How to pet rabbit in house

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how to pet rabbit in house

How to Entertain a Pet Rabbit

House rabbits and indoor cats can get along fine, as do rabbits and well-mannered dogs. Dogs should be trained to respond to commands before being trusted with a free-running rabbit, and supervision is needed to control a dog's playful impulses (this is especially true for puppies). Jun 18,  · Like dogs and cats, rabbits can live happily indoors. In fact, having a house rabbit has many benefits, not just for your pet, but for you, too. “Keeping rabbits indoors is ideal because it protects them from potential harm like predators and inclement weather,” says Katie Malensek, DC, DVM at Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic in Port Orange.

Like dogs and cats, rabbits can live happily indoors. In fact, having a house rabbit has many benefits, not just for your pet, but for you, too. Being indoors can also help i your rabbit healthy. Because rabbits are prey animals, they are houss good at concealing pain and illness. By having them inside, you can get to know their normal behaviors and appearance, making it easier to recognize symptoms of illness or injury, like loss of appetite, lethargy, skin growths or wounds.

Read on to find out what you need to provide your indoor rabbit with to keep her happy and healthy. Malensek says. Create a safe, cozy bunny burrow for them with plenty of room to stretch, sleep and move around and that can house a litter box. Make your rabbit rbbit even more comfy with newspaper or commercial bedding made just for them.

Bunnies love to dig and bury rabblt under bedding and will even nibble rwbbit it to reduce stress or boredom. Along with fresh water, fresh veggies and a nutritious pelleted diet, house rabbits need plenty of hay to support digestive health and keep their teeth trim. Rabbits can be trained to use the litter box, but be aware that not all commercial litters are appropriate for your house rabbit. In fact, some ;et, such as clay or softwood litters, can make them sick.

Choose a paper-based litter or one made with rabbit-friendly materials, like Oxbow Bene Terra Eco-Straw pelleted wheat straw small animal litterwhich is made from compressed housd wheat straw. Just like any other pet, without proper exercise and enrichment, bunnies can get bored—which can lead how to import songs from itunes to ipod destructive chewing and digging as well as obesity and other health issues.

One way to provide your rabbit with exercise and enrichment while keeping her safe is rabnit a play pen. The Frisco dog exercise pen with step-through door is ho large secure playpen that can be connected to other Frisco pens to create a large agility area for your rabbit. Be sure there are plenty of rabbit toys to shake, throw and chew on in the pen to help keep your indoor rabbit active.

With a little preparation, you and your rabbit can live together comfortably and happily indoors. Chris Brownlow has been writing about pets for over 10 years.

As a writer who believes in immersing herself in her rabbih, she has tasted more than 20 different flavors of dog and cat food while working on an advertising campaign for PetSmart. By: Chewy Editorial Published: June 18, By: Chewy Published: November 22, By: Chewy Published: February 8, By: Chewy Editorial Published: August 28, By: Chewy Editorial Published: May 4, By: Sachin Kumar Published: November 21, By: Chewy Editorial Published: April 2, hkw View all in be inspired.

View all in be generous. How to Bouse Rabbits Indoors. Access to Hay Along with fresh water, fresh veggies and a nutritious pelleted diet, house rabbits need plenty of hay to support digestive health and keep rabit teeth trim. A Place to Potty Rabbits can be trained to use how to draw a fin whale litter box, but be aware that not all commercial litters are appropriate for your house rabbit.

Exercise and Enrichment Just like any how to read measurement tape pet, without proper exercise and enrichment, bunnies can get bored—which can lead to destructive chewing and digging as well as obesity and other health issues.

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1. Put the Rabbit's Cage in Its Permanent Location

Bunny Housing: Rabbits are social animals. The location of a rabbit’s housing area within your home (which can take the form of a puppy pen, bunny condo, large cage, or just an area with the food, litter boxes, and cardboard castles if the bunny is free reign) is an extremely important consideration. Aug 17,  · Provide toys and other enrichment items for your rabbit. Just like other house pets, your rabbit needs toys to keep them entertained. Buy a variety of toys for it, such as a chewing toy or a tunnel with spaces to go into. You can make some yourself, such as 92%(). Jun 06,  · Place the rabbit's cage in a quiet corner of the house. Depending on its previous experiences and individual personality, the rabbit may have to stay there for anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Wait until the rabbit is calm and relaxed, meaning that he's eating well and showing curiosity about his surroundings.

Rabbits can get bored easily. If they are left alone all day with very little interaction or activities, rabbits can even become depressed or act out with troublesome behaviors. They may rattle loudly on the side of their enclosure or even act aggressively, growling at anyone who comes near. Use these ideas to keep your rabbit entertained and happy all day long.

Important: This page may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate and an associate to other companies I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Bored rabbits can be serious troublemakers. They may try to start digging up your carpets or chewing holes in whatever they can get their teeth on. Bored rabbits are also more likely to make a lot of noise if they are closed up in their enclosure all day.

They often start thumping and rattling the enclosure bars. Prolonged boredom can also cause depression in rabbits. Like humans, depression is more likely to cause a rabbit to get sick or suffer from health issues, such as overeating or anorexia.

There are a few key factors to consider when deciding how to keep your rabbit entertained. Rabbits are naturally curious creatures, so you can keep them engaged in their environment by changing their surroundings. As social animals, rabbits can also stay happy by spending time with you and other members of the household.

Rabbits who have productive ways to use their natural behaviors digging, foraging, and chewing are also less likely to become frustrated. Giving your rabbit a wide variety of toys can help to keep your rabbit curious. It also allows them a productive way to use their natural chewing behavior. Try rotating out new toys and old toys to keep your rabbit interested.

All rabbits will have different toys that are their favorites. Some will prefer hanging toys that they can pull on, while others will like to chew on wooden toys and toss them around. Some rabbits will prefer the flavor of apple sticks, while others will like to shred apart willow balls.

You can even get puzzle toys for your rabbit. Use these to hide a treat in the middle for your rabbit to find. There are also so many rabbit toys you can create with just cardboard and a pair of scissors check out how to make some of these DIY toys. Many rabbits will prefer natural toys to the wooden ones you can find in pet stores.

See about getting your rabbit some woven hay toys, apple sticks, or dried-out pine cones. An online store that I really trust to send me good quality rabbit toys and hay, Small Pet Select, has a sampler pack.

You can get a variety of natural toys to see which ones your rabbit prefers to play with. There is a lot you can do with the furniture and accessories in your rooms to make a fun and stimulating environment for your rabbit. You can set up hiding spaces and tunnels underneath furniture.

Also, try to give your rabbit platforms to hop onto using cat towers and footstools. I got my rabbit a short cat tower so that she could have fun hopping up and down the platforms. This turned out to be a great investment because it also encouraged my rabbit to get some more exercise. This particular cat tower also has a hiding house at the bottom, making it a doubly good toy for rabbits. If you want to take it a step further, you can even create a rabbit playhouse or castle.

Use some of those old cardboard boxes that you have lying around and cut holes for entrances. You can create a fun digging area inside, stacking other boxes around to give your rabbit a fun place to explore. Once your rabbit digs through any of the boxes, you can just replace it with a new one. Rabbits are natural foragers. They can get a lot of stimulation by using their little noses to find treats in their environment.

Even something as simple as sprinkling small pieces of treats into their hay trough can keep a rabbit happy and entertained it can encourage them to eat more hay too!

You can hide treats around the room for your rabbit to find, encouraging them to explore more. There are also these food dispenser balls that were originally made for cats that eat their food too quickly. I put her daily pellets in one of these little balls so that she has to roll it around and forage for her pellets every day. Best of all, these little toys are durable and pretty cheap check out the current price. In the wild, rabbits are natural burrowers, living in networks of tunnels. The simplest thing you can do is to place some flattened cardboard boxes on the ground for your rabbit.

You can also create a fun digging box or digging platform for your rabbit to have fun with. Hide little treats in the box to reward your rabbit for using it. This gives your rabbit another opportunity for a foraging activity too.

Rabbits are actually very smart little animals. They can be trained to do any number of fun tricks , including coming when they are called, giving you high fives and kisses, and learning to hop through agility courses. Your rabbit learns to be more confident as they figure out what they need to do to get a yummy treat. They also learn to trust you. Simply sitting with your rabbit every day can do a lot to keep a rabbit happy. This means sitting in a place your rabbit has access to and allowing them to come up to you if they want to.

If they come up to you, try petting your rabbit or giving them a yummy treat to reward their curiosity. If you sit quietly and give your rabbit the choice to come up to you, shy or aggressive rabbits will learn over time that you are not threatening. Rabbits who are already close to you will be happy to approach you and spend time together. They need lots of space all day long to hop around and get some exercise. This means rabbits need to have a pretty large enclosure.

Most cages and hutches sold online and in stores for rabbits are, unfortunately, much too small. This will help your rabbit stay entertained and avoid boredom even during the day. These pens give your rabbit a lot more space than a typical cage. Best of all, they are much easier to clean! You can simply move the gates aside and vacuum the area.

These exercise pens are also cheaper than most cages and hutches that are marketed towards rabbits you can check the current price here. Alternatively, you can also allow your rabbit free roam of your house , much like a pet cat or dog.

While it is possible for rabbits to be very happy if they spend a lot of time with their human companions, getting another bunny to bond with your rabbit is best. The two or more! It is important to be careful when introducing rabbits to each other though. Rabbits can be very territorial, so you want to make sure their first time meeting each other is in a neutral territory that neither rabbit has been to before.

Even after that, it can take many weeks, or even months, before the rabbits are bonded enough to be left alone together. So take your time, and use the other tips on this list to keep your rabbits entertained and happy in the meantime. Amy Pratt is a lifelong rabbit owner who has been specializing with rabbits at the Humane Rescue Alliance. She helps to socialize the rabbits and educate volunteers on the care and behavior of these small mammals.

In almost all cases, any two rabbits who have been spayed or neutered can learn to live together. They only need enough time and patience. However, there are rare occasions when it might be necessary Skip to content. How to keep your rabbit entertained There are a few key factors to consider when deciding how to keep your rabbit entertained.

You can get fun toys for your rabbit where you can hide treats in a pile of hay. This will encourage your rabbit to munch on hay until they can get to the yummy treat.

A digging box is a great enrichment toy for your rabbit. Try reading a book or some other quiet activity while you sit on the floor with your rabbit. Continue Reading.

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