How to make moving pictures on twitter

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how to make moving pictures on twitter

How To Animate Your Twitter Avatar

Nov 14,  · how to get a moving twitter profile How to Create & Use Animated GIF Picture on Twitter Profile.

Asked by Wiki User. You can create a "gif" through a computer program or on various online websites and then upload it in the same way you would upload a normal picture.

By uploading a gif as your profile picture instead of a standard picture. The same way that you upload non-moving backgrounds. Save the picture to your computer and upload it in the design settings. You upload your picture on too twitter.

You can log in to Twitpic with your Twitter details and upload your picture. This will then post a link to the picture as a tweet. Save your Facebook picture to your computer and then upload the file as your profile picture within the Twitter settings. You can upload a picture of any size and Twitter will automatically resize it.

The Avi on Twitter is your profile picture Avitar. Follow the related link below to add the band to your Twitter picture. It is your profile picture. To download pictures to twitters you what is a miracast adapter to file them onto a desktop, then right click press download picture.

Then go to twitter right click again and press paste. Then whatever picture you like paste it to Twitter. By saving the image on Facebook to your computer, then uploading it on Twitter. You go to their profile and click on their picture. To post a picture on Twitter click on compose Tweet and the camera under and locate or snap the picture.

The account can also be linked to Facebook and Instagram for automatic status and picture shares. Thomas Alva Edison invented the moving picture. The Moving Picture World ended in You can use TwitPic see related link and sign in with your twitter account.

No you cannot see who has viewed your picture. You click on upload a picture! Its basically your twitter "profile picture". You can't. But you must have pictures on your laptop or computer. Ask Question. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. How do you get a moving profile picture on Twitter? How do you put moving backgrounds on Twitter?

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Jul 21,  · To use the picture on your twitter profile, go to your profile settings page and uploaded the GIF image like you normally would. Save the changes and you check your profile. You should now see the animation. Personally, I don’t like the idea that much and I prefer using normal images. To post a picture on Twitter click on compose Tweet and the camera under and locate or snap the picture. The account can also be linked to Facebook and Instagram for automatic status and picture. Sep 25,  · format picture. Or you can create on your own (if u know the process) If you are already doing that,, it may be possible that twitter having issues. like overcapacity. Just wait and try again later. But there is a suggestion my friend. Some people get annoyed with these moving. pictures. It may irritate and you may lose your followers.

Twitter doesn't officially support animated GIFs. We do not support animated GIFs. All existing animated GIF images will be left as they are, but no new ones can be uploaded. But this isn't quite right. While uploading a gif as your avatar is discouraged, it's still possible. Here's how to do it. And make sure that you're happy with the first frame of your GIF, because not all Twitter clients show animations.

The main site does, as does Tweetdeck. But Twitter for iPhone, for example, does not. Make sure the dimensions are exactly square — in this case, I cropped to px by px. If you upload another size, it either won't work at all, or it'll get mangled.

This egg is just supposed to be shaking slightly; Twitter's automatic resizing tools made it pulse:. You'll get the best results with a pixel image, but feel free to use a smaller size if your GIF is too large, or if the pixel version malfunctions, which it sometimes does. Fair warning: GIF avatars are divisive.

Some people are going to ask you to change yours back — maybe even the CEO of Twitter:. Thanks to Sarah Pavis for my current Sharkvatar. And special thanks to gleuch and straythenomad for their vital research on this subject. Contact John Herrman at john. Got a confidential tip? Submit it here. A BuzzFeed News investigation, in partnership with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, based on thousands of documents the government didn't want you to see.

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