What county is shelton ct in

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what county is shelton ct in

Fairfield County, Connecticut

Local news and events from Shelton-Derby, CT Patch. Latest headlines: GoodRx Is Providing Health Care To Americans Who Need It Most; Shelton-Derby Weekend Weather Forecast; Mothers Day Browse Fairfield County, CT real estate. Find homes for sale in Fairfield County with a median listing price of $,

Shelton was settled by the English as part of the town of Stratford, Connecticutin On May 15,the Court of the Colony of Connecticut in Hartford affirmed that the town of Stratford sheltton all of the territory 12 miles 19 km inland from Long Island Soundbetween the Housatonic River and the Fairfield town line. InStratford selectmen Lt.

Shelton was split off from Stratford inas Huntington named for Samuel Huntington. Sheltonalso founder of Ousatonic Water Power Company. Shelton was the site of one of the largest arson fires in the United States history. It happened in when the How long does it take for gum to dissolve Rubber Products plant formerly owned by B.

Goodrich was set on fire. Charles Moeller, president of parent company Grand Sheet Metal Products, was acquitted of criminal chargesbut in a suit under civil law where preponderance of evidence suffices to counry a factual claima jury found in the insurer was entitled to disallow claims on the fire ln, based on the finding that the company's top officials arranged the fire to claim insurance money. Eight others were convicted or pleaded guilty.

The explosion that destroyed the Sponge Rubber Plant on Canal Street in marked the start of the decline of Shelton's industries. During the remainder of the s and s several firms that operated factories along the banks of the Housatonic River either went out of business or relocated to areas where labor and operating costs were cheaper. With the completion of Route 8new office spaces and businesses were attracted to the town, due to its Fairfield County location coupled with low costs of doing business as opposed to places such as Stamford or Greenwich.

Scinto corporation alone. Efforts are underway to restore nineteenth-century industrial buildings in the downtown area; those that were beyond repair were demolished in the late s and early s and replaced with the Veteran's Memorial and a farmer's market.

Other buildings along Howe Avenue, one of the city's main thoroughfares, have been restored, while developers have renovated two 19th-century factory buildings on Bridge Street, converting them into luxury condominiums. Several downtown streets have been reconstructed as part of a streetscape improvement project: sidewalks were reconstructed with brick and cobblestone, trees were planted, and some power lines were im underground to improve the appearance of Shelton's central business district.

The scene was underneath the train trestle and involved one of the characters dragging a body and dumping sheoton into the Housatonic River. Shflton July 31,a line of heavy thunderstorms with weak rotation spawned an EF1 tornadowhich touched down with wind speeds between 95 and miles per hour.

There were no injuries or fatalities. According to the United States Census Bureauthe city has a total area of As of the census [21] ofthere were 38, people, 14, households, and 10, families residing cuonty the shetlon. The population density was 1, There were 14, housing units at an average density of The racial makeup of the city was Hispanic wat Latino of any race were 3. There were 14, households, out of which The average household size was 2.

In the city, the population was spread out, with The median age was 40 years. For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were About 2. The Republican Party has controlled the city government since the s. Before the Elections, the Board of Aldermen consisted of ocunty Republican members, two Citizens' United members, and one Democratic member. The current Board of Aldermen consists entirely of eight Republicans. Political representation at the state level has been Republican since the s.

There are two State Assembly districts that cover What is lte wireless technology. He won in a special election following the death of Richard O. Belden, who had represented the town for 32 years.

Republican State Representative Ben McGorty of the nd District took office after winning a special election in following the death of previous State Representative Larry Miller. At the how to get microsoft powerpoint free trial level, Shelton is represented by Democratic U.

Representation of Shelton in the U. House of Representatives is split between the 3rd and 4th congressional districts, which are represented by Democratic U. The boundary between the two congressional districts lies roughly along Route 8 ; Himes represents the iw of the city to the north and west of Route 8 while DeLauro represents sections of Shelton to the south and east.

Shelton is a Republican stronghold in presidential elections, as the city has os for the GOP presidential nominee in every election whhat when Lyndon B. Johnson carried the municipality in his landslide election.

Shelton is currently one cr the few municipalities in Connecticut with its own Sheriff's Departmentthe Shelton Sheriff's Departmentwhose main task is the due process within the city lines what is funbucks in 160by2 to execute judicial warrants within the city, much like the Fairfield County Sheriff's Department waht before its abolishment countj December The City of Shelton owns close to 2, acres 8.

There are over 15 miles 24 km of hiking trails in Shelton, [27] including a portion of the Paugussett "Blue Blazed" trail, part ccounty an mile 1, km network of hiking trails throughout the state.

There is opportunity for fishing, boating, geocaching and letterboxinghiking, walking and biking. Dogs are welcomed when on what county is shelton ct in. There is no hunting on city-owned open space, shelron ordinance.

The City of Shelton is protected by the member all-volunteer Shelton Fire Department, which consists of four companies operating out of four stations located throughout the city. There is sheltkn a board of fire commissioners with a representative from each company. There are two private golf courses in town. It is a 9-hole course with 10 greens to allow alternating selton and 11 where the tee shot goes over Perry Hill Road in which an unknown original designer created difficult greens.

The clubhouse's s era structure still remains as the core to the current structure. Brownson Country Club is an how to ipod music transfer to computer venue located in the Huntington section of Shelton.

There is an annual competition between the clubs for the "Mayor's Trophy", alternating the venue each year. The Champion and holder of the Trophy is Highland. Shelton also has a weekly newspaper, iss Shelton Herald. Both zhelton daily papers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. City in Connecticut, United States. Location in Fairfield County and the state of Connecticut.

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Shelton is currently one of the few municipalities in Connecticut with its own Sheriff's Department, the Shelton Sheriff's Department, whose main task is the due process within the city lines and to execute judicial warrants within the city, much like the Fairfield County Sheriff's Department did before its abolishment in December Browse New London County, CT real estate. Find homes for sale in New London County with a median listing price of $, Fairfield County is a county in the southwestern corner of the U.S. state of Connecticut, as well as its fastest-growing from to and largest in terms of population. As of the census, the county's population was ,, estimated to have increased by % to , in , and decreased to , in The most populous county in the state, the county population .

Fairfield County is a county in the southwestern corner of the U. The closest to the center of the New York metropolitan area , the county contains four of the state's largest cities Bridgeport 1st , Stamford 3rd , Norwalk 6th , and Danbury 7th whose combined population of , is nearly half the county's total population.

The U. Office of Management and Budget has further designated the metropolitan statistical area as a component of the more extensive New York-Newark-Bridgeport, NY-NJ-CT-PA combined statistical area , [3] the most populous combined statistical area and primary statistical area of the United States.

As is the case with all eight of Connecticut's counties, there is no county government and no county seat. As an area, it is only a geographical point of reference. In Connecticut, the cities and towns are responsible for all local governmental activities including fire and rescue, schools, and snow removal; in a few cases, neighboring towns will share certain resources.

Fairfield County's Gold Coast helped rank it sixth in the U. Fairfield County was the home of many Native American tribes prior to the coming of the Europeans. People of the Schaghticoke tribe lived in the area of present-day New Fairfield and Sherman.

There were also Paquioque and Potatuck inhabitants of Fairfield County. The first European settlers of the county, however, were Puritans and Congregationalists from England. Roger Ludlow , one of the founders of the Colony of Connecticut , helped to purchase and charter the towns of Fairfield and Norwalk purchased , chartered as a town in Fairfield is a descriptive name referring to the beauty of its fields.

William Beardsley was also one of the first settlers of Stratford in From transcriptions of the Connecticut Colonial Records for that day:. In , the town of Woodbury was incorporated and added to Fairfield County. In , New York and Connecticut reached a final agreement regarding their common border. This resulted in the cession of the town of Rye and all claims to the Oblong to New York. From the late 17th to early 18th centuries, several new towns were incorporated in western Connecticut and added to Fairfield County, namely Danbury , Ridgefield , Newtown , and New Fairfield In , Litchfield County was constituted, taking over the town of Woodbury.

The final boundary adjustment to Fairfield County occurred in when the town of Brookfield was incorporated from parts of Newtown, Danbury, and New Milford , with Fairfield County gaining territory from Litchfield County.

During the Revolutionary War, Connecticut's prodigious agricultural output led to it being known informally as "the Provisions State". American Major General David Wooster , who was born in Stratford, was in charge of the stores at Danbury and defended them with a force of only troops. Sybil Ludington helped rally New York militia to aid in the defense of Danbury.

Though they arrived too late to save Danbury from burning, the elder Ludington and the New York militia helped support the Danbury troops and ensuing engagement of the British known as the Battle of Ridgefield on April 27, Wooster was wounded at Ridgefield and died five days later in Danbury. Two years later during a British raid on Greenwich on February 26, General Israel Putnam , who had stayed at Knapp's Tavern the previous night, rode away on his horse to warn the people of Stamford.

Putnam was shot at by the British raiders but was able to escape. The hat he was wearing with a musket ball hole in it is on display at Knapp's Tavern in Greenwich which is commonly, albeit somewhat erroneously, called Putnam's cottage. New Haven was raided on July 5, Fairfield was raided on the 7th and burned. Norwalk was raided on July 10 and burned on the 11th.

Norwalk militia leader Captain Stephen Betts put up resistance to the invaders, but was overwhelmed by the powerful British raiders and was forced to retreat.

David Sherman Boardman was a prominent early lawyer and judge in this and neighboring Litchfield County. On October 7, , Neheemiah Dodge and other members of the Danbury Baptist Association wrote a letter to then-president Thomas Jefferson expressing their concern that as Baptists they may not be able to express full religious liberty in the state of Connecticut whose "ancient charter" was adopted before the establishment of a Baptist church in the state.

Jefferson replied in a letter to Dodge and the other members of the Danbury church on January 1, , in which he stated that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution provided "a wall of separation between church and State " that protected them. Although it is often viewed as an extension of metro-New York City, Fairfield County has had much industry in its own right. Bridgeport Machines, Inc. From the early to midth century Bridgeport was in the top 50 largest cities by population.

Stamford, Connecticut is an example of edge city urbanization, with many large and important companies having offices there and benefiting from proximity to New York. At the height of its influence in the s, the Ku Klux Klan had a distinct presence in the county and county politics.

The group was most active in Darien. Fairfield County, along with all other Connecticut counties, was abolished as a governmental agency in accord with state legislation that took effect October 1, According to the U. Census Bureau , the county has a total area of square miles 2, km 2 , of which square miles 1, km 2 is land and square miles km 2 The terrain of the county trends from flat near the coast to hilly and higher near its northern extremity. The highest elevation is 1, feet m above sea level along the New York state line south of Branch Hill in the Town of Sherman; the lowest point is sea level itself.

The Taconics begin roughly in Ridgefield and the Berkshires begin roughly in Northern Trumbull , both running north to Litchfield County and beyond. A small portion of the Appalachian Trail runs through Fairfield County; the trail enters Connecticut in the northernmost and least populous town in the county, Sherman , and moves east into Litchfield County , which encompasses the majority of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut. The section of the Taconic Mountains range that runs through Greenwich and North Stamford of Fairfield County is also the part of the Appalachians that is closest to the coast out of the entire Appalachian Mountains.

The agreed territorial limits of the county are defined as 20 miles 32 km east of New York's Hudson River , which extends into Long Island Sound with a southerly limit of half way to Long Island, New York.

The eastern limit is mostly a natural border defined as the halfway point of the Housatonic River with New Haven County with the exception of several islands belonging wholly to Stratford.

The depth of the Sound varies between 60 and feet 37 m. As of the census [24] of , there were , people, , households, and , families residing in the county.

The racial makeup of the county was In , Asians were 4. Hispanics now constituted As of , Some of the last group were Haitians, although other Haitians would identify Haitian Creole as their first language.

There were , households, out of which The average household size was 2. In the county, the population was spread out, with The median age was 37 years. For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were About 5. As of the United States Census , there were , people, , households, and , families residing in the county. There were , housing units at an average density of Those of Hispanic or Latino origin made up Of the , households, The median age was In the late s and early s corporations began moving their headquarters to Fairfield County from Manhattan ; Thomas J.

In Fairfield County had the headquarters of over 25 major multinational corporations, giving it the third largest concentration of those companies in the United States after New York City and Chicago. Recently, Fairfield County has been described as a " hedge fund ghetto" due to the large concentration of investment management firms in the area, most notably Bridgewater Associates one of the world's largest hedge fund companies , Aladdin Capital Management and Point72 Asset Management.

As of , counties in Connecticut do not have any associated county government structure. Thus Fairfield County is only a geographical point of reference. All municipal services are provided by the towns, who sometimes will share certain resources through regionalization. In order to address issues concerning more than one town, several regional agencies that help coordinate the towns for infrastructure, land use, and economic development concerns have been established.

Within the geographical area of Fairfield County, the regional agencies are:. Law enforcement within the geographic area of the county is provided by the respective town police departments, whereas in other states in the region such as New York and Vermont law enforcement would be provided by the local county sheriff's department.

In the less dense areas, such as Sherman , law enforcement is primarily provided by the Connecticut State Police.

Prior to , a County Sheriff's Department existed for the purpose of executing judicial warrants, prisoner transport, court security, Bailiff , and county and state executions.

These responsibilities have now been taken over by the Connecticut State Marshal System. Some municipalities in the county still maintain a sheriff's department to fill the void of the abolishment of the county sheriff's department, such as the City of Shelton which has established the Shelton Sheriff's Department to carry out warrants in the city. The geographic area of the county is served by the three separate judicial districts: Danbury, Stamford-Norwalk, and Fairfield.

Each judicial district has a superior court located, respectively, in Danbury, Stamford, and Bridgeport. Each judicial district has one or more geographical area courts "GA"'s , subdivisions of the judicial districts that handle lesser cases such as criminal misdemeanors, small claims, traffic violations, and other civil actions.

Fire protection in the county is provided by the towns. Several towns also have fire districts that provide services to a section of the town. Education in the county is usually provided by the town governments. The exceptions are the towns of Redding and Easton, which joined together to form a regional school district Region 9. Fairfield County has a low crime index of As with neighboring Westchester County, Fairfield County was generally a Republican stronghold for much of the 20th century.

Urban municipalities such as Stamford, Norwalk and Bridgeport trended Democratic, while the suburban and rural enclaves tended to lean Republican. However, during the s, the latter areas began to increasingly shift towards Democratic candidates. Today, only Hartford County has a higher concentration of Democratic voters.

The last time the county voted for a Republican presidential candidate was in for George H. W Bush.

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