What days are the post office closed 2014

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what days are the post office closed 2014

Post Office discontinuances and suspensions: A decade in review

Nov 10,  · Veterans Day which is Tuesday November 11, will result in banks, post office branches, and Wall Street being closed. Federal holidays are detailed annually by OPM every year in January. And while holiday dates may change, one thing doesn’t. If a holiday falls on a Saturday, it is observed on Friday. Oct 13,  · Veterans Day Post Office Not Open, No Mail Delivery, Banks Closed Memorial Day Monday: Post Office Not Open, No Mail Delivery, Banks Close Monday LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Is the Post Office open on Columbus Day, is there mail delivery, and are banks closed as well?

As such, the Post Office will be closed. There will be no mail delivery. And all banks pozt Wall Street will be closed as well. However, local mass transport, malls, and retailers are open with major sales. Columbus Day is handled the same way each year at both the federal, state how to sell baseball cards on ebay local level.

Sometimes there is confusion when the holiday falls on a weekend day. Columbus Day is a federal holiday that is codified in all U.

S states and territories. Is Wall Street closed on Columbus Day? Dajs Street and the U. Are banks closed on Columbus Day? All banks and financial institutions will be closed. Meantime, all federal, state, and local government officers are closed today as well. All government agencies are closed as well. One issue that is often never addressed is parking. For example, are parking meters enforced on Columbus Day? Residents should check with each city.

Meters that are enforced daily must be paid on all weekdays, weekends, and holidays… Columbus Day. You must be logged in to post a comment Login. Where is clozed live Connect To Top. Holiday October 13, Related Items.

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US Post Office Holidays, 2021

Post Office Holidays. On days when the federal government isn't doing business, neither is the post office. The U.S. Postal Service follows the same holiday schedule as federal offices. In , mail won't be delivered on Sundays, nor the following dates: Jan. 1, Jan. 18, Feb. 15, May 31, July 5, Sept. 6, Oct. 11, Nov. 11, Nov. 25, and Dec. Jan 01,  · The USPS follows a federal holiday structure in which Post Office buildings are closed and shipping services are not available. Since postal holidays may differ from other bank, school and local government holidays, make sure to take note of the . The community post office, operated on a contract basis, was first scheduled to close on Sept. That was the day the contract ended with the proprietor at the location.

The Postal Service and the Postal Regulatory Commission are currently working on the annual compliance review. The goal of the ACR, as stated in 39 U. The review deals primarily with the issue of whether or not each class of mail complies with the requirement that revenues cover costs.

After not closing any post offices for three years, that may sound like of lot of closures to announce. But these were not new closings that had occurred during FY They were all post offices that had been previously closed for emergency suspensions, often long ago. The Postal Service was just trying to clear a large backlog of suspensions that had developed over a period of many years.

Tariffville, CT, post office, suspended Feb. A final determination to discontinue had been issued on these post offices at various points during to , but the Postal Service was reluctant to finalize the discontinuance process on these offices by completing the last step — publishing the discontinuance announcement in Postal Bulletin.

Further, clearing the backlog of suspensions could have complicated efforts at the federal level to secure necessary consensus on ongoing legislative reforms under consideration. Consequently, action on clearing the backlog of suspensions was essentially deferred in FY In other words, the Postal Service held back the discontinuance announcements because it did not want to raise public concerns or complicate its efforts to get postal reform done in Congress.

In order to understand how simply announcing discontinuances could become so problematic, it helps to go back a few years. In FY , the Postal Service discontinued about a hundred post offices, pretty much in line with the average number of closings per year for the previous four decades. But it had big plans to close a lot more. In early , the Postal Service announced it would be reviewing 3, of its 4, stations and branches for closure under what it called the Stations and Branches Optimization and Consolidation Initiative SBOC.

At one point the list of probable closures contained post offices, but by the end, the list was down to about The numbers were above average compared to previous years, but nothing compared to what the Postal Service was about to announce. In January , the Postal Service released a list of about post offices slated for closure and announced plans to close 2, more. Evansdale, IA, post office, discontinued Aug. During FY , the pace of the closings picked up.

By the end of the fiscal year, would be discontinued. It also released a list of another offices being considered for closure outside the RAOI. The hundreds of closures that took place in and the threat of thousands more were met with anxious and angry town meetings in small towns across the country. Members of Congress were getting an earful from their constituents, and the closures were complicating the prospects for postal reform legislation.

In December , several Senate leaders urged the Postal Service to delay the closings to give Congress more time to enact reform, and on December 13, the Postmaster General declared a five-month moratorium on closings.

Their postmasters were given incentives to retire — several thousands did — and others relocated. The era of the small-town postmaster had come to an end. At least the post offices were allowed to remain open, said the Postal Service. Another couple of hundred post offices ended up getting closed during FY and , but by , the discontinuances had stopped completely, as the Postal Service informed the PRC in its ACRs for , , and The Glenoaks Station in Burbank, Calif.

For some reason, this discontinuance was never announced in Postal Bulletin. With the post office closings at a halt, the Postal Service could assure concerned members of Congress there was no need for the issue to get in the way of postal reform legislation.

But post offices did continue to close, not through a discontinuance procedure but by emergency suspension. When a post office is closed for an emergency suspension, the Postal Service is supposed to either correct the problem and reopen the post office or proceed to a discontinuance process.

But in many cases, the Postal Service has done neither. Instead, communities have been left in limbo, often for several years. With their post office under suspension, the community has been denied the opportunity to comment on the pending closure in a discontinuance procedure, and people are also unable to have their appeal heard by the PRC.

Over the years, a large backlog of post offices under emergency suspension developed. As shown on this list from the ACR, post offices were under suspension as of the end of FY About of these suspensions had occurred before , about 60 of them had occurred before , and a few went back to the s.

On average, the backlog had accumulated at a rate of about 70 per year. More suspensions than that took place, but some offices reopened. The PRC had been after the Postal Service to clear this backlog for several years, and in recent compliance determination reports, it urged the Postal Service to complete the resolution process for the growing number of suspended offices by either reopening them or discontinuing them.

It finally published the discontinuance announcements on of the post offices under suspension, and it also reopened 34 offices most of which had been suspended relatively recently. During FY , another 86 more offices were suspended, 27 of which were reopened by the end of the fiscal year, thus adding 59 to the backlog.

As of the end of FY , there were still offices under suspension. Since the end of FY , another 28 discontinuances have been announced in Postal Bulletin, and a handful of other post offices have been reopened.

There are now about offices still under suspension. The Postal Service hopes to close the books on these suspended post offices during fiscal years and Hacker Valley, WV, post office, suspended June , still under suspension.

When the Postal Service updated the PRC about the status of suspensions at the end of FY , the spreadsheet it shared showed the dates when the proposal to close had been posted, when the community meeting was held, and when a final determination to close was made. For the post offices that would be discontinued during FY , the table provided most of the dates.

But for other post offices, the table was largely empty. Had these steps in the discontinuance process not taken place yet? Is the Postal Service planning to post the proposal to discontinue at nearby post offices, invite comments, hold public meetings, and do all the other steps in the discontinuance process for all of these post offices?

The Postal Service announces post office discontinuances in the bi-monthly Postal Bulletin. By going through the past ten years of issues, one can put together a list of discontinuances announced since Oct. You can see such a list here. The Postal Bulletin announcements for can be conveniently found on PostalPro ; for the previous years, the Postal Bulletin archive is here.

In order to learn how suspensions figured into the closing picture, we combined the Postal Bulletin discontinuance list with several lists of emergency suspensions that the Postal Service shared with the PRC during the ACRs for and another for , , , and According to the announcements in Postal Bulletin , the Postal Service discontinued about 1, post offices during FY to , plus another 28 so far in FY Our list and map show these 1, post offices: 1, main post offices, stations, 75 branches, and community post offices CPOs.

You can see this full list, with a larger map, here. A spreadsheet version of the data is here , and a Carto map is here and here. This list is strictly unofficial and very imperfect.

The suspension lists often lack information that would be helpful in identifying the specific offices, and in general, the Postal Service tends to be rather withholding about such information.

Back in , when the PRC asked for a list of offices under suspension, the Postal Service actively fought to keep the list non-public. Our list is especially imperfect when it comes to addresses. While a few do get relocated, most post offices stay where they are for decades, and in the minds of local citizens, the building is the post office.

The numbers assume nearly all of these suspended offices will be discontinued, although a few of the more recently suspended offices will probably be reopened.

The numbers do not include post offices that were suspended during this ten-year period if they were subsequently reopened. Pimmit Branch, VA, discontinued Nov. As the table shows, during , closings averaged per year. As indicated by a report done by the Congressional Research Service, in there were a total of 35, post offices, stations, and branches; by , there were a total of 32, — a decline of about 3, over 38 years, about a hundred a year.

As the table shows, no post offices were discontinued during fiscal years , and But during those years, about post offices were suspended and not reopened, i.

So when the Postal Service reported to the PRC that no post office has been closed during , , and , it was true in the sense that none was discontinued. But post offices did continue to close by emergency suspension. Of the 1, completed and pending discontinuances, nearly a thousand — 62 percent — involved an emergency suspension. The ACR suspension lists provide information about the cause for the suspension in cases. Of these, suspensions 47 percent were caused by a problem renewing the lease; 22 percent were caused by safety issues; 99 19 percent were caused by problems staffing the office; and 64 12 percent were caused by damage to the building.

The lease issues have been the most contentious. Many communities and post office lessors have felt that the Postal Service deliberately created an issue over renewing the lease simply to justify closing the post office. To learn more about the communities impacted by the closings, we added some Census data to the list of 1, discontinuances and suspensions. We found population data on about 1, Zip Codes. Nemo, TX, Post Office, suspended over lease issue, still under suspension.

That percentage is also indicated by the fact that only about of the 1, post offices were stations and branches, i. Given that the Postal Service rarely closes the main post office in a city without relocating it, this means that the remaining 1, offices were probably small main post offices, remotely managed post offices, and community post offices in rural areas.

In terms of population, a total population of 7. Approximately , of these people about , households lived in rural areas. That so many of the closed post offices were rural is a point worth emphasizing. As for the or so Zip Code areas for which Census data were not available, in 80 cases the Postal Bulletin announcement indicates that the Zip Code was being discontinued along with the post office.

The communities that lost their Zip Codes also lost a piece of their identity — one of the fears people typically express when their post office may close. The list of 1, closures and suspensions does not include contract postal units CPUs , i. A community post office is a post office that had originally been an independent office operated by a USPS postmaster but that at some point got converted to a contract unit operated by a private contractor.

In , there were 1, of them. By , there were about In years past, conversions and closures of CPOs were apparently treated as post office discontinuances and announced in Postal Bulletin.

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