How to make pure dxm powder

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how to make pure dxm powder

what is the best and cheapest way to extract DXM from cough syrup?

Step 1. Extracting the DXM from the Cough Syrup Take your clean, empty glass grapefruit juice bottle and pour your Step 2. Extracting the DXM from the Ammonia Open your bottle back up and add some naphtha. Use about 1/10 the amount of Step 3. Seperation #1 After you are done shaking your. May 20,  · 1.) mix equal parts robo to ammonia in 2 liter bottle and shake for 5 min let settle. 2.) add a 1 inch layer of Naptha to bottle shake again for 5 min, then immediately pour whole contents into gallon ziplock bag. 3.) hang gallon ziplock bag from top corner on a nail and allow to Seperate. .

The "Agent Lemon" process has also been added. Please remember to always wear safety goggles when working with chemicals, and be generally careful with these procedures. My thanks to all who did research on this subject.

I'm going to present this as "kitchen chemistry" as I feel most people with adequate chemistry knowledge and equipment will be able to do it correctly without my help. There are three procedures for DXM extraction that are commonly used: precipitation and filtration, single-phase acid-base extraction, and dual-phase acid-bsae extraction the "Agent Lemon" process. The how to make pure dxm powder method is by far the least popular because the DXM precipitate is often so fine that it passes through the filter paper.

You can, of course, still use the precipitation procedure; I just don't recommend it. If you do choose to precipitate DXM, try to get actual filter paper rather than a coffee filter - it will help. The theory is that certain chemicals generally, alkaloids occur in two forms: a water-soluble complex with an acid, and an oil-soluble free base form.

For example, pseudoephedrine Sudafed TMa decongestant, is usually supplied as the hydrochloride salt pseudoephedrine HCl. It can also exist as a base, without an acid molecule thus the term "free base". You can convert an alkaloid from acid salt to free base or vice versa using a base or acid. The practical upshot is you take your chemical and "gunk", and raise the pH with a base e. Now you add a nonpolar solvent an "oily" layer for the chemical to dissolve in, shake for a long time, and all the chemical you want is in the nonpolar layer.

Discard the polar i. Plus anything else that might be oil-soluble. So you reverse the process, by adding an acid until the free base turns into an acid salt, and precipitates out of the nonpolar layer. Add water, shake, and you can discard your nonpolar layer. This is the acid-base extraction, and it's very frequently used to extract the active ingredients from plants free clue: the THC in marijuana is not an alkaloid and thus won't extract this way. Furthermore, this procedure even works for DXM plus guaifenesin syrups, e.

The final product ends up dissolved in an organic solvent, which is then evaporated to leave DXM free base. I have added a new set of steps to this process to how to clean bosch steam iron to remove some of the gunk that can end up in the final product.

These steps are in italics and may be omitted if desired. Decongestants and antihistamines are usually alkaloids and will end up in the final product; as for acetaminophen, I'm not convinced yet of the safety of the final product. For this procedure you will need: Cough syrup obviously or some other DXM-containing preparation. The only active ingredients that should be listed are dextromethorphan and guaifenesin.

Avoid alcohol check the inactive ingredients. Two plastic two-liter bottles, washed and with the label removed. Of course, you can use flasks if you have them. A glass container to make your sodium hydroxide solution in a mason jar works; you can also use a drinking glass. Two plastic bags with a slide-lock closure e. The plastic bags should be non-pleated.

They will be used as separatory funnels. A nonpolar solvent. The easiest to get is Zippo TM lighter fluid or an equivalent - note that this is cigarette lighter fluid, not charcoal lighter fluid.

You want your solvent to evaporate quickly, leaving no residue. The easiest way to how to make pure dxm powder it is by placing a drop or two onto a pocket what is the icd 9 code for pregnancy, and letting it evaporate; if it leaves no residue or smell, you can use it.

Sodium hydroxide NaOH. Photography supply stores carry this. I do not advise this! Lye is likely to be impure. If you must use lye, make sure you let your sodium hydroxide solution settle see below. Note that sodium hydroxide is caustic and severely damaging to the eyes, so wear your safety goggles!

A heat-resistant glass baking dish smaller is better. Distilled water tap water won't work as well due to the chlorine and dissolved ions. A pair of scissors Access to the outdoors. To speed up the process from overnight to about 30 minutesyou will have to evaporate the solvent with heating.

For this you will require: An electric wok or skillet, or a hot plate with a pot of water on it. Basically, you want a flameless electric source of heat that will heat up a volume of water, which you can put your baking dish in the hot water will heat the baking dish. The solvents you will in all likelihood be dealing with hexane, heptane, petroleum ether, whatever are bad for you.

Really bad for you -- they can give you brain damage if you inhale too much of them. You do NOT want to breathe the fumes.

Get it? Sure, it's uncomfortable and looks dorky. But it sure beats brain damage! Additionally, you absolutely must do the evaporation outdoors unless you happen to have a fume cabinet handy. A brief word or two about sodium hydroxide: it's caustic, especially to the eyes, and when you add it to water it will heat up.

Always add the sodium hydroxide to the water, and not vice versa. If you get it on your skin, wash it off with water it won't eat through your hand unless you let it sit there. If you can't find sodium hydroxide at your local photo store, go get a photography magazine and look in the back for mail order suppliers.

Many of them carry sodium hydroxide. It is a very common chemical and ordering it isn't going to bring the DEA what does ep stand for medical down your door. Please try to avoid using lye. If you still can't get sodium hydroxide, use the Agent Lemon process. Okay, here we go: Form a solution of sodium hydroxide NaOH by placing one tablespoon 15ml of solid sodium hydroxide in one cup about ml of distilled water in the sodium hydroxide solution container.

Stir until dissolved. If you are using lye I don't recommend itwait awhile to let any impurities settle out to the bottom.

Note that dissolving the NaOH will generate some heat. Empty your cough syrup or formula into the two-liter, rinsing the last of the cough syrup out of the syrup bottles with distilled water. If using gelcaps, break them open and rinse out the inside of the capsules. The following steps in italics are suggested for removing some of the gunk that can make it through the extraction and leave you with a sticky residue instead of crystalline DXM. Cap the two-liter bottle and shake the living hell out of it for at least five minutes.

Let it sit undisturbed until the two layers separate again. How to dress for a prom the entire contents of the two-liter bottle into a sealable plastic baggie, and seal it shut.

Hold it by one of the top corners so that a bottom corner is facing down. Let the layers separate again if necessary. Let the cough syrup layer drain into the clean two-liter bottle, but pinch it shut right before any of the lighter fluid drains out. Discard the lighter fluid by placing it into an empty container and letting it evaporate outdoors. Do not put it down the drain or set it on fire.

That's it You can repeat the italicized steps if you want to remove even more. Add one tablespoon 15ml of sodium hydroxide solution to the two-liter bottle. You should see a rapid formation of a milky precipitate. Swirl the bottle gently to mix the syrup evenly, and the precipitate should redissolve because there's not enough base yet.

Repeat the above step, until the precipitate doesn't redissolve with swirling. The entire solution should be cloudy stir well to make sure the base is evenly distributed. Add one more tablespoon 15ml of sodium hydroxide solution to the bottle. Cap the bottle, shake what is the rda of vitamin d hell out of it for five minutes, and let it stand until the layers separate again.

If the layers don't want to separate, try adding table salt. Carefully pour the contents of the bottle into the sealable plastic bag, and close it shut "yellow and blue make green-it's sealed!

Hold the bag by one of the top corners so that one of the bottom corners points down. Let the two layers separate again this should only take a few seconds. Cut off the tip of the bottom corner and allow the water layer the bottom layer to drain out of the bag. When the water layer has drained out, pinch the bag shut. Hold the bag over the baking dish, and allow the nonpolar solvent layer to drain out into the baking dish. Take the baking dish what are rash guard swim shirts. At this point, if you don't have a gas mask and a way to heat the baking dish, you'll have to let the solvent evaporate which may take a day or soso skip the next 4 steps.

Put on your gas mask and take the baking dish, hair dryer, and electric heat source outdoors. Place the baking dish into the container of water electric wok, electric skillet, hot plate with pan of water, whateverand set it to simmer.

Pure DXM Powder for sale

Details: Put cough syrup in 2 liter bottle. Pour in a lot of ammonia. Excess is not a serious problem. The ammonia volume was about equal to the syrup volume. Stir. Pour into a tightly sealable vessel. A funnel is good to have. Incidentally, you can probably just use the same 2-liter Add about. Mar 10,  · Now you can put the powder in empty caplets and swallow. Woolah! you have pure DXM HBR. Note: This is not freebase, just the pure DXM Hbr powder. Also, with the length of this it may seem a little complicated, but it is unbelievably simple. Much much much easier than the acid-base extraction listed on the DXM FAQ. RECIPE FOR GETTING PURE DXM POWDER by melph This is the recipe for obtaining pure DXM powder from a bag of Sucrets Four(tm). Each Sucrets contains 15mg of DXM, and this recipe is preferred over swallowing each one whole or trying to chew them. A bag of 20 (approximately mg DXM) costs only $

I remember it well. It was a rainy October afternoon, and I had just gone on break with a friend at the discount grocery store where I work. After being clocked out, we grabbed our coats and headed outside, anxiously wanting to get to the record store across the street and check out the latest techno recordings.

While we were walking along the soaken pavement outside the storefront, he suddenly stopped me and pointed out a bloody mess just beneath our feet. I stood back for a moment, amazed at what I was seeing. It simply said DXM, and had a box drawn around it. And it was all written with blood Issue 1. November Updated Version. This text is simply used as an informative guide to issues relating to dextromethorphan use and should be used for entertainment purposes only.

We are not responsible for any actions taken by anyone reading this text. Anyone still using this medication should stop immediately, because of the dangers of the secondary active ingredient, chlorpheniramine maleate.

First of all, as we all know, DXM gives you a whole new perspective on things. It totally alters your state of consciousness and can introduce things that were once covered up in your unconscious mind, but now flashing before your very eyes. That alone should tell us that DXM can cause a heightened creativity because we are obviously tapping into our own consciousness.

Also, DXM gives us a new experience in life by tripping. It can change your artistic viewpoint. It can change political views, your attitude and views on life, etc. DXM can alter practically anything, but not always everything. So each trip varies immensely. Perhaps if you are a writer or poet you should try to compose poems or written thoughts while on DXM and compare them to sober writings.

Here are two examples, the first while I was sober, the second while under the influence of this powerful drug: Sober: Her dreams unlying, dying and true Into night she calls to you.

Silent dreams and untold lies Softly spoken beneath starlit skies. Velvet blue moonlight dwindles On earthly laden starlit swindles. But we mustn't leave out artistic abilities. Many of us are artists and should work under DXM to see what may come about.

Perhaps DXM can enhance your artistic ability. Perhaps it just changes it to a unique form. Since this is an electronic zine, however, I cannot post any examples of artwork drawn under DXM. There are other areas of creativity that we aren't touching on right now, but I'm sure you'll find your knack at what DXM does for you. What I am basically getting at is that instead of just laying in bed, listening to music and tripping, you can actually try writing or drawing and perhaps be amazed at what you've composed while under the influence of DXM.

Of course, your mileage may vary, but have fun! Sometimes I would just simply look up at a burned out light and it would flicker a few times, then come on. Usually it would be the same couple of lights, night after night.

You may think, what does this have to do with DXM? Well, I didn't really think much of it until I talked to two other people, each reporting the same phenomenon, convinced that it is tied to something beyond our regular grasp of technology. What causes these strange episodes of electrical malfunction? Some may point out that the lights are on sensors and as you pass them, they detect headlights, but that theory is often shot down due to the fact that you may have already passed the streetlight when it lit up, or you may not even be in a car at all.

On one night, I had just been walking out of the movie theater with my girlfriend when right as I passed under it, a theater light affixed outside the movie theater shut off, while the one just before it continued to glow. We both noticed it. It's to the point that now everytime I'm out somewhere driving after dark, I notice some strange activity with streetlights either turning on or off, flickering, or both.

Also, from what I've heard it may not just be limited to streetlights. Other electrical devices such as radios and anything else you can imagine may also be effected. Some say it has to do with supernatural forces, since it has been noted that in some cases ghosts like to mess around with electricity.

Others may point out it would be something inside our mind controlling the devices. And yet others may scoff and call us insane. Now, after talking with the two other individuals that have reported this, I realized I may not be crazy after all, and I'm also not discounting this as a simple case of paranoia.

I do not know the intricate workings of a streetlight. If you do, on the otherhand, and know what may cause this disturbances please feel free to email us.

I am passing along the insight of one of those individuals below: The first time I experienced anything strange was with a group of friends. We were on DXM swimming in my pool, with music on the radio playing. Suddenly, the radio just shuts off. As I start to get out of the pool to see what happened, it comes back on again. So, I shrug it off and continue with the joyous DXM-swim fun.

Later on, it shuts off again. I then ask my friends if they know what's going on.. Then it just starts up again. This happened about 4 times that night.

At the time, I just attributed it to a short somewhere it was not the electricity -- the pool light was on the entire time. Strangely, though, this never happened again while we were sober. At another time, my current gf and I were both on fairly high doses of DXM talking on the phone. Close to the peak of the trip, she says for whatever reason "show me you're here.

Immediately, the phone goes dead. There was no hangup, no click.. So I hang up the phone. A couple seconds later, the phone rings and I pick it up. I then thank her for calling me back, and she says she didn't -- HER phone rang. Just another strange incident. Now, the previous two odd occurances I just figured were coincidences until this happened -- at night, random light poles on my right side starting turning off a few turning on right before I passed them, usually while driving.

At some point, I started to notice this happened a bit too much, so I started to count them. Since March of this year, I've counted 33 light poles doing this. Also, I've noticed the circumstances under which this apparently occurs: 1. I'm in a good mood 2. I'm NOT thinking about it I've tried many times to consciously turn them off. All attempts were unsuccessful After reading a few books on NDEs near-death experiences I've found a few things that fit together. It turns out that people who have experienced NDEs report a threefold increase in paranormal phenomena.

Two drugs are mentioned as being able to induce NDEs: morphine and ketamine. DXM is not listed probably because it isn't known , but obviously fits because it's a morphine analog that is very similiar to ketamine in high doses. Furthermore, a certain doctor I forget the name that supposedly took ketamine for a hundred days straight says he came into contact with "cosmic coincidence control. So IS it all a coincidence? Am I just being superstitous? I don't really know, but every time I'm driving down the street and a light pole on my right side goes out right before I pass it, the more convinced I am that this is something paranormal.

But the taste eventually got to me so I had to switch to pill form. I managed to find Drixoral Cough Caps, which are no longer available for retail sale despite what you may have heard or think and took those.

At first I thought it was great, except for the nasty candy-coating taste of the pills. But I was obviously blindsided by the terrible antihistamine it contained: Chlorphenaramine Maleate, 4mg in each pill. Eventually, at large enoughdoses it really managed to fuck up my vision and disrupted my concentration.

The worst was yet to come though Some months went by without any serious incidents. However, it eventually got to the point that it hurt my eyes and my optical nerves during the trip. I would lay in bed awake for hours, hallucinating, and each CEV would put strain on my eyes and practically felt that a needle was ripping through my tender eyeball.

I tried to get off it but I couldn't go back to the nasty taste of syrup. And furthermore I had so many wonder experiences on DXM that I couldn't just altogether forget about it. So I stopped DXM altogether, just forced myself to let go and found a decent job. Some time went by until I once again had the urge to get a good buzz going and I desperately wanted to do DXM again.

So I tried Coricidin, but this time the bad effects weren't present. Great, I thought, as I tripped over and over again Then one night I made the mistake of redosing the buzz wasn't lasting long enough and I wanted to prolong the trip

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