How to rig a senko bait

By Dolrajas | 09.05.2021

how to rig a senko bait

How Gary Yamamoto Fishes His Senko

Jul 20, Theres a couple of options for this rig: 1) Add a tiny split shot to increase the sink rate slightly. If the fish are hanging a little deeper in the water column 2) Instead of penetrating the lure with a hook, tie it on with a small elastic band or an O-ring. There are O-rigs made. May 15, In this video Marlin demonstrates how to rig a Senko weightless. Senkos are probably one of the most effective baits you can throw for bass. When the bait is Author: Addicted Fishing.

For 20 years bass of all kinds from everywhere have been dining out on the Garry Yamamoto worm dish like it was their first-ever drive-thru. It fits bxit fishing a Yamamoto Senko Worm is incredibly easy some would argue the easiest way to hook into bass, trout or crappie, etc. The Senko worm is so simple in design and construction that it would barely turn any heads sitting on the shelf next to its more elaborate contemporaries.

It looks like a worm if you squint a bit, and it is made of plastic. Hardly ssenko appetizing. However, thrown unweighted into the water the Senko sinks horizontally, slowly and with a little shimmy that mimics the real thing quite remarkably. The shape? Hardly rocket science. It has the appearance of a common garden worm with a touch blood worm somewhere in its heritage. Even when weighted, the shimmy and action are vait. There is little effort, if any, required by the angler to impart peak action.

And therein lies the genius of the Senko. It looks like and behaves like a worm that found itself in the water. Before we move any further, I feel it prudent to mention Senko Worm imitations. I have certainly had success with soft plastic worms that look a lot like Senko, i. At least that is my experience. Pro anglers are looking to win trophies and make a living. They choose Senko, not the imitation. These guys CAN fish, and they know their stuff.

Go genuine. Hang the price. The sinking characteristics of a Senko Worm are the result of an injection of salt into the lure. One can only assume the specific quantity is critical and not easily reproduced. The rih, plus unique profile details and the construction materials work in concert to deliver the Senko Worm action. The Senko is available in 3,4,5,6 and 7 inches. For me, this seems a little bit of belts and braces.

Aa think the 5 inch will cover every fish in the target range. In the summer, I would strongly recommend the 7 inch for those hunting a much larger class of bass exclusively.

You will likely get quite a deal less interest, but the strikes you get will be a bigger class of fish. Opening a can of worms here. I tend to get a little cynical about the color thing. There is no good scientific fish catching reason that can be put forward for such an outrageous color range other than to lure fisherman. I try to stick to colors that might resemble the real thing, be it an alive, dead or decaying worm.

There is a good reason for using a dark color in muddy waters the profile can be seen a little easier. Beyond this, the color imperative starts getting really cloudy. Yes, many anglers have a color selection they swear by, especially the pros. But color is often local and subjective. Problem is, without using a scientific control you cannot attribute your success, or otherwise, solely to the color. My suggestion is this.

Find out a little about the local area you are going to fish from local anglers. Expect hkw colors to be seasonal as well. Try their suggestions happy days! Short of that, do what I do. I go for one very natural color and something a little brighter and more visually hod. Simplicity is one of the most compelling features, if not the most how to fix toilet flushing problems feature, of the Senko worm.

Your choice of rig may simply come down to the way you want to fish. More often than not, however, your choice of the rig will be impacted by local fish behavior and geography. Factors such as season, weather especially windwhere in the water column you wish to target, and where it is you believe the fish are lurking. These aspects plus water depth and water color or visibilitywill push you toward using a particular rig.

Another feature srnko skill and how to open temporary files in word. I rarely if ever use anything but the rigs mentioned below. Of course, there are others, but the whole point of this is absolute simplicity in both rigging your lure and extracting peak action from your lure. Save some coin and use a suicide hook that you already have. Put your hook through it. Tied to your leader, you have a wacky rig.

Now cast it. The Senko sinks slowly. Just be aware senk a bass strike is highly likely when your line is slack. Watch it sink and have your rod pointed toward the water ready to lift it. If the fish are hanging a little deeper how to increase life expectancy the water column it might save a little time if you add some weight.

A little weight will not spoil the action or deter the fish. There are O-rigs made specifically for the Senko, but other options are far cheaper. Put your hook under the center of the X. The Senko Worm is not the hardiest lure. Putting hooks through them taxes on their longevity significantly, hence the O-ring trick.

This rig also exposes the flanks of your worms to attack. Many anglers complain about the higher price relative to the lack of durability.

Relative to eig success, this is not an expensive lure. Wind will be an issue, as will a strong current and may well force you to change rigs. Bottom line : If you can cast it there, fish it there. When it gets to the bottom, leave it there for a half a minute. Then retrieve it and do it all again. Expect fish. This is a great rig for the beginner.

Depending on conditions, you can tie your Texas weightless or with some led. Again, current and wind coupled with access to your target zone will determine weight. Believe me, it will always be the smallest weight I can get away with. Small bullet sinkers running down to the hook are the staple for the Texas. Sen,o, I have found no issues whatsoever using a ball sinker and I do.

Yes, you can use other hooks, but this hook really is brilliantly suited to how to use a swr meter ham radio task. I am prone to get how to create setup exe with rigging, and one less knot is great in my books. I will fish mono and tie everything on to my main line. My only concern about mono is; Bat must concede that the way largemouth inhales these things can be a little harder at times to feel the bite with slack line.

Braids are more sensitive. I strongly recommend those noobs sending worms into the structure fish a little heavier. TIP: This is a pretty important tip. If you really need to use significant weight, the Texas rig is not going to suit. My preference is always to use the Texas. Usually, it is the current or wind that sparks the change. Casting into structure, under jetties and the like is best tackled with a Texas. TIP: When your lure hits the bottom, give it a rest before you start your retrieve.

I probably err on the side of caution and retrieve it a little quicker. Use a simple lift and retrieve, with a reasonable pause. Senko Worms work. In hos, so much so that in many ways they have altered the sport forever and in a wonderful way. Stay focused, watch and feel. This is the fastest method for developing solid, reliable technique and feel. In a sense, get pragmatic, to better understand the art. Hey there, my name is Sean OnTrack Fishing is my site.

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Mar 06, To set up a Weighted Texas Rig, you need to reeve your line through the bullet weight before finally tying it to the hook. After that insert the hook into the head of the bait about ? inches deep. Keep moving the bait towards the offset area of the hook so that it completely hides the eyelet of the hook. Slightly rotate the bait by degrees. Mar 30, Throw the 5-inch weightless senkos on a medium heavy 7-foot rod with a good baitcasting reel. This way, you can cast it way out there on those shallow flats. When using the smaller 4-inch senkos, throw them on a 7-foot spinning rod. Go to the smaller bait if the bite gets a little tougher. Weightless Texas Rig - Tie a worm hook to your line without a weight in front of it. Insert hook into bait 1/4 inch then exit and push bait all the way up the hook and re-insert hook point into the bait body. With the 9S 4" Senko, a 1/0 to 2/0 hook is about the right size to start, and a 3/0 or 4/0 to begin with the 5" Senko.

Fishing a weightless Texas rig Senko is one of my favorite ways to catch bass. Fishing a weightless stick bait on a Texas rig can annihilate the bass all year. Here is the when, where, why, and how I use this bait to release the Kraken on some bass! Plus, there is a little demonstration of how this set up can catch some serious bass. You will hook up easier on a few more fish with the extra wide gap hooks. This rig is ideal for shallow water and thick cover.

Throw it out, twitch it twice, and let it set. The slow wobbling fall is when you almost always get hit. Watch your line close with this bait. One of the keys to hooking a fish on this bait is, once the fish has it, reel up the slack and bring your rod toward the bass. Then do a solid hook set by swinging your rod tip and pulling the line tight.

This way, you can cast it way out there on those shallow flats. Go to the smaller bait if the bite gets a little tougher. The spinning rod set up will help you get those extra long casts with such a light bait. If the water is clear, this can make a huge difference. This giant bass fell victim to a weightless Texas rig senko. Fishing a weightless stick bait is money to help you catch some of your first bass. What is the number one rule to know if you should use a weightless Texas rig senko?

If the fish are up shallow and around cover, throw a senko. It keeps you from hanging up in the cover and it has a very subtle entry into the water. Very few baits get the bass to bite as good as this set up. Water clarity is my number one determining factor in determining what color to throw. I hardly ever deviate from these four colors in these different types of water clarity.

This is a dope bait and rig to get you catching fish. They were professionally made to help you get professional results when fishing soft plastics. Snag them for yourself at the bottom of this post. Kraken Bass receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work.

These links are provided to primarily be helpful for younot for the small amount I make for the sale of the products. Thank you for your support. You need a a system to know what to use as your water changes. I struggled for years trying to catch bass through the main stream tournament information channels, and created a better way to help you get in on more fish. It already has changed me from a regular angler to a professional bass fishing guide, and helped others gain the confidence they need to start competing in tournaments.

Click the image to register for next open course enrollment. March 30, Bass Fishing dot crawler senko video Weightless Texas Rig. October 12, Consistently Catch Bigger Bass. Yes, I Want This! Get Free Color Chart. Did you know a big reason you aren't catching bass is because of the color of your lure?

It's true, bass have been wired to shy away from colors depending on the conditions. Learn how to match your lure color to the conditions with this cheat sheet to transform your bass fishing success.

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