How to stop collection calls at work

By Shakara | 07.05.2021

how to stop collection calls at work

How To Permanently Stop Debt Collectors From Calling You

Sep 20,  · If you continue to call for me at my place of employment, I will consider your calls a violation of state and/or federal collection laws and will consider hiring an attorney to protect my rights. I will also file a formal complaint with my state Attorney General Office and the Federal Trade Commission, Correspondence Branch, Washington, DC Oct 24,  · Simply tell the debt collector to stop calling you at work. You don't need to ask the debt collector in writing, but it helps to keep a written record in the event of future problems. What Happens if a Debt Collector Continues to Contact Me at Work After I Told it to Stop?Author: Amy Loftsgordon, Attorney.

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If your credit's taken a hit, there are plenty of ways to begin healing your credit history. Here's how. We recently received this question about how to stop collection calls at work. Since it is a cxlls asked question, I calls I'd share the answer here.

Can they do that???? How can I stop them from calling my work? I'm planning to file for bankruptcy and due to the fact that I don't have the money for an attorney is taking me this long to file, I had stop making payments to my credit cards 5 months and now I'm been harassed at work.

Please help!! I don't want to jeopardize my work. Answer: You can write to this collection agency demanding they not contact you anymore about this account. The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act FDCPA states, "If a consumer notifies a debt collector in writing that the consumer wishes the debt collector to cease further communication with the consumer, the debt collector shall not communicate further with the consumer with respect to such debt, except - 1 advise the consumer that the debt collector's further efforts are being terminated; 2 notify that specific remedies may be invoked; 3 that the debt collector or creditor intends to invoke a specified remedy.

Make sure, in your letter, you mention you are aware of this federal law and this provision what is a high performance tire the law. Be sure to send your letter to this collection agency by certified mail, return receipt requested so you have proof they received your "cease and desist" letter. Please be aware that taking this action does not alleviate you of your responsibility for the debt.

In some cases, sending ar cease and desist letter can actually escalate the collection process. Please do not call me at my place of employment. My employer does not permit personal phone calls. Note: This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. For help with legal matters, it is always best to consult with an attorney.

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Jun 19,  · If you call the collector, write down the date, time, and substance of the call. Or, send a letter or email and keep a copy for your records. Exceptions to the No Contact at Work Provision. Despite these restrictions, the debt collector can contact you at work if (1) you give your consent, or (2) a court order allows such communications. Getting HelpAuthor: Kathleen Michon, Attorney.

Behind in paying your bills? You might find a debt collector calling. But the law says how and when they can do that. Collectors may not harass you or lie when they try to collect a debt. And, if you ask them in writing to stop calling, they have to stop. Even if a debt collector stops calling, the debt is still there, and you still need to deal with it.

So, if a collector contacts you about a debt, you may want to talk to them at least once to get the story. The notice must include the name of the creditor to whom you owe the money.

Keep a copy of your letter for your files. Once the collector gets your letter, they are not allowed to contact you again, with two exceptions: a collector can contact you to tell you there will be no further contact, and the collector can be in touch to tell you that they or the creditor are going to take a specific action, like filing a lawsuit.

The creditor or the debt collector still can sue you to collect the debt. Learn more about dealing with debt collectors — and how you can regain control of your finances.

Fine and dandy advice but I wish you had gone to the trouble of a explaining that the original creditor is not bound by all the rules as a "debt collector" and b that these rules only apply to debts obtained for personal family or household, that is Consumer, purposes. This incomplete summary will only add to the confusion and nuisance complaints that creditors and commercial collectors have to face. I need help correcting a mistake I made when trying to register for the do not call registry.

It said to enter 3 phone numbers which I did. I misunderstood and put in 3 phone numbers of recent scammers and telemarketers. I realized after I confirmed those 3 numbers that they wanted my phone number. I called my number in but do not know how to remove these 3 numbers as they are not my numbers. The numbers are and and finally The only number I should have put in is my own phone number, apparently.

That number is. Those other numbers are scammers and I do not want them calling me again. Could someone please call me and tell me what I need to do to fix my mistake??

Thank you for your time and assistance. PJ - There is nothing you need to do since it does not hurt you one way or the other. You should not post your phone number on public forums. It can lead toward more unwanted phone calls. If these comments are moderated, hopefully your post will be removed or edited.

I feel my rights to Free Speech and the right to petition the U. Government were violated because I complained to the Federal Government.

Citizen or should the U. If you have a complaint about a lawyer, you can contact your state bar association and the bar association in the lawyer's home state. This state-by-state list from the American Bar Association can help you find the association you need.

I'm having issues with up to 12 noticed a day of "checks" being sent to me to accellerate my structured settlement income from a lawsuit which is supposed to be a lifetime thing.

I'm not even 50 yet, how can I stop this? I don't want some thief to figure a way to get into my income. They're sending me credit cards with my account listed next to my name on address! I'm not using this way of taking care of issues again That's a whole 'nuther issue until I can locate employment to Pay for divorce. I'm just trying to protect my identity from thieves right now. This FTC article explains what to do to stop unsolicited mail, phone calls and email. If you're getting mail you don't want from your bank, or from a company affiliated with your bank, contact the bank and tell them you don't want to get the offers.

Shortly after I received my new phone through safe link I started receiving numerous calls from debt collectors asking for the same person every time. I've been a victim of identity theft and at first thought the number used to belong to the man they kept calling for however I recently received a calk fr capitol one asking for the same man I asked her the address she had on file and she proceeded to give me the last four digits of the s s number on the account which turned put to be my daughters last four as well.

Then on Monday the man calls me this is scary and who do you report this stuff too because I can seem to get anyone to take me serious but scared now that this man has my number along with everything else. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. You could contact your phone carrier and tell they you're getting calls that don't belong to you.

When you get calls that aren't for you, you can tell the callers you can't help them. Don't tell them your personal information or your daughter's information. Unfortunately, Caller ID is no longer a legitimate way to screen calls. It can help sometimes, but scammers are "spoofing" calls and can make the Caller ID say anything they want it to say.

Just something to keep in mind. Still a good idea to not answer numbers you don't recognize and don't use the Caller ID to verify the legitimacy of a call. I got a prepaid phone with a SC area code so my girlfriend could call me locally instead of long distance to fla. I got calls o n that phone for a 'crystal' from nco financial.

I told them over and over that there was no crystal there. I finally added their numbers to my address book and just let them go to voicemail, but they called times a week and filled it up. I changed my greeting to ' hi this is Tom,crystal no longer has this phone, if this is the brain dead idiots at nco financial, please stop calling'.

I got a call twice a week for two weeks and then it dropped down to once a week then every two weeks. I have it worked out as follows Normarly the calls are from a Private No so always ask who is calling If they ask for me by name refuse to supply the info till they identify themselves Once they do I advise them I have an App on my phone andrecord all my calls If they dont agree or ask why I remind them that if I ring most organisations they record calls for training etc I do the same also and should a dispute arise about what has been discussed I have a record of it If they still disagree I tell them to put it in writing and Hangup.

You will never get anywhere like that. First, collectors are limited on what they are allowed to say to 3rd parties.

By refusing to state your name they have no idea if you are the person they are looking for and cannot tell you what the call is for. Recording your calls is always a good idea for securing your own rights. It won't stop a legitimate collection call most times. Don't hang up on a collector. Do you know if they have your correct address on file to send a letter to? What kind of letter do you need?

Do you not believe you owe the balance? If so how much do you not owe and is it fraud? Did you establish a follow up date for your next phone call? Because if you didn't the calls will continue in their normal fashion. However, the problem with that is many debt collectors call from unknown numbers and then ask you to verify yourself by using your SSN and DOB. Of course it's my believe to never give out this information to anyone calling you regardless of if the Caller ID shows it as a recognized or unrecognized number.

The only time you should give out such personal information is if you initiated the call and you are for certain that the number you have called is in fact the company you do business with.

If they call, they should say who they wish to speak with. No anonymous person is going to get my info. Not my name or even the time of day until they tell me who they are calling and who they are! I am having issues with someone that says they are an attorney and that they work with a payday company called Cash Advance America. Which I have never heard of. I have a past due loan with a company called Castle Payday. I figured they must have changed name. The attorney??

It scared me so I asked how much. I sent the and then he said no I had to still pay the in a hour. During that hour I decided to see if I could get in touch with Castle Payday which is where I had gotten a loan and see if they were the company that he was working for.

They said they were not connected with Cash Advance and I could certainly set up payments for my past due account. I called the Mike Wilson back and told him I thought he was scamming me he said they didn't know what they were doing and that I couldn't pay them I had to pay him and he was connected to them.

He would call them and tell them. Boy, was I brain dead at that point. He kept telling me if I didn't pay within an hour I would call the police.

He also informed me that I could not talk to anyone about these arrangement and that they had my phone tapped?? Thought you had to have a court order to tap a phone. Apparently they are involved with Red Rock Tribal Lenders. What a mess. I called Castle Rock back and had them look up my account and they said I could just make regular payments to them.

These are important details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at ftc.

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