How to turn a shipping container into a swimming pool

By Maur | 22.04.2021

how to turn a shipping container into a swimming pool

How to Build a Shipping Container Swimming Pool

May 10, If you think shipping container homes are cool, wait until you convert a steel box into a swimming pool! Yes, you can transform a container into a cool pool and even add a jacuzzi inside if you want. Plus, its not even a wholly new concept as it is already a profitable business product in nations all over the world. Jan 18, Adding a swimming pool to your back yard has never been easier, now that Mudpools came up with a very versatile and easy to implement concept. The innovation.

If you think shipping container homes are cool, wait until you convert a steel box into a swimming pool! Yes, you can transform a container into a cool pool and even add a jacuzzi inside if you want. This means that containers can indeed be safely and efficiently turned into pools and jacuzzis. Here are some ideas on how to upcycle shipping containers into pools and hot tubs. Shipping containers are great for swimming pools because of their inherent properties.

They are water-resistant, so any splashing would not lead to rusting. Swimmming of corrugated steel, containers are extremely durable as well. In addition, you can easily purchase new containers or used ones if you want cheaper options since hundreds are already available in many company depots. Furthermore, containers have strong frames that are best for either underground or on-the-ground pools, and they do not require external buttresses compared to other aboveground pools.

Swimmingg, containers can take less space than traditionally large pools, thereby saving space, water, and construction costs. Finally, containers can be quickly insulated and converted into jacuzzis. While there are many ways of designing the pool itself, here are some basic steps to get you started in your container pool project.

Determine the regulations for depth, fencing, and other requirements before selecting the size for your shipping containers. Second, ask a structural engineer to help with the planning and designing process. You may fo to add heavy-duty pool coping on the top to strengthen the container enough to contain 4, gallons of water. In addition, you can add glass panel windows on the side for aesthetic purposes.

Third, choose the right dimensions for your box, cut according to the design, and cover the sharp edges. Fourth, waterproof the container by lining with plywood and watertight welding as well as putting additional steel on the inside. Afterwards, rust treat and paint the inner and outer parts of the container. Fifth, add plumbing including pumps, pipes, what crest white strips are the best filters to your container pool.

Consider the water supply, drainage, and power sources. The jacuzzi can be separately heated to conserve water. This also means you can use your pool even during winter. Seventh, for a proper pool bed, you can use 20 centimetres of compact gravel or construct a concrete slab. In addition, to protect the soil under the pool, put a layer of limestone too.

The construction process may take swimminf to eight weeks, depending on the size and specifications of your pool. After everything is re-checked for safety, you can now fill it up with water and start enjoying your pool! Shipping containers can now be changed into almost anything, including a swimming pool and a jacuzzi. You only need to check the construction permits needed, comply with regulations, and design the pool with consideration for stability, insulation, and drainage as well as electrical and water sources.

Go ahead and use your creativity to achieve a modern, low-cost pool to suit your exercise and recreation needs. Sources Modpools repurposes used shipping containers as containet pools and hot tubs, Dezeen. Com This heated pool made from hiw shipping container looks amazing, Thrillist. Shipping Container Inquiry.

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Jan 16, Support our Channel on Patreon: to Build a Shipping Container Swimming Pool in 7 Simple Steps | POOLBOX by sheltermode. Sh. Thus, the next phase of converting a shipping container into a pool is to add another layer. An extra layer of steel is welded on the inside to make it watertight. It is then treated for rust and painted on all sides. Installation; The last step is to install the container into the home along with all the accruements.

Recently we spoke to Nigel Butcher, the company Sales Manager to get some more information about their design and manufacturing process. The container pools are sold in two sizes, 20FT and 40FT and by offering only one mould shape the company are able to keep manufacturing costs down.

The reason the pools are designed this way is simply cost savings. The company are using brand new one trip containers and then cutting them in half to make two four feet deep pools from one single container. The free standing mould has the strength to hold the weight of the water, so it could be placed onto the ground and be filled with water without the support of the container to hold it in place. In this case the container just acts as a protective shell. The fiberglass mould pool design was developed thirty years ago and has been used by the Australian company most commonly for in ground swimming pool applications.

At those prices a DIY container pool looks much more appealing. For most of us building a fiberglass swimming pool mould is beyond our skill level, so how about just buying a shipping container, cutting the roof off and filling it with water?

Before filling your container with water you might need to consider strengthening the side walls to stop them from bulging. So how do you go about making a watertight barrier to hold the body of water that will be your swimming pool?

One idea would be to weld steel sheeting into the container. Another option would be to use concrete on the floor and walls. Steel rebar mesh can be attached to the walls and used together with timber formwork to hold the concrete in place, then tiles added later for a more decorate finish. Whichever method you chose to build your container pool you need to give some thought to the plumbin g aspects such as drainage, water circulation and filtration.

Water filtration units vary in size and price. A smaller pump will need to run for a longer amount of time each day, consuming more energy, so choose a suitably sized unit. Solar powered pumps are a great way of keeping running costs to a minimum. The three water filtration choices currently available are traditional chlorine, salt water and the newer style is a mineral pool which uses a mix of Magnesium and Potassium Chloride.

If you have a limited budget you might consider buying a used wind and water tight grade shipping container, rather than a new one. For colder climates why not consider a shipping container to build a sauna, steam room, hot tub or jacuzzi?

New and used intermodal shipping containers offer amazing value and versatility for a broad range or projects. Are you interested in buying a new or used shipping container at the lowest possible price along with the best delivery terms available?

See Container Deals Now. Tags: conex pool container pool container swimming intermodal pool pool shipping container shipping container pools shipping container swimming pools swim in container. September 4, May 10, December 24, Should I build a surrounding breeze block wall in preparation to lowering the container in?

Yes you can do that. With the use of a crane you can set the container pool wherever you like during the final placement. Thanks for your kind feedback on our site. I am another enthusiastic fan, love this site. Would like a container cottage with a container pool. I would love to have a foot pool for doing laps and keeping in shape and liked the idea of the fiberglass lining that was structurally sound on its own.

Is there similar fiberglass inserts available in New England or Eastern Canada? Want to buy or rent a shipping container? Click here to shop for shipping containers online, view real-time prices in your area including delivery! Converting a Shipping Container into a swimming pool seems like a cheap way of keeping cool this summer, but how easy is it to do it yourself? Craig Blake says:. May 4, at am. May 24, at am.

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