What days is big brother on

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what days is big brother on

Big Brother 22 Schedule – All-Stars Days & Times

Big Brother 22 Schedule: 2-Hour Premiere Wed, Aug. 5th at 9/8c. Live Feeds launch Wed, Aug 5th at PM PT. no episode on Thurs, Aug. 6th. Second Episode Sun, Aug. 9th at 10/9c. Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Sundays starting Aug. 12th. Wednesdays at 8/7c. Thursdays LIVE at 8/7c. Sundays at 8/7c. Aug 06,  · The season premiere of Big Brother airs Wednesday, August 5 from p.m. ET on CBS. Next week, Big Brother will air on Wednesday, August 12 Author: Josh Sorokach.

Big Brother has been dasy around the dasy for 21 years, starting in in the Netherlands! Here are the record books. Who has the most or least of what? Explore below! Due to the varying lengths of seasons, this category is limited to those who have participated on at least two seasons of Big Brother. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Play Sound. This means that we're changing how this page is formatted.

You can help the wiki by expanding it. Categories :. Universal Iss Wiki. Marcel Schiefelbein. Patrick Ray Pugliese. Ferdinando Giordano. Grande Fratello 11 Grande Fratello Big Brother Germany 5. Celebrity Big Brother 1 UK. Celebrity Big Brother 16 UK.

Celebrity Big Brother 5 UK. Big Brother Canada 1. Big Brother Canada 7. Big Brother Canada 2. Big Brother Canada 3. Big Brother Canada 5. Big Oon Canada 4. Cody Calafiore. Janelle Pierzina. Paul Abrahamian. Rachel Reilly. Nicole Franzel. Demetres Giannitsos. Frankie Grande. Kevin Martin. Brendon Villegas. Daniele Donato. Kaycee Clark. Jeff Schroeder. John McGuire.

Jackson Michie. Amber Daye. Big Brother United States. Caleb Reynolds. Christine Brecht. Donny Thompson. James Huling. Jason Roy. Victoria Rafaeli. Becky Burgess. Brittany Martinez. Hayden Voss. Jackie Ibarra. Jocasta Odom. Liz Nolan. Meg Maley. Steve Moses. Spencer Clawson. Amy Crews. Big Brother 3. Frank Eudy. Big Brother 14 Big Brother Sharon Obermueller.

Adys Brother 9. Danielle Murphree. Lisa Donahue. Tamar Braxton. Celebrity Big Brother 2 US. What is consumer in marketing Gheesling.

Big Brother 10 Big Brother Big Brother 18 Big Brother Kaysar Ridha. Sindy Nguyen. Da'Vonne Rogers. Dallas Cormier. Jase Wirey. Big Brother 5 Big Brother 7. Nicole Anthony. Big Brother 21 Big Brother Bayleigh Dayton. Big Brother 20 Ix Brother Memphis Garrett. Karen Singbeil. Ricky Williams. Enzo Palumbo. Danielle Reyes. Alison Irwin. How to tile a bathroom sink backsplash Brother 4.

Erika Landin. Big Brother All-Stars. Ryan Quicksall. Sabrina Abbate. Big Brother 16 Big Brother Big Brother 12 Big Brother Will Kirby. Dick Donato.

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The first episode to air on this regular schedule is the one on Wednesday, August Despite the confusing time changes during the first week of the show, Big Brother 22 will default to its Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday schedule of many years starting next week. All episodes will air at 8 pm EST. Jul 03,  · The days Big Brother is on has changed, though, as CBS moves the Tuesday night episodes to a new night. What time does Big Brother come on Author: Ryan Devault. Apr 11,  · For years, Big Brother has mostly stuck to its typical air days of Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. It’s assumed the show will continue to do so for season It’s assumed the show will Author: Mike Bloom.

Throughout the years that Big Brother has been airing, there have been several houseguests that came back to compete on an additional season or two after their original. These houseguests, who are usually fan favorites, go on to spend a ton of time in the house. As such, there's a scoreboard for how long the houseguests have stayed in the house and establishing records that have been broken and changed over the years. Here are the 10 houseguests who have spent the most days inside the house.

Jordan first appeared on Big Brother 11 , which she actually won. She was notable for her relationship with Jeff in the house, and the couple was a favorite in the eyes of America. The two are now happily married and continue to be active in the Big Brother community. Danielle Reyes is a legend in the Big Brother community and is the first contestant to lose to a bitter Jury. Nevertheless, she made it to the finale of her original season before returning for All-Stars and making it very far into the season, being one of the last members of the jury.

It's notable that Danielle made it on the list considering that the earlier seasons of Big Brother were often shorter than they are today. It just goes to show how talented she is when it comes to the game. Dan Gheesing is one of the few contestants in the history of the game to make it to finale night twice.

He made it to the finale in his first season with his alliance member Memphis, winning the game in a unanimous vote. Seeing as he controlled the house during the season, it made sense. Dan then returned on Big Brother 14 and made it to the end once more through some masterful manipulation. Had he been in a season that was more accepting of vets, it's likely that he would have won once more. Nevertheless, he's spent quite a bit of time in the house. Narrowly beating Dan is Dr.

Will, another icon in the eyes of Big Brother fans, and another winner. He originally won season two of the show and went on to appear on the first iteration of All-Stars , too. He's gone on to appear in many seasons of the show since to host the jury deliberation. Considering he made it to fourth place during his second season, he's spent quite a few days in the house. However, he is surpassed on this list by his closest ally in the house, even if the two might not exactly be on the best of terms in the current day.

Personal issues aside, Mike Boogie is another iconic player of Big Brother. While not originally doing all too well on his original season of Big Brother 2, he went on to storm the house with Dr. Will and win All-Stars easily. From there, he appeared one more time as a coach on Big Brother 14 before hanging up his hat permanently after being sent home quickly. Quite an up-and-down performance. Cody Calafiore has made it to finale night twice during his time on the show.

While he won with ease during the second version of All-Stars , winning by unanimous vote, he more-or-less handed the win to Derrick when he cast the sole vote to evict Victoria during his first season, Nevertheless, making it to finale night twice on two longer seasons of Big Brother has earned him quite a high spot on this list. The next person on the list has done the same, however. Paul Abrahamian is one of the very few players in the history of the show to make it to finale night without winning both times.

They narrowly lost to Nicole Franzel during their first season of the show by one vote. From there, they came back the next season and lost to Josh by the same margin. Despite not winning either of their seasons, they've spent quite a bit of time in the house. Maybe a little bit of better jury management would have turned one of those losses into a win. Dani is one of the few contestants to compete three times on the show, Big Brother 8, 13, and 22, the second version of All-Stars.

She made it to finale night on her first run and lost to her father. From there, she made it to jury in each of her following seasons, proving herself to be a force in the game no matter the season that she is competing in. Nevertheless, she had her best performance in her first season.

Janelle Pierzina is one of the most beloved houseguests of all time and is the only one to play on four seasons of the show, which has helped her stay in the house for days. She's actually the first person to have achieved this milestone, but she was surpassed by the next person on this list, who has the highest amount of days spent in the house in the U.

One of the most hated houseguests of all time hasn't stopped Nicole from being a force in the game, racking up days in the house over the course of three seasons. She hasn't had a bad placement on the show so far, making it to jury twice, and even won the game on her second go. She's certainly has proved that she knows what she's doing in the game of Big Brother.

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