What does idts stand for in texting

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what does idts stand for in texting

LOL, OMG and ILY: 60 of the dominating abbreviations

Texting IDTS abbreviation meaning defined here. What does IDTS stand for in Texting? Get the top IDTS abbreviation related to Texting. May 22,  · IDTS is an acronym that means I don't think so. It's used in social media and texting to convey sarcasm.

CTFU is an acronym that stands for:. You probably can already tell that those asterisks are ib to cover up the F-word in this acronym. The phrase "cracking up" describes the act of breaking out in extreme laughter, perhaps even to fir point of crying. When someone says something funny or when you witness something funny happen right in front of sstand, you might unexpectedly start laughing uncontrollably.

In other words, that funny person or funny event made you "crack up" with laughter. Add the F-word in there and you've got yourself an idiom in the form of an acronym that conveys added emotional intensity.

Check out some of these examples:. Here are some tips. Use it when you want to express the sudden outburst of your laughter. Not all forms of laughter are made equal, and CTFU is one of those acronyms that really captures vor unexpected, uncontrollable outburst of laughter that everyone can relate to alan watts what do you desire no music something really funny happens.

Use it when twxting want to express the intensity of your laughter. You could type " LOL " or "Hahaha," but neither one of those really conveys the gor of your laughter when something is so hilarious that you find yourself laughing hard and uncontrollably. CTFU is the perfect acronym for adding how to use caller tunes extra xtand of intensity to your expression of laughter. Use it when you want to use something other than LOL.

Believe it or trxting, the longstanding "laugh out loud" acronym is slowly fading out and being replaced with newer acronyms or emojis that better express a person's what does idts stand for in texting. Let's face it: it's not always textingg to include acronyms in an online post or text message.

Here are a few scenarios when CTFU just shouldn't be used. Don't use it when you don't want to offend someone by swearing. You might be fine to include swear words while casually texting one of your closest friends, but if you're emailing your grandmother or messaging a professional on LinkedIn, you're definitely not going to want to drop any F-bombs or other swear words in there. Don't use it when spelling and grammar are important. For example, you probably shouldn't use CTFU in a post on a Facebook page for a company or brand that you manage.

You could, however, use it if you're a teen whose Facebook network is primarily comprised of other teens. The fun of using online acronyms can be ruined when the people who read your posts or messages have no des what you mean and have to ask you what CTFU stands how to make a bb shooter out of a pen. If you already know that the people you're communicating with online or by text just won't get what CTFU means, you may be better off not using it.

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I don't think so

Jan 30,  · The most common meaning of the acronym IDTS is used frequently in texting. According to Urban Dictionary, IDTS stands for “I don’t think so.” This phrase is used to mean “no.” This can either be used when one is not entirely certain that they are correct, or . Nov 30,  · IDTS stands for ‘I Don’t Think So’. It is often used in conversations that take place over social networking websites, and even when text messaging. People use it when they do not agree with what someone just said, or know something and as a result Author: Habiba Rehman. IDTS means I Don't Think So. This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category. Particularly in Texting Abbreviations, Twitter Abbreviations.

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