How to take the safety off a bic lighter

By Gokree | 17.07.2020

how to take the safety off a bic lighter

Remove the Safety from Your Lighter

Jan 10,  · In this episode we demonstrate the quickest most effective way to remove the child safety feature from a BIC Lighter. Please Subscribe, Like, and Share. Than. you don't have to remove that cover, I do it all the time, just by putting the screwdriver between the safety and the wheel and pry it out, it will come out from the red plastic trigger and you will be able to remove it without having to remove that cover.

I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about. If not the child safty what is finding dory rated is the little peice of metal located on top of the striker wheel. In order for you pff be able to light it you must first push down the metal safty lock and then you can use how to make a pipe bending machine pdf striker wheel.

If you're like me and hate doing this then this instructable is for you. There is a metal sheild guard, you need to remove it. This is what the small flathead is for.

Take llighter flat head and insert it were I have it in the picture. Then gently pry up on the inside of the guard, do the same for the other side. Now it's time to remove the safty lock.

Pull it ghe away from the striker wheel. Once you do that grap it between your thunb and finger. Wiggle it back and forth while pulling up. It should come out after a few times. All you do is slip the metal sheild taek on you will know it's on all the way because you will here a click. Now you don't have to deal with that child safty lock getting in your way. I don't see the point in removing the safety, I used to, but not for the normal reason, I used to remove it, to identify my lighter from all of my friends, that was until my 4 yo burnt herself don't worry tiny little burn that healed quickly Anyways, I don't see the point in removing it, to me it doesn't make the lighter any harder to light, just push down on the wheel as you normally would and the lighter lights, how much easy do you want it?

I think everyone should send the piece back to the manufacturer in protest. Personally I only buy the cheapo lighters, that dont have the safety, in silent protest.

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Introduction: How to Remove the Child Safety on Lighters

Jan 11,  · This is a short tutorial of the easy way to take a safety off of a bic lighter.~Not liable for any injuries or explosion caused by this tutorial~. The safety on a bic lighter is a steel band that wraps around the flint wheel. The safety band ends under a pair of prongs in the area where your flame comes out. Carefylly pry both of these prongs up 90 degrees using a pair of pliers, a screwdriver or anything else you have lying around. Be sure to protect your eyes, as the safety will sometimes pop off with force. This is the proper and easiest way to take off a childproof guard off of any BIC lighter. Sorry for the bad camera quality I had to use my webcam.

When using a lighter everybody knows how annoying it is to keep flicking the igniter to the point where your fingers start hurting ,but there is a way to fix that problem without buying a expensive lighter or a different brand than your favorite.

Word of advice, If you live near a child please do not take off the safety for their own protection. This piece right here is the child safety, this is the piece that makes your fingers ache and make you have trouble flicking the ignitor. This is the piece we will be removing.

The first step to this simple process is to just simply move this prong downwards using your flat head screwdriver so it is out of the way and ready to be removed. The next step involves your pair of pliers or a flat head screwdriver, whichever you prefer. Take your tool and bend the two small tabs upwards making room for the tab to be pulled out. Slowly pull out the loose tab all the way until it is completely removed from the lighter. Once this piece is removed you can push the small tabs back into place.

When this simple process is finished the outcome should look like this. The end product is very easy to strike and shouldn't hurt your fingers with overuse. That's a "Don't ignite your pants when you sit down with a lighter in your pocket"-safety! Another extremely easy way is with a household utensil that everyone should have, a fork. You can use the fork to bend the front tabs just as you did. Then the safety should have a large enough gap from the wheel to insert a prong between the two.

Then simply twist the fork and the safety pops right out. Nice mod, I can definitely vouch for the finger pain with normal lighters. You showed each step very well! By etrader Follow. More by the author:. Materials needed: 1 x Lighter 1 x Pair of pliers 1 x Flat head screwdriver.

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