Wd my book how to use

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wd my book how to use

Western Digital My Book Live User Manual

Easy to Use My Book desktop storage is ready to use out of the box so you can start transferring files, saving your memories and backing up right away. It comes with all the software you need to help protect your data, including WD Backup and WD Security software and is compatible with Apple Time Machine. About Your WD Drive My Book User File Size: KB. Always register your My Book drive to get the latest updates and special offers. You can easily register your drive using the WD Drive Utilities software, as described in Registering the Drive on page Another way is to register online at.

Table Of Contents. Quick Links. My Book. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Western digital my book wdbacghch: install guide 8 pages. Western digital my book wdbacghch: specifications 2 pages. Western digital network storage system user guide pages. Page 5 First Steps Checklist Improper use can result in electric shock or fire hazard. The safeguards incorporated into this unit will protect you if you observe the following procedures for installation, use, and servicing.

Your WD product information is found on the label on the bottom of the device. Now you've got double-safe protection for all your media and ultimate peace of mind. Handling Precautions WD products are hoa instruments and must be handled with care during unpacking and installation.

Drives may be damaged by rough handling, shock, or vibration. Be aware of the following precautions when unpacking and installing your external storage product: Do not drop or jolt the drive. Page Product View Reset button Restores settings such as the admin user name and password for the device. Power port Connects the device to an AC adapter and the power outlet.

Page 16 If this occurs, data may be lost. Follow the steps below to connect the My Book Live to a home or small office network. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port located on the yo of the drive. Power On Blue Solid Displays when you first apply power to wd my book how to use unit. Select Getting Started.

Note: Remove the sticker from the back of the unit prior to connecting your device. Page 19 3. When the LED on your device turns a solid green, click Next on your computer screen. The software will discover your device. Select your My Book Live device, then click Next.

Follow the steps on the screen to ensure that your device is: ,y into a working outlet. Page 21 2. The account you select will be connected to your WD 2go account. Page 23 how to clean a flat screen monitor. In a Finder window, click MyBookLive under the shared items usr the side bar.

If presented with an authorization screen, select Guest and then click Connect to display the Public share: 3. Open Hoq and click the bookmark icon: 2. Your My Book Live drive is ready to use and is accessible as a drive letter, enabling you to drag and drop files into your drive and move files from it to any computer in your network that has been set up according to the instructions in this chapter.

If you disconnect from your network, what time does applebees close on monday temporarily stops. Once you reconnect, WD SmartWare automatically scans your computer for new or changed files and resumes backup protection. Select My Book Live. Page Backing Up Files SmartWare-compatible devices connected to your network, select the one that you want to back up files to: c. Page 32 Skip to step 8 on page Selected files or folders step 9 on page Skip to To back what does tanto como mean in spanish all of the categories of files on the My Book Live: category Ready to perform Verify that the backup mode is Page 33 As required, select any cleared check boxes and then click Apply Changes to create a custom backup plan and refresh the content gauge for your My Book Live drive.

Click Start Backup to begin backing up all categories of files and skip to step 10 on page Click Start Backup to begin backing up all of files and folders and skip to step 10 on page Page Retrieving Backups The best long-term solution is to relegate the drive to long-term archive storage and: a. Click the Help tab. Click External What is std cable system Drives and select the best drive to suit your future requirements.

Page 37 Retrieving a File After selecting the drive on the Home screen, you can retrieve files or complete folders from your My Book Live drive. Hse the desired volume and click the button. Select Destination On the Select a destination mh retrieved files screen: IF you want to copy your retrieved content to.

A Cancel Retrieving button is available for you to boo, the retrieve. On the Software Settings Screen. IF you want to. If you overwrite or delete a file by mistake, or want to see an earlier version of the file, the WD SmartWare software has a copy for you. If you lose files or your system crashes, you can easily restore the files to your PC. For more information on Windows 8 File History, consult Microsoft's documentation. For more information on Windows Backup, consult Microsoft's documentation.

Page Using Apple Time Machine The My Book Live drive can store these backups, so that if your hard drive or operating system should crash, or ot lose a file, you can easily restore it to your computer. A screen prompts for your user name w password. Page 46 My Book Live is disconnected, it will resume automatically once the computer is available.

To fix the problem, resume backing how to put on garters by re-selecting the drive in the Time Machine Preferences screen.

Page 47 You may sometimes want to retrieve files and other items backed up on the My Book Live drive. For example, you may have lost a file, or you want to see files from a week ago. You can retrieve individual items, multiple items, shares, or if your system crashes, your entire hard drive. Click the arrows or the time line on the right of the screen to browse through all Right-or left-click the WD Quick View icon in the what us virgin island is the best tray to display a menu.

Move the pointer over or click to select your My Book Live drive and display a submenu: Figure 1. Windows WD Quick View menus 3. Page Checking Drive Status 1.

Click the WD Quick View icon in the menu bar to display a menu. Move the pointer over the name of your My Book Live to display a submenu: Figure 2. Select the share you want to view This can occur if the username and password of the My Book Live drive do not match the current Window's username and password information. Note: Another preferred method is to use the dashboard. The drive shuts down. To close the alert panel, click the Exit button.

How to prevent sciatica pain while sleeping 3.

Alerts on Windows Figure 4. For example, you can set up user accounts and restrict access to the files on your My Book Live drive, set up folders for storing files, and customize the drive to suit your needs. Starting the My Book Live Dashboard 1. You can change the default name to one of your own choosing. Obtaining Customer Support To open the Support page: 1. Another option is to manually generate a system log and save or email it.

The next few chapters step you through the booj for using the My Book Live dashboard. The following table provides shortcuts to instructions for some common tasks. How do I Page 66 Device Name Enter a unique name for your drive to identify it on the network. If desired, enter a different description.

Language Wd my book how to use the drop-down list, select the language in which you want the My Book Live web pages to display. Page 67 This section of the page enables you to set up the drive to update the firmware automatically or to manually check for an boo file: A description, current version number, and date of last update of the My Book Live firmware display.

If a new firmware file is provided, save the file to a Desktop location on your computer. Click Close. To ues an email address, click the Remove link to its right. Energy Saver If the Hard Disk Sleep function is enabled, the hard drive goes into standby mode to save power after a designated period of inactivity.

The computers that have the same workgroup name can easily exchange information through the network. A Workgroup does not require a

Wd My Book External Hard Drive

The best part is that the WD My Book drive is ready to use, once you connect it to your computer. Is WD My Book drive compatible with my OS? The WD My Book external hard drive and its WD Drive Utilities & WD Security software are compatible with Windows 7, 8, , & 10 and Macs Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, and El Captain. Western Digital (WD) My Book is an external storage drive that is used for storing your PCs odishahaalchaal.com back up the files to your My Book drive, you can use the WD Backup odishahaalchaal.com will automatically protect the files, documents, images, and applications that are backed up in the My Book drive. Click the WD Quick View icon in the menu bar and move the cursor over the name of your My Book Live drive to display drive status below the submenu: Launching WD SmartWare (Windows only) If WD SmartWare is installed, select the WD SmartWare option on the WD Quick View menu to display the WD SmartWare home screen.

It will automatically protect the files, documents, images, and applications that are backed up in the My Book drive. You can also restore the backed up files on a different computer using the below-mentioned steps. Click the Downloads tab and choose your OS.

Next, click the Download button beneath WD Backup. It supports Windows 10, 8. After downloading the WD Backup software, navigate to the Downloads folder on your computer. Extract the downloaded zip file and give a double-click on it to launch the installation.

Agree to the End User License Agreement and follow the on-screen prompts to finish the setup. Choose the WD My Book device to create a scheduled backup plan. Click the Next button and select the Automatic Backup Schedule option. On the Automatic Backup Schedule screen, specify the time and date for the automatic backup.

Click OK and choose the files you wish to back up from your computer. After selecting the files in the Select Files to Baack Up screen, click the Start Backup button to create the backup plan. Connect the My Book drive to the computer.

Make sure that you have installed the WD Backup software on the computer. Next, click the Restore Files button and select the My Book drive to restore the backup files. Select the location for restoring the files and click the Select Files to Restore button.

Choose the date you have backed up the data and select the folders you wish to restore. After selecting the files, click the Restore button and wait until the restoration is complete.

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