How to make tombstones out of styrofoam

By Nemi | 16.09.2020

how to make tombstones out of styrofoam

Halloween Foam Tombstones

Mar 23, Use carbon paper to draw out your design and write the epitaph. Lay the carbon paper over the tombstone. You may want to tape down the ends to make sure it stays in place. Use a ball-point pen to trace over carbon paper transfering the pattern onto the Styrofoam. If the transfer marks are not dark enough, go back over them with a Time: 12 hrs. Oct 05, By Cory Derenburger Over the years Ive learned many techniques, shortcuts, and ways of improving the construction of styrofoam tombstones. Heres how to make your own lightweight, sculptured, and professional-looking masterpieces guaranteed to add a .

These simple foam tombstones turn any yard into a graveyard. And they last for years so you can continue to build upon your collection. One 4 x 8 sheet of 2-inch thick expanded polystyrene insulated sheathing found in hardware stores This will make approximately eight tombstones.

Jigsaw with long blade, electric knifeserrated bread knife. Sponges natural sponges or craft sponges work best. Draw a standard tombstone shape onto the styrofoam with a permanent marker. To make the rounded top, you may want to trace around a large mixing bowl or pot. Center it between the sides and trace around the top. Using your knife or saw, carefully cut out your shape. Little bits of foam love to become charged with static electricity as well, so you may find little pieces adhering to your skin and clothing!

Have someone help you hold the tombstone upside-down, with the bottom facing the ceiling. Coat the outside of your What horoscope sign am i now pipe with thick, tacky glue.

Insert PVC tube into the hole. Let dry. Either use gray paint or mix up some black and white paint together how to speak like australian gray. The color gray you want will determine how much black paint you use.

Paint the entire tombstone. Divide the leftover paint into two bowls. You can make the stone look old and weathered by using a natural sponge dipped in paint and lightly applied in a stippling method that is, add a very little bit of paint to the sponge then dab it onto the tombstone.

Paint your message on your tombstone. This is my favorite part. You can use one of ours below, make up your own, or research the web for funny tombstone sayings. Hammer your dowel into the ground, leaving 5 inches sticking out. Slip the finished tombstone over the dowel.

Watch out Skip to main content. Log In Search form Search. Easy to Make Styrofoam Tombstones These simple foam tombstones turn any yard into a graveyard. You Will Need Side Ad block. How to Stats. Step Have fun adding details like cracks, images, etc. Craft Length:. Prep Time:. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Creative.

Step 1: Create or Locate a Template

Nov 04, Just measure and cut the front and back lengths to match the front/back width of the stone, then measure and cut the side lengths of wood to match the depth of the two front and back pieces of wood plus the foam tombstone in the middle. Use the /2" wood screws to screw the sides to the front and back base pieces.

Find a design on the web, in a book, or in your local cemetery. Transfer your design to paper, tape it onto the foam, and punch small holes into the foam to mark it out. Use a printer to make stencils for any text or flourishes you wish to put on your tombstone. Poke them out and trace with the pen.

Before you begin carving, make notes on how deep you want each area. Take the light sandpaper and sand the surface of the tombstone. Holes and uneven areas can be patched up with wood putty. In certain cases, it might be best to just leave errors.

File and sandpaper the edges until they feel like a single piece of foam. Smooth some putty into the creases to protect the inside from moisture and to hold them together tighter. Let dry for 24 hours. Cut the dowel rods into 1' sections. Measure the distance between the centers of the PVC pipes in the bottom of the tombstone. Take your steel rod or whatever you use to make a hole and hammer a hole in the ground approximately 6" deep.

Place your dowel pins in the holes and the tombstone over your dowel pins. Admire your work and enjoy! This project first appeared in Make: Halloween , page When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Special Pinterest-only offer! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Configure Accept Our websites use cookies to improve your browsing experience. Some of these are essential for the basic functionalities of our websites.

In addition, we use third-party cookies to help us analyze and understand usage. These will be stored in your browser only with your consent and you have the option to opt-out. Your choice here will be recorded for all Make. Skip to content. Share via. December 18, , pm PST. Project Steps View All 1. Design your tombstone. Cut out the shape.

Draw patterns onto the foam. Carve the design with a Dremel router. Clean up the tombstone. Add backing and PVC supports. Putty the edges. Paint the tombstone. Display the tombstone. Step 1: Design your tombstone. Next Prev. Step 2: Cut out the shape. Step 3: Draw patterns onto the foam. Step 4: Carve the design with a Dremel router.

Step 5: Clean up the tombstone. Step 6: Add backing and PVC supports. Step 7: Putty the edges. Step 8: Paint the tombstone. Step 9: Display the tombstone.

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