How to make a catnip pillow

By Fenrikree | 08.08.2020

how to make a catnip pillow

Has anyone ever made catnip pillows?

Jun 02,  · This video is about How To Mass Produce Catnip Pillows to raise Money for local animal shelters and rescues. Yes the video is a little long, but it does go. Apr 07,  · How to Make DIY Catnip Pillows for Cats??Check the link below for Cats interactive toys:??

How to make an easy homemade catnip toy. This uses a toddler sock, which you can get from Dollar Tree, and how to make a catnip pillow a cute toy that your cat will love.

My kitties are so spoiled. They used to like catnip from any store until I got them bulk catnip from the bulk store. We have two cats. Carly was a side of the road rescue. Her momma didn't make it, so we took her in.

We couldn't find her litter mates, so hopefully they had already been rescued. She was separated from her mother too early, so she's an antisocial cat. She prefers to perch on the back of the chair or high on the cat tower and glare at us, silently judging. Chloe is my son's Siamese mix. She has a fun personality. She's always playing and doing crazy cat things. She's pretty laid back. Chloe will play with a piece of string, a bottle cap, or anything that moves.

She loves these homemade catnip toys, and catnip drives her crazy. Carly likes to pretend that doesn't like playing with this toy, but if we look the other way she turns into a playful kitten. My daughter and I made these cat toys with friends, so it's not even my cat featured in the photos. Her friends cat was being photogenic, so I let him star in the photo shoot for this post. You can either make a little pouch for the catnip or use a toddler sock. Dakota wanted these cute socks we found at Dollar Tree.

They have some cute patterns, and it's easier to make them from a sock than sew a little pouch. You can also find a set of toddler socks on Amazon for home delivery. I also used some colorful feathers that I had in my craft room stash.

If you use feathers, watch your cat while they play with this homemade catnip toy. Carly is fine with feathers, but Chloe likes to lick and chew them.

She also tries to eat plastic bags, so she is an odd one anyway. You can also add some stuffing to the inside if you want. These socks were small, so we didn't add any. You can use new stuffing, but I reuse the stuffing from an old pillow. I washed it a few times, and the stuffing got all matted. I cut the pillow and pull out stuffing as needed. Even though it's a mess in the pillow, it works really well in smaller projects.

You can buy catnip from a big box store or pet store, but it doesn't do much what is path coverage in software testing my cats.

For best results and more laughs, I highly recommend buying a quality catnip. I get mine from the Amish bulk food store, but you can get a high quality catnip on Etsy. Add 5 tablespoons of catnip to each sock. If you want to add stuffing, add it and use less catnip. Sew the top of the socks closed, making sure you secure the feathers in the sock. Cut any excess thread off.

As with any toy, only use these while supervised. If your cat likes to eat feathers, do not use them and just close the sock without any feathers. This is a fun afternoon activity for kids, too. They may need help with the sewing machine, or they can learn to hand sew. Cari lives on a small farm in Ohio with her husband, three kids, two dogs, two cats, five goats, and several chickens. She loves Gilmore Girls, glitter, coffee, and her kids. But not in that order. This post may contain affiliate links.

Now they will only have the bulk organic catnip, thank you very much. As I said, spoiled. Sewing machine Scissors Directions Step 1 Add 5 tablespoons of catnip to each sock. Yield: 4 toys Author: Cari Koti Beth. Print With Image Without Image. Place 4 feathers in each sock.

Offer to your cat and watch him or her go crazy! Do not use feathers if your cat will chew on them. Created using Craft Card Maker. Cari Dunn Cari lives on a small farm in Ohio with her husband, three kids, two dogs, two cats, five goats, and several chickens.

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Introduction: Catnip Pillows

Catnip Pillow:: Free Sewing Pattern. 08/23/ 03/27/ by Kristin Roach. Well here is the second pattern of August. It’s a little pillow that you can sew up with little scraps of fabric and fill with rice and catnip or other herbs. My boyfriend, Jason, donated some pictures of his cat, Molly, playing with it. Nov 01,  · something to trace around, such as a bowl for a round pillow (like I made) or a box for a square #1 – Fold your material in half with the wrong sides facing out. Trace around your object onto the fabric. (FYI, I used a small Corelle bowl, smaller than the typical cereal bowl). Jun 27,  · A catnip pillow kicker toy can be whipped up in about 15 minutes with stuff you already have around the home - leftover fabric, polyester stuffing and dried.

Well here is the second pattern of August. My boyfriend, Jason, donated some pictures of his cat, Molly, playing with it. There are 2 weeks left to enter the drawing for a free kit for any pattern, just leave a comment and you are in. If you have made a crafty leftover pattern, send me a picture and you will get a special prize like random buttons, fabric, yarn, ribbon, and such.

Lovely cat! I love this idea. I have also made these for our cat by using babysocks as the pouch. Great idea! I think they like the big adult sock size so they can kick and chew it at the same time.

Instead of rice, try flax seeds. They are slippery and slide around making the sacks feel smooth and soft like velvet. I use them for making the heating pads.

I make small ones for sinus headaches and they feel just heavenly. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Happy Crafting! And the winner is! I regret to inform you…. Almost makes me want to get a cat…. Molly is way too bloody cute. My kitties will love these. Meow to the cute kitty. Pingback: do stuff!

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