How to take backup of pst file in outlook 2010

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how to take backup of pst file in outlook 2010

Export or backup email, contacts, and calendar to an Outlook .pst file

To backup whole Outlook mailbox (the entire PST file) checkmark the mailbox folder. In this right side, click on PST file (MS Outlook) to begin the backup process. With PST file (MS Outlook) being selected, click Next. To create the backup of selected mailbox items or to reduce the output file size, apply the filter(s) in this step. Click Next. In this step, you can select PST file size for splitting; click Next. Click Browse to select the file-saving location and click Finish; Done, click Ok. In the Outlook Data File Password dialog box, enter the password, then choose OK. If you are exporting to an existing Outlook Data File .pst) that is password protected, in the Outlook Data File Password dialog box, enter the password, and then choose OK. Now that your Outlook data is in file.

Keep on reading to learn several ways to execute this task. It is always a good practice to take a backup of your data on a regular time interval, especially when we talk about the contacts. Because contacts are a very important part of our professional as well as personal life. Suppose if your computer gets crashed, then you ov pay to get it fixed but if you lost your contacts then you cannot pay to get your lost contacts back again.

Hence, if you want to create a backup of your all Outlook contact to secure how to make satin paint flat contact from any kind of corruption or deletion, which became the reason for the loss of your contact information, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the most effective ways that will help you to take a backup of contacts in Outlook In this section we are going to discuss the top 3 methods to take backup of contacts in Outlook and the methods are:.

So, in this section, we are going to show you how you can export Outlook contacts in PST. Microsoft also provides the option to export Outlook contacts. Disadvantages of the Manual Method.

As we said above pdt are some drawbacks to the manual method. So, if you want an easy and simple outlool to take a backup of contacts in Outlook what are blackouts after drinking, then try a professional suggested tool hhow. Download Now Purchase Now. Click on the Add File or Folder option to load files into the ost.

This tool also facilitates an option to auto-detect the location of the source file in your system. A preview of the details of the contacts will be provided.

The vCard Converter comes with advanced features some of the features of this software are listed below:. As we said above tame this blog that contacts play a very vital role in our personal and professional life. So, you must take backup of contacts data to protect your contacts.

Hence, here in this blog, we taks discussed both manual as well as an automated solution to take back up of contacts in Outlook How to Take Backup of Contacts in Outlook ?

Managing your .pst file

Click on СAdvancedТ tab and in the text box for СFilenameТ, you can find the location of PST file. How to Backup Outlook OST Files? Backing up OST file is challenging because you cannot access its contents into a different OST file. For that reason, the only solution to backup OST file is to save its data into PST file format. For that, you can use the Import/Export feature of Outlook that allows exporting . Make a note of the location of file. Use My Computer or Windows Explorer to copy file to the same folder or storage medium that contains the backup of file. You can use this backup to restore your Personal Address Book to your computer or to transfer it to another computer. Aug 31, †Ј In Outlook I was able to download an add-in that allowed me the option of backing up my PST file. I'd like the same in Outlook but there doesn't seem to be that option. I edit the registry as per Microsoft's KB but still no menu option of .

Sometimes for several factors, we might need to export PST file data to several other important platforms.

Messages, contact information, appointments, tasks, notes, etc. The relevant data files are generated instantly when you launch Outlook for the first time. Outlook Data Files. A Personal Storage Table. Microsoft manages the open format, which provides free parameters and free irreversible licensing of the technology. There are various ways or methods of backing up an Outlook.

It shall be explained in detailed steps below. There are various reasons why you would want to import from a. From moving details from one email to another or from one pc to another or also from a local folder to IMAP or exchange server. Below are the steps needed on how to Use the Import and Export option.

Step 3: Click on Import from another program or file. After this, then select Next. Step 5: Navigate down to the file that you want to import , under Options, choose how you want the file to import then click next. Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup tool is an add-in that is installed on Microsoft outlook, it is installed to automate the backup process. Your server mailbox would be automatically backed up frequently by the server administrator if you have an exchange server mailbox.

Step 2: Click on the File tab in the taskbar located up, a drop tab shows, then Select Backup. Step 3: Click on Options. A pop-up shows, then you select the file that you want to backup.

The following steps below aids the usage of Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup tool add-in with Microsoft outlook There are various ways of backing up Outlook. Below are the steps needed on how to Copy files manually. Step 4: After selecting the items, left-click on the items and hold it down, while holding it down, drag the items to the folder where you want to copy it to.

Step 4: After selecting the items that you want to move you can either right-click on the items, then a context menu appears where you select to move. Then paste in the designation folder. There are various outlook backup software packages that help in backing up from Microsoft outlook with minimal efforts.

They all back up. Below are the steps needed on how to use the Outlook Backup Software. Most Outlook backup software always stores the unencrypted and uncompressed. Step 2: Create a new backup task: this is done by navigating to the toolbar menu and selecting a new task. Or simply by holding the control key and the letter N key together simultaneously. Step 3: Under the Email group located on the panel at the left, select the Outlook Backup Software plug-in.

Step 4: Mark the accounts: on the panel at the right, select all the accounts that you want back up the. Step 5: Click finish and the exporting process begins. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most common local email clients in the world and it is used by individuals and organizations. PST file is a file that has messages and all other outlook data that is saved on your system.

And in order not to lose these files, that is why it is being backed up regularly. The loss of these files can happen due to various reasons and this can be avoided by backing it up regularly wither manually or with backup software or third-party add-ins. Damaged PST files need to be repaired as quickly as possible or else you will lose all of the data that is contained in them. You will find a lot of third-party repair tools online that claim to repair corrupt PST file.

However, most of them are incapable of performing this task safely. It can also recover data from the corrupt PST file in a comprehensive manner. In short, if you want to ensure that you do not lose out on your important data stored in a PST file if it gets corrupted then you should create a backup Outlook PST file. The process of making a backup of the PST file isn't a difficult one. Generally rated 4.

Amy Dennis. Recovers all mailbox components within the files such as emails, attachments, contacts, calendar items, journals, notes, etc. Download Windows Version.

Outlook Notes are recovered. Emails deleted? Recover files. Recover Yahoo Email Account. Find Yahoo mail passwords. Restore deleted Gmail account. You Might Also Like.

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