How to get a aquarius man

By Yorg | 20.04.2021

how to get a aquarius man

How to Get an Aquarius Man to Chase You

Nov 13,  · One of the best ways to get an Aquarius man to chase you is to pique his curiosity. You can do this by sharing your interests with him. The more unusual or unconventional your interests are, the better. An Aquarius man has a great deal of intellectual curiosity and . You have to be strong, dynamic, independent and your own person. The best way to keep an Aquarius male is to act as if you want him, love him, but don’t need him and are more than willing to let him go at a moment’s notice. Wanting him too much drives him away. Wanting him just enough is what makes him crazy for you.

The Aquarian guys are really one of a kind. They have unique personality that even make them more attractive to you. However, it's not easy to get an Aquarius guy's attention. As for you, it takes no time to fall in love to the Characteristic Traits of Aquarius guy who is loving and easy going.

However, they are not that easy to fall in love, which often become the Reasons Why Aquarius are Hard to Understand. But once he falls in love with you, you will be lost since Aquarius guy is a very loyal lover.

Here are the best ways on how to get an Aquarius guy attention:. Don't expect an Aquarian guy to quickly move from crush to lover. It could take him more time before he fall in love with you. The best way to get close and how to get an Aquarius guy attention is by becoming his friend first.

Make him feel comfortable around you. As an Aquarian guy has distinctive personality, you have to think out of the box to win his attention. He doesn't follow the path that others walk since he never live up to anyone's expectations.

Which makes you just be yourself to have his attention. Aquarian thinks that somebody who follows other is never true to themselves. Aquarius guy is indeed not the romantic type.

But he surely loves surprise. Just don't overdo it because he doesn't like something that is over dramatic. He prefer a little coffee date after work and a short lunch break. Who likes drama? Aquarius guy is someone who always look for peace and harmony in his life, so drama is really not his thing. Instead of gossiping others, complaining about this and that which will make him run away, you better talk about your dreams, your visions, and ask him what's his as well.

Aquarius guy really hates anything negative surrounding them. As he always views this life in a positive manner, he stay away from negative people.

This is actually challenging since you have to know all the negative Things Not to Say to an Aquarius. If you are whining or complaining too much, he will definitely run away. Don't use giant steps towards Aquarian and rushing things. He is the type who enjoy the process rather going straight to the result. Keep up with their pace if you want to win his heart. Aquarius values honesty and loyalty above all.

Prove that you are worthy enough for him to trust, because he doesn't forgive any form of deceive. Third age total war how to get sauron you should trust him as well because an Aquarius will never let you down.

Aquarius guy will make the best lover for you. However, the journey to win his heart is still a long way. Make sure you avoiding these mistakes below:. Okay so you begin to reap what you have sow. Look up at the signs he shows when he finally gives you some of his attention.

Aquarius surely makes the best how to get a aquarius man with all the traits he possess. However, you should also know the ways how to get an Aquarius guy attention. Once he falls for you, he falls really hard. Here are the best ways on how to get an Aquarius guy attention: Contents 0. Be His Friend 0. Be Yourself 0.

Give Him Surprise 0. Don't Do Drama 0. Be What do gerbils play with 0. Be Patient 0. Related Content. Michelle Devani. What is labor relations and collective bargaining name is Michelle Devani, and I've been helping people with their relationships since In I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice.

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What Does an Aquarius Man Need in a Partner?

Overall, the biggest key to getting the Aquarian man chasing you is for you to have a fun, confident life that he wants to be a part of. When you are happy with yourself, from the inside out everyone around you sees it. And makes you a magnet for the confident, .

I hope you enjoy this article! Aquarian guys have a calm demeanor and a relaxed self-assuredness, which makes them tough cookies to entice into chasing you. But it can be done. Being manipulative can work for building attraction, but it can also make things blow up in your face.

Especially with the Aquarian man — who hates deception and coercion. We all test potential partners. But no one wants to play endless mind games. Even the mentally agile Aquarius man.

You want to draw him to you in a natural, playful way. You want things to feel good and light. You want to spark his curiosity and capture his heart. Coming on too strong will make an Aquarius man weary. You want to create just enough of a spark to want him to chase you and bridge the gap.

The rest of the tips will help you build on this initial spark. Note that you can sometimes get an Aquarian man to chase you just by showing some initial interest. Which is exactly what you want. Do this right and he will be a bit shaken up and want to prove himself to you. The best way to entice the Aquarian man is by having an exciting persona and a ton going on for you. Everyone craves more excitement, especially the novelty-seeking Aquarian man.

Also through any social channels that you know that he might notice you on. Create shared experiences that feel exciting and adventurous. Be playful, silly, funny, original, and authentic.

Emphasize any fun childlike qualities that you possess. Take his hand and run somewhere. Through the rain, through a museum.

Be spontaneous and he will be enthralled. Most men will have sex with a woman quickly after meeting them. But rarely will this create sustained interest. Delaying sex is an expansion on the idea of playing hard to get. The more you delay it, the more he will feel inclined to get it — which will result in him chasing you like crazy. Delay a bit, even if you want it, too.

Build up his anticipation. To really stir him up deny sex, but at the same time be subtly sexually suggestive. Aquarian men love to dig into potential a partner to figure them out. He can be shameless about this. He might do this by asking too intimate of questions, teasing you too hard, belittling you or otherwise mistreating you.

If you enforce boundaries and chastise him he will only grow more interested in you. He might apologize and step back, but his desire to chase you will only grow more inflamed. Instead, you want to dangle the potential of closeness in front of him, while at the same time makes you avoid seeming like an easy catch.

So chastise him when he oversteps, while also teasing him about what more could come when he does things right — and he will chase. As mentioned, Aquarius men are inquisitive and are always looking for puzzles to solve. To get an Aquarian man chasing you you need to build his anticipation. Mystery builds strong anticipation. Being mysterious also reminds you not to rush the connection. Being mysterious also keeps you from laying big emotions on him too early. Aquarius men are not outwardly emotional and recoil from strong displays of emotionality.

By holding yourself back you appear in control and not needy. Overall, the biggest key to getting the Aquarian man chasing you is for you to have a fun, confident life that he wants to be a part of. When you are happy with yourself, from the inside out everyone around you sees it. And makes you a magnet for the confident, individualist, and freedom-loving Aquarian man. Chasing will happen effortlessly. So instead of fixating on ways to get him to come to you, fixate on making your life awesome.

This alone can make him gravitate towards you and fall into your orbit. Now that is high value — and a great way to get an Aquarius man to chase you. Welcome to Popular Astrology. You can learn more about me and this website here. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. About Newsletter Menu. Loren E. Elara Hey. Looking to find the best ways to get an Aquarian man to chase you? Be a challenge 3. Be exciting 4. Delay sex and intimacy 5. Chastise him for overstepping i.

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