How to make eevee evolve into leafeon in soul silver

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how to make eevee evolve into leafeon in soul silver

pokemon soul silver how to evolve eevee into leafeon ,glaceon,umbreon?

You have to have Eevee gain a level near the mossy rock(Leafon) or the Icy Rock(Glaceon) to get them. Since these areas aren't in soul silver you'll have to trade for them. Please don't say that. Jul 25, †Ј Level up once in the grass around the mossy rock. With your Eevee out to battle, walk around the rock in the grass until you encounter a Pokemon to battle. Once your Eevee levels, it will evolve into a Leafeon. %(10).

There will be no changes to other Yahoo laefeon or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. Other than trading, is there any way to get one? Only Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon evolve with the use of stones. You can get these stones by gaining points in the Pokeathlon and save up for them and buy them as prizes.

Also, you can get these stones by finding them throughout the game. I forget the order you have to show him in, but he'll tell you which Pokemon he's seeking for.

He'll want to see a Growlithe, Pichu, and a Marill and this will give you the three stones you want: fire, water, and thunder. However, Umbreon and Espeon evolve when Eevee is leveled up and has a high level of happiness during a certain time of day.

Evolve Eevee at night to get Umbreon, and evolve Eevee during the day to get Espeon. Glaceon and Leafeon are only available by trade. This is because evolving Eevee in Eterna Forest gets you Leafeon and evoving Eevee around a stone on route gets you Glaceon. However, these places are only in the Sinnoh region and you can't get to them on Soul Silver or Heart Gold.

So you'll have to get it by trade. Eevee can evolve into 7 different pokemon. But leafeon and galceon are not done via stones or happiness. They evolve when leveled up on certain male.

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Update: I talked to someone that said Eevee could evolve into 7 different things, but I've yet to see the stone things you have to evolve by. Update 2: Hoe, and where can I get stones? Firestone, waterstone, thunderstone? Answer Save. Remy Lv silveg. Favorite Answer.

Hope this helps :D. Pantera of the Ripples Lv 7. No, evolvd no other way. Fatefinger Lv 7. Go underground. Leaffon have questions? Get too answers by asking now.

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Aug 05, †Ј 1 decade ago To get your Eevee to evolve into Umbreon, you can use vitamins, the soothe bell, and bait and switch to increase your Eevee's happiness. As for obtaining Glaceon and Leafeon, you will. 5 Answers. Sadly Eevee does not evolve into either Glaceon or Leafeon in Soul Silver/Heart Gold as of yet. There are hopes that there will be a Nintendo event to change that, but nothing definite has been released yet. For now the only way to get a Glaceon or Leafeon is to . Nov 30, †Ј Can't do it in Soul Silver or Heart Gold, since the stone and path where the stone is found, can only be found in the Diamond, Platinum, and Pearl games. You will either have to get a Leafeon.

For our money, Eevee is one of the coolest Pokemon. Eevee can evolve into more different Pokemon than any other species discovered so far Ч and of course that carries over to Pokemon Go. Eevee Evolution is meant to be a random process in Pokemon Go. Once you press evolve on an Eevee, you have a random chance of getting one of the original three eeveelutions. The others can be obtained through other means, all of which require a bit of effort.

Vaporeon , Jolteon and Flareon from generation 1 are completely down to random chance. Umbreon and Espeon from generation 2 and Leafeon and Glaceon from generation 3 are obtained in specific ways. And Sylveon , from generation 6, seems to be coming to the game very soon.

Which do you want? Plus which you think is cutest. However, you can actually force a specific evolution by renaming your Eevee of choice to a special nickname Ч and the whole thing began as an easter egg nod to a classic set of Eevee evolutions found in the Pokemon anime TV show.

So, basically, all you have to do is rename your Eevee to a specific name and then evolve it the regular way by spending 25 candy. Here are the names and the Eevee Evolutions:. An important note about this little cheat: it only works once per Eevee Evolution.

For Espeon and Umbreon, you can also evolve into them based on their in-game method of evolution in Pokemon Gold and Silver back on the Game Boy Ч based on the time of day. Set them as your buddy Pokemon and walk with them as much as you can.

The final current Eeveelutions available in Pokemon Go are Glaceon and Leafeon, and this duo has the most specific evolution method yet. These two new types of Lure Module are available in the shop and will soon be appearing as Field Research Rewards. These lures exist to make you more able to catch different Pokemon Ч the Glacial lures in Water and Ice type Pokemon, while the Mossy attracts Bug and Grass types.

In the main Poekon games, Sylveon evolves based off your Affection and Friendship stats, which makes it likely that its Eevee Evolution will be tied to it serving as your Pokemon Buddy for the recently-expanded Pokemon Buddy Adventure feature. Time will tell.. Vapoeron ranks a respectable 10th in HP and Stamina, too Ч but those are just basic stats. What about beyond that?

Pokemon Types are of course absolutely vital in Pokemon Go, and an important thing to consider is how each Eevee Evolution ranks when compared to other Pokemon of its type Ч and also how easy they are to obtain compared to their powerful peers. The first three Eevee evolutions and their owners Ч all siblings Ч show up in episode 40 of the show, meeting Ash and Pikachu.

Sakura later has an Espeon of her own later on in the series Ч thus that nickname Ч and Tamao, one of the five Kimono sisters, uses an Esepon. How to Evolve into Espeon and Umbreon For Espeon and Umbreon, you can also evolve into them based on their in-game method of evolution in Pokemon Gold and Silver back on the Game Boy Ч based on the time of day. Which is the best Eeveelution?

Vaporeon is beaten by both Kyogre and Gyarados. Kyogre is another legendary, and Gyarados Ч which is far more difficult to evolve from the lowly Magikarp Ч is only a hair more powerful overall. Espeon has fewer rivals in the Psychic-type category, but it still has two legendary Pokemon to compete with Ч Mewtwo and Latios. It is predictably worse than this pair, but is on the whole superior to most other Psychic Pokemon in the game.

Umbereon finds itself as one of the best Dark-type Pokemon in the game. Glaceon is definitely the stronger of the gen 4 evolutions for Eevee; it ranks as one of the better ice-type Pokemon in the game, only really behind Mamoswine and legendary Pokemon Regice and Articuno.

It outclasses the likes of Weavile and Jynx with ease. Create your website with WordPress. Add your thoughts here Email Name Website.

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