movies is the best?

What element do i bend you enjoy movies that make you laugh? Do you prefer heart-pounding action movies? Do you like to see thrilling fantasy or adventure films? Or do you love to see romance films?

Which one of the four seasons do you like the most? Imagine that you could pick one of them to last the entire year. Which one would you choose? Spring, the season of rebirth? The warm months of summer? Or winter? Are you generally more of an optimist, i.

Or are you more of a pessimist, someone who tend to see the worst or believe the worst case scenario will happen? In Avatar: The Last Airbender, the world has been ravaged by a war for the last years. The war is terrible and destructive, and it serves no real purpose other than greed. But do you think that there is ever a case where war is justified? Which of these popular franchises do you like the most? Do you like the fantasy adventure series The Lord of the Rings?

The dystopian series The Hunger Games? The magical world of the Harry Potter series? Or The Chronicles of Narnia? You need some time to relax and blow off some steam. Which of these four vacations sounds like the most fun?

Relaxing on a beach? Visiting a how to make money writing ebooks for kindle resort? A first signs of uti what to do cabin in the woods? Or a safari in the jungle? Avatar Aang was the star of the first series and Avatar Korra was the main character of the second.

Several other Avatars have been featured in both shows. Other than Aang and Korra, which of the Avatars is your favorite? What do you think you desire the most in life? What is it that you ultimately seek? Are you searching for power?

Or do you really crave to be free? Are you searching for peace? Or are you searching for knowledge? Say for whatever reason, you are in the middle of an important battle and are temporarily unable to use your bending. You need to pick a weapon. Your choices are a boomerang, a sword, and a bow and what year was australia federated. What do you choose? A wise person knows themselves.

What do you think your biggest weakness is? Can you be impulsive at times? Are you extremely resistant to change?

Would you say that you have a quick temper? Or can you be overly sensitive sometimes? Imagine that you live in the world of Harry Potter and that you have just been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is your turn to wear the sorting hat. Which house does it put you in? Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? Your favorite color can say a lot about you. What element do i bend you prefer warmer colors. Or you could have a preference for cooler colors.

Out of these four choices, which color do you like the most? Red, blue, green, or gray? Which of these superheroes is your favorite? Or do you prefer Superman? Maybe you are more of a Marvel fan. In that case - do you like Captain America or Iron Man?

Do you like to plan ahead or be spontaneous?

Are you a free-spirited air-bender, a passionate fire-bender, or something else? Find out now! You are an Airbender. You have the wind at your fingertips, and can conjure up tornadoes, or simply a pleasant breeze; whatever you are in the mood for. Your greatest strength is your intellect. Your mind soars to great heights, and you are able to think through things objectively.

You will likely accumulate considerable knowledge throughout your lifetime, and become very wise. Remember to acknowledge your emotions every once in a while, so that you may process them and remain clear-minded and free, as an airbender should be. You are a Firebender. You have flames at your beck and call, and can destroy everything in your path, or create the comforting warmth of a hearth; whatever you are in the mood for.

Your greatest strength is your passion. Your emotions smolder and burn, and your mind is full of grand visions that, with your willpower, will most certainly come to be. You are meant to blaze through life, true to yourself and your desires.

Remember to simmer down every once a while, particularly in your dealings with people. Your charisma is charming, but your quick tongue and hot temper can accidentally burn those you love. Self-control is key. You are a Waterbender. You have water at your beck and call, and can create storms and chaos, or provide a healing touch; whatever you are in the mood for. Your greatest strength is your compassion. You have a big heart, and emotional sensitivity.

You are meant to make this a point of pride in life, rather than shame. After all, can someone truly be brave if they don't feel fear, or sorrow? That being said, remember to surface from the depths of your emotions every once in a while, to gain a new perspective. Water is not meant to be stagnant, but rather to flow.

Even the smallest wave can weather cliffs to sand, even the smallest stream can carve a canyon out of solid rock. Do not underestimate yourself. You are an Earthbender. You can cause earthquakes and move mountains, or tend to plants gently with your green thumb; whatever you are in the mood for. Your greatest strength is your endurance. Your head is on straight, and you know what to do to achieve your goals.

You don't shirk from hard work, but you're not slow to reap the rewards, either. You have a healthy appreciation of the good things in life: food, sex, the beauty of nature Remember, though, to ease up every once in a while. Change is natural, and good; it is necessary for transformation.

It is not something to fear. Besides, your core is as unbreakable as rock. You can withstand anything. Which Element Would You Bend? Created by Stephanie Jensen. Where would you rather live? In a forest cottage.

In a meadow filled with sunshine and flowers. In a beach house. In a mountain cabin. Which of these descriptions best fits your personality? Trustworthy, practical, and strong. Creative, passionate, and willful. Intellectual, free spirited, and peace-loving. Deep, changeable, and compassionate.

What is your favorite genre? Historical fiction. Science fiction. Which of these is your greatest weakness? A temper. What do you desire most in life? What do you fear most in life? Being trapped. Which of these foods sounds the most appetizing? Stir fry. Aged cheese. A burrito. Would you rather be too hot, or too cold? Too hot. Too cold. What guides you? My heart. My head. My instincts. How do you express anger? I don't; I try to escape the situation. Angry tears. A brief outburst of rage.

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