What county is des moines iowa

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what county is des moines iowa

Des Moines metropolitan area

The mission of Des Moines County Public Health is to improve, protect and promote the health, the environment and well being of residents of Des Moines County. FLU Flu vaccines are being given during regular immunization clinics Tuesday and Thursday PM - PM at N Third Street, Burlington, Iowa. The cost is $ This will put you in contact with the Communications Operator for Des Moines County. Routine questions, please call our office at *WEAPON PERMIT APPLICATIONS: Please refer to the Weapons Permit tab on the side for instruction.

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Des Moines County Assessor North Main Street 4th Floor Burlington, IA Voice: () Fax: () Matt Warner, Assessor Mitch Taeger, Deputy Assessor. Welcome to the Iowa State Patrol Crash Reports website. This site is intended to give the public access to Crash reports that are produced by the Iowa State Patrol for the entire state. The purpose of this website is to provide members of the public with information related to accidents that occur in their area. Des Moines (i/d?m??n/) is the capital and the most populous city in the US state of Iowa. It is also the county seat of Polk County. A small portion of the city extends into Warren County. It was incorporated on September 22, , as Fort Des Moines which was shortened to "Des Moines" in

Racial disproportionality in child placement through the Department of Human Services and Juvenile Court Services exists throughout Iowa, but Des Moines County has a greater variance than Iowa as a whole. Of those, For subscribers: Burlington woman, family speak out on termination of parental rights over son.

Overall placement rates were fairly comparable between Blacks and whites for trial home visits — Black children also had slightly higher rates than white children of foster During that same time period, there were placements — involving white children, 43 involving Black children, 15 involving children who identify as two or more races, one American Indian or Alaska Native and one unknown — in Des Moines County, with When looking at the data for placements of white children, Only Only 9.

For the past two years, Iowa DHS has been reducing its rates of children going into foster care across all racial groups. That includes an 8. The percentage of Des Moines County's placements of Black children in foster care dropped from the first two quarters of FY19, when White placements in Des Moines County during those same time periods saw a similar trend, with The disproportionality, Harvey noted, is deeply rooted in Iowa as well as the rest of the country.

Child welfare historically has had extremely high rates of racial disproportionality," Harvey said. That left many people in Black and brown and poor communities feeling very targeted by child welfare. Harvey said steps are being taken in an effort to combat that disproportionality, the first of them being to make data available not just to the state, but to local county and service area leaders as well as members of the public.

There also is the implementation of Families First philosophy within the department. Families First holds that families and communities have a right to raise their children with their social, emotional, psychological, religious and cultural values. Biological families matter," Harvey said. DHS also has been implementing evidence-based programs such as SafeCare, a training curriculum for parents who are at risk or have been reported for child maltreatment through which parents receive weekly home visits to improve skills in several areas, including home safety, health care and parent-child interactions.

The seven judges participating in that program were asked to ask four basic questions before signing off on a removal:. Over the program's four-month period, the participating judges were asked 83 times to remove children. Of those requests, only 44 were approved. While DHS has been working to shift away from foster care more toward family placement, Iowa law does not mandate that all possible family members first be ruled out, leaving placement outcomes up to each county's court system.

It is worth noting that family placements outside of the state often take more time to sort out and there sometimes may be no relative placement options, whether because family members are not willing or able to take in a child or because there are no appropriate options, though defining what's appropriate can be murky. Every county has kind of its own culture, and that depends on the legal practitioners and the courts in the courtroom and sometimes DHS as well. Senate File , a bill put forward by Republican Sen.

Jeff Edler for Iowa's 36th District, seeks to change that. The bill proposes that courts shall not order placement of a child with a non-relative without a specific finding that placement with any relative — in the order of other parent, grandparent, adult sibling, aunt or uncle and any other blood relative — would be inappropriate. It also states that the court must provide a reason for said finding.

If he can get this through, this is huge for Iowa families. Placing children with family rather than in foster care has many benefits to the child, the family as a whole and the outcome of the child in need of assistance case, Harvey said. It's traumatizing and it disrupts relationships," Harvey explained. Behavioral development, mental health functioning and social development also are improved among children in relative or fictive kin placements.

Facebook Twitter Email. A look at Des Moines County's foster care placement and racial disproportionality. Michaele Niehaus The Hawk Eye.

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