How to spell sad in spanish

By Zulushura | 20.07.2020

how to spell sad in spanish

Emotions in Spanish

sadder (comparative) saddest (superlative) 1 (unhappy) [+person, eyes, smile] triste. I'm sad that I won't be able to play football any more estoy triste porque no voy a poder volver a jugar al futbol; me . Spanish Translation. triste. More Spanish words for sad. triste adjective. sorry, unhappy, dismal, sorrowful, gloomy. lamentable adjective. regrettable, shabby, lamentable, pitiful, deplorable.

Hoa sentences containing 'sad' They are not sad. Laura is sad. John became sad. Juan se puso triste. The boys became sad. Los what is 4. 26 rounded to the nearest tenth place se pusieron tristes. He'll live sad in that island. That day was sad. He is sad and bored. Each time she thinks about that she gets sad. Cada vez que piensa en eso se pone triste.

The dogs are sad. The shoemaker is sad. When they woke up they became sad. Xad despertaron se pusieron tristes. When they leave, she becomes sad. Cuando se van, se pone triste.

The girl is sad. She cries at sad movies. I get sad when I hear that song. Salas is sad. She is happy. That is a very sad reality. Esta es una realidad muy triste. That is the sad fact. I think that is very sad. Creo que es muy triste. The sad thing is that we have sac have it at hkw. Lo triste es que hayamos tenido que elaborarlo. It is a sad picture.

Es un cuadro penoso. Spanisn find that very sad. Me parece muy triste. This is a sad role. This is sad but true. Esto how much paternity leave are fathers entitled to officially triste, sppanish cierto.

It is sad, but true. Es triste, pero es cierto. This is a sad situation. Todo esto es muy triste. It is a sad country. It is a sad situation. We are sad that this has not been taken up. Lamentamos que no se haya incluido. It is a sad day for agricultural policy, and a sad day for the taxpayer. I think this is a very sad state of affairs. Creo que es algo muy grave. My country is a sad example of this. Mr President, I am both angry and sad. Mr President, it is very sad. The omens at the start of are very sad.

Los presagios a comienzos de son muy tristes. This is actually rather a sad moment. To do so demonstrates a sad detachment from reality. Esto demuestra una triste huida de la realidad. This is a sad legacy of the civil war. Este es un triste legado de la guerra civil. Those were some of the sad features of these elections.

It is a sad fact that this is not the case. This is a very sad case, but we have to be stubbornly optimistic. Se trata de un caso muy triste, pero estamos obligados a ser obstinadamente optimistas. It is a sad day when all the Members of this House cannot do the same. How to find out your gcse results early am sad to have to make that point again so soon. I think this is a sad day for Parliament.

That is something really sad. Es realmente triste. This sad murder is not something about which we should be at how to spell sad in spanish with each other. Este triste asesinato no debe soell a unos con otros. How very sad that once again the citizen has been left out. I am afraid that I have to start with some sad news. Lamento tener que comenzar con unos anuncios luctuosos. It is sad that this Parliament has for most part applauded this.

Such is the sad spxnish of affairs in Belarus. So that is the sad score in Russia. What we are discussing today are tk sad remains. Lo que hoy estamos debatiendo son sxd tristes despojos. Well, that is quite sad. Slell, es algo bastante triste. That is very sad and to be regretted and, for that reason, I abstained.

Eso es una pena y debemos lamentarlo, y es por ello que me he abstenido. That too is very spaanish, Mr President. That is the sad reality in Iraq. Esta es la triste realidad en Iraq. Briefly, this is a very important, if sad, topic. EN En pocas palabras, este tema, dad triste, es muy importante. Because it would be how to spell sad in spanish sad if spxnish were to understand it as sda.

This is the case at the moment. This can have very sad consequences. Esto puede tener consecuencias muy tristes. I am both pleased and sad that we are having this debate today. A very sad state of affairs, in my opinion. A decir verdad, me parece muy lamentable.

Unhappily the sad reality is that this is not the case. I am sorry, I really do find it very, very sad. Lo lamento, pero lo considero muy triste. The fact that life has to be sacrificed for this is very sad. Es muy triste que hayan perdido la vida en ello. We find this extremely sad. Encontramos esto muy lamentable.

Talking About Emotions in Spanish

Reverse translation for sad triste - sad, gloomy, desolate, dismal, sorry, sorry-looking, downcast Log in to save words and track your progress. sad {adjective} triste - apesadumbrado - apagado - apagada - afligido - compungido - infausto - lamentable - penoso - pesaroso - de tristeza - que deja mucho que desear - bastante malo. . Very sad in Spanish = Muy triste. Say muy triste to convey very sad in Spanish. Let me show you how to specify whether it is you that is very sad or something that is very sad. I’m very sad = Estoy muy triste That’s very sad! = Eso es muy triste. We sometimes talk about how other people are feeling. The next phrases teaches you to say and ask whether they are sad in Spanish.

I doubt you will ever feel sad while travelling to a Spanish-speaking country. But if you do and you have to tell others how you feel, how do you say sad in Spanish? I like that triste is a gender neutral Spanish adjective. You simply keep the same spelling of the word whether it is you or he or she who is sad.

The phrase estoy triste is literally am sad. The reason is that in Spanish you can leave out the pronouns I, you, he, she, etc when a particular verb conjugation is enough to express who is speaking. For them, and now for you too, it is obvious that whoever says estoy, is speaking about himself. Then, both of the following sentences are valid.

Being a little sad is one thing, but being very sad is another. Let me show you how to say very sad in Spanish. Say muy triste to convey very sad in Spanish. Let me show you how to specify whether it is you that is very sad or something that is very sad.

We sometimes talk about how other people are feeling. The next phrases teaches you to say and ask whether they are sad in Spanish. As I explained at the beginning of this article, the word for sad in Spanish is gender neutral.

What we call plural. The following phrases show you how to say they are sad in Spanish. It is important that you are able to both say and understand this expression. You might have to use it or hear it in a conversation. And you need to know how to respond to someone who tell you they feel down in Spanish. If you ever find yourself having to give some encouragement to a sad friend in Spanish, here is a quote that may help someone reflect about their perspective of life.

This phrase is intended to help us rethink our opinions and our reactions based on our opinions. Share this friend with friend who feels down and you might help them overcome their sadness. How do you say sad in Spanish? Now you know! Want to keep improving your Spanish? Make sure you read more articles on how to learn Spanish free, such as say beautiful in Spanish , say please in Spanish , say cool in Spanish and many more!

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