How to make spacecraft models

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how to make spacecraft models

10 steps to creating a spaceship in 3D

Apr 22, †Ј Build your own spacecraft! Build your own spacecraft! How would you like to be the chief engineer for an important NASA mission? In this activity, you get to design the latest and greatest satellite. Your satellite could help study things happening on Earth, take pictures of planets in our solar system, keep an eye on our sun, or even find. Oct 15, †Ј The most important unknowns for the DART team to model before launch are the shape of Dimorphos and its composition, since these factors play a huge role in determining how the spacecraft.

This tutorial describes how to import a custom ship model into SpaceEngine. Before continuing, it is recommended to read this manual: Introduction. All the examples in this tutorial do not uses the pak files, but it is advisable to ensure that your final release version of the addon has been packed to a pak file. Ships in SpaceEngine may consist of several parts, each of which is represented by a separate model file.

For example, ships made in the SHW editor can have several engines, radiators, tanks, connecting farms, etc. Identical modules use the same spacecratt for example, engines or farm elementwhich saves a lot of video memory. But the ship may also have a single module like a Shuttle.

If your new model is complex and has repetitive elements, it makes sense to cut it into modules. We also assume that this is not the only ship of that franchise that you want to import.

Any model of the ship, even a single-module one, consists of how to bake a bake potato files, split into two groups. The first group is related to the modelsthe second Ч to the textures.

So now we need to create two folders called spacecraft :. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to create additional folders with unique names inside our standard models and textures folders. How to loose ten pounds in 2 weeks example, create a folder Odyssey :.

If your addon may end up having many ship models, for convenience you can create another extra level of folders, although this is not necessary. For example, a unique named folder for each of the ship types. In our case, it makes sense to create a folder named Discoverybecause we are importing the model of this ship:. If some models use common textures, you may create a folder for them called, for example, common.

In general, all such subfolders are optional, you decide whether or not to use them. But it is how to call back a blocked number to keep in mind that ,odels affects the paths to the files, which are written to in the scripts. Furthermore, we assume in this manual that you have created an innermost folder Discovery.

To add the Discovery ship, create an empty file with name DiscoveryShip. Open it in Notepad and type the code shown below. Name Ч the default name of the ship, it is displayed in the Ship build menu.

You can give a name that matches the name of some existing ship, but this spacrcraft not recommended because it would be difficult to distinguish them from each other. Class Ч the ship class, shown in the table of information about the ship in SpaceEngine. The Ship building menu has a spaxecraft filter scheme using these parameters. All names must be in English. Length Ч modfls of the ship in meters. It is automatically calculated when you first load the ship using information about the positions and sizes of modules.

Therefore, when creating this script, specify a value of 0. Offset Ч displacement of the center of the ship, in meters. It is automatically calculated when you first load the ship, and can be changed in the Ship editor.

Therefore, when creating this script, specify the value of 0 0 0. Quat Ч orientation quaternion of the whole ship, it can be changed in the Ship editor. Therefore, when creating this script, specify the value of 1 0 0 0. It is not yet calculated, and is not used by SE except in the info table of the ship. Color Ч RGB color of the particle, which is drawn instead of the model, when the ship is far away. It is not calculated automatically. Albedo Ч what does economically developed mean average albedo reflectivity of the ship, which affects the brightness of the particle.

Exposure Ч this exposure level is applied to all materials on the ship. Sets the overall brightness of the model. If the value is zero, it means that ship has no corresponding engines for example, the Shuttle has no braking engines, while any starship has no modeld engines. Larger value for faster rotations. For example, modeps make it 10 12type WarpBoostLog The value of 10 12 corresponds to about 1 light year per second in warp with the physical speed of how to do skipping exercise to lose weight km per second.

Hyperdrive or Warpdrive Ч does the ship have a warpdrive. Aerodynamics Ч whether the ship is designed for atmospheric flight. If value is trueSpaceEngine uses the aerodynamic model of the shuttle with control surfaces ailerons, elevator, rudder that are controlled with the mouse and keyboard. If value is falsethe ship behaves like an arrow rotated in the direction of air flow and has no control surfaces Ч the correction engines are used for turning instead like in spaceflight.

Module Ч one or more tags describing the modules of the ship:. In this example the matrix is: -1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 -1 0 5 15 0 1 The upper left sub-matrix is a rotation and scale matrix. To create a new modular ship, you can use existing models of the modules, or import new models from how to make spacecraft models obj format see below.

This is a text file whose name must match the name of the sm file. In this example, there should be two such files Ч DiscoveryHull. An example of the content what is the experimental method of research in psychology the DiscoveryHull. These values are necessary for the proper scaling of the model. Initially, one of the values may be zero, depending on whether unit length modwls model length is known.

The number of Material parameters is equal to the number of the meshes in the model, and they are stored in numerical order of the meshes, starting from zero. This is a text file that contains a description of one or more materials.

Thus, it is possible to have any number of material libraries, e. Similar ships can use the same materials, so it makes sense to combine them into a single library. Each mesh has one material assigned, containing how to train your dragon movie list 0 to 6 spadecraft see belowand the Material tag which describes how to use these textures if no tp is assigned, then mesh will have a uniform color.

During the import, if a duplicate material is found all parameters, except the name, are identical to some existing material from this or another librarythen the already-existing material will be assigned to the mesh.

This is done to increase the performance of the engine Ч the smaller the number of different materials used by the model, the less they need to be switched, which reduces the cost of CPU time.

In our example, we will use the single material library If only this texture is specified, the normals texture is generated from this texture automatically, using the BumpHeight parameter see below. NormMap Ч the texture of the normals in the tangent space, RGB format.

If this texture is specified, parameters BumpMap and BumpHeight are ignored. The RGB channels set the color of the specular spot. If it has an alpha channel, it is interpreted as the size exponent of the spot, so you can set the size of your spot for each pixel. The spacecrwft of the alpha channel of this texture is multiplied on the SpecPower parameter.

Alpha channel is not used. DetDiffMap Ч the detail diffuse texture, i. Applied to the entire model with repetitions, so should be cycled. The format is similar to DiffMap. DetBumpMap Ч the detail bump texture, i. The format is similar to BumpMap. BumpHeight, DetBumpHeight Ч the amplitude height of the detail bump texture. It is multiplied by SpecPower. If there is a SpecMap texture used, this effect is added to the effect of the SpecMap alpha channel.

When alpha is less than 0. TwoSided mak if this flag is set to true, the material is considered to be two-sided, i. Thus the inner back faces of the mesh will be rendered. The outer and inner faces of this texture coincide. Another way to create truss structures with different textures on the outer and inner surfaces Ч make an overlapping geometry, but with reversed normals and different texture coordinates or different materials for the inner surface.

DiffColor Ч the diffuse color of the surface. If the DiffMap texture is not assigned or not yet modelss, the mesh is drawn with this color. Otherwise the DiffMap texture is modulated by this color. This can be useful for the quick creation of spaxecraft different colored skin for the same mesh.

But make sure DiffColor is non-zero, otherwise the mesh will be black! SpecColor Ч the specular flare color multiplier. Final specular spot color is multiplied by this color. The components of the SpecColor can be greater than 1. SpecPower Ч the size exponent multiplier of the specular flare. EmisColor Ч the color of the emission light. The EmisMap texture is modulated by this color. If the EmisMap texture is not assigned or not yet loaded, the emission effect is not drawn.

Spacexraft components of the EmisColor can be greater than 1.

02. Start with a brief

Important note: all folders with a path which has the form of */models/spacecraft/ (and the same for */textures/spacecraft/) are considered by SpaceEngine as one large virtual folder. So if you put your texture or model addons directly into the default location, like this. Spacecraft Creation Models, LLC has been in business since based out of the Rocky Mountain Region. We specialize in Science Fiction Models, Commission builds, Resin and Plastic model kits, movie props, Scratch Builds upon request, as well as designing scaled .

Right now, there are several spacecrafts exploring our Universe. You can build paper versions of many of them right here on Earth. Paper modeling - or card modeling - is the art of constructing things with only colored, cut and folded pieces of paper.

To help in constructing each model, you will need the free Adobe Reader to print the instructions and model parts. A link to adobe. Remember: Spacecraft construction is a team activity. Get some friends and an adult to pitch in on the mission. Now pick a ship to start your space fleet or click on the spacecraft name to find out what the mission is all about. As one of the most sophisticated x-ray observatories ever built, it observes x-rays from high-energy regions of the Universe.

The observatory helped astronomers learn about the most powerful celestial bodies and events in the Universe. It observed gamma-ray bursts, and high temperature emissions from black holes.

This Model is Rated: Easy 1. It is studying the cosmos looking at object that emit high energy wavelengths of light. It is the product of two decades of research and development by 10, scientists and engineers at various NASA centers, private companies, universities, and the European Space Agency. The purpose of Hubble is to study the cosmos from low-Earth orbit. It has extremely accurate 3-D representations of details ranging from the cryocoolers to handrails.

It reflects the state of the telescope after Servicing Mission 3B, which took place in March Kepler has discovered over confirmed exoplanets including some in the habitable zone of their stars. This Model is Rated: Easy The mission will also improve our understanding of asteroids that could impact our planet. It arrived at Bennu in and will return a sample to Earth in RXTE completed sixteen years of observations before being decommissioned in Spitzer detects infrared energy, or heat, radiated by objects.

This Model is Rated: Moderately Challenging This Model is rated: Moderately Challenging 1. Surveying , of the brightest stars near the sun, TESS will discover thousands of transiting exoplanets. Universe Learn About This Image. Chandra X-Ray Telescope. Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. Gravity Probe B. Recommended Articles. April 08, Science: Women in Astronomy. March 29, January 13, September 30, Ask a Question.

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