How to fix hairline crack in radiator

By Dora | 19.06.2021

how to fix hairline crack in radiator

How to Fix a Small Crack in a Car Radiator

Apr 24,  · OTOH ?10 of Leak Sealer (in the water, similar to the stuff used on car radiators) might fix it for good. The actual welding with oxyacetylene would take several seconds - the hassle is in getting it dry, smooth afterwards, painted etc. I could weld it, but if I were moving I'd rather 1) try LS, if no good. Jan 15,  · This Do It Yourself video shows how to repair a crack in a radiator that leaks coolant or how to fix a leak in a radiator or how to stop a leak from radiator Missing: hairline.

Plastic radiator repair is performed at most auto body shops, but you have to pay for expensive labor. Fixing cracks in your radiator is a relatively quick haairline easy job, and you will save on your hard earned cash by simply locating the crack, preparing the area, and fixing the problem yourself. There are various parts radiaor the plastic radiator that can leak: you may spot a crack on the hose or the body of the radiator itself. Before you get to the actual repair, you may want to hiw the fittings that lead to the radiator.

In case the leak is coming from the radiator, put your old clothes on, roll up sleeves, and follow the steps below. Radiafor easiest way to locate a crack in the radiator is to let the engine run until the temperature is normal high.

It will take hairlin least half an hour before pressure builds up. Shut off the engine so that the pressure forces out the coolant from the crack. Mark the cracked area with a marker or tape.

Then wait for the tank to cool down and take the cap off. Check if the crack is above or below the coolant level.

If it is situated below, you have gadiator drain some coolant until the crack shows up above the coolant level. You may remove the lower hose radlator or use a drain tank cylinder to drain the radiator tank. Make sure that you have new coolant to add once you finished repairing the crack. The next thing you need to do is to clean how to become a undercover cop in canada crack with a toothbrush and dry the area.

Pour a little acetone over the toothbrush and begin to scrub the crack and its surroundings. Continue scrubbing until the area is dry and no moisture reappears on the surface once the acetone dissipates. Crak the hairdryer to finishing drying the area, holding it close to the crack.

Moisture will resurface again, and you will have to keep blowing over the crack until the place is completely dry. Scrub and dry the area one more time. Press the tip of the soldering iron against the tie until it begins to melt, working as a sealant.

Press the tie so that it wraps into the crack. Then, slowly move along the cracked area, ensuring it melts well enough to seal the crack. Keep melting at one place until the tie and its adjacent areas turn into a hot liquid. Continue until you have melted the entire crack, wait for the liquid to harden. Cut off all unused portions of the tie. Now, you may fill the radiator with coolant and complete a test to make sure that the crack is properly sealed. As you can see, all it takes is your new found knowledge and a little elbow grease to fix your cracked plastic radiator yourself.

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I started a new thread since my situation took a left turn Popular Articles. How to fix hairline crack in radiator Jennifer Aube. How to Repair a Cracked Coolant Reservoi How to Repair a Cracked Ln Reservoir. By Scott Vanderlin. How to Detect a Coolant Leak. By Lewis Doe. By Connor Doe.

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Feb 02,  · Try I've had good luck with them. You might think I'm crazy, but I've held a few cars together this way too, as a temp. fix. Drain out a little anti-freeze. Then add at least 1 table spoon of black pepper. It works better than you think and it won't clog. If nothing else give it a try, but I would still fix it right and get a new one. Aug 19,  · For a temporary fix, dry the area well (maybe drain it just a little), sand the crack and surrounding area with 80 grit sandpaper, then use J-B weld, and cover it well. It will not be a permanent solution, but will definitely get you by. I had mine patched for almost a month until I found a good enough deal.

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Fix Hairline Crack at Top of Radiator plastic? Thread starter Telltell Start date Nov 3, Telltell Proven Member. Hey guys. Thanks for your help in advance. I have a small hairline crack at the top of my radiator plastic. Its about an inch and a quarter long. When i turn the car on i see a very small puddle of water on the top plastic part of the radiator, that's how I found this crack. Do you guys know if this can be fixed?

Search yields results a bit different than my situation, that's why I looking for advice. Thanks guys! I had the same thing happen and all i did was use some plastic weld. It held for almost 4months. You could do that, however, it would be much better for you to just go ahead and invest in an aluminum radiator.

There are many good ones out there and they will definitely give you great results. Just a thought. Good luck fella. You can use something to try to seal it but in the long run your best option is going to be to replace it. Alright guys. Thanks a lot for your advice! Fabian Proven Member. I'm in no way telling you to do this. I had a small hairline crack in my 1g's radiator the same as yours. I tried using some JB weld to kinda fill the hole but it didnt work at all cause it just ended up cracking through the JB weld too.

So instead, I got some Gorilla tape to just hold me over for a day or two till I could order a new radiator. Believe it or not, the radiator heated the glue on the Gorilla tape and it sealed the crack. I drove the radiator for about 2 weeks like that till I found a really cheap one. My1GLaser Proven Member. I JB welded a crack in the plastic top the radiator of my hyundai many years ago.

It held the whole 5 years I had the car. It was right on top in the flat part. I have tried to do the same thing in other cracks in radiators, but they were in corners and bends and other areas that didn't hold well. Getting it to hold well is all about the prep work. Use a hairdryer for a few min after it sets up to help it cure better. Shit, give it a shot and see how it does. Had one bust as well. Saw that it was plastic and no super goop is gonna withstand the pressure inside so I just bought a new one.

Hey thanks for your advice everyone. For future reference, here is what I ended up doing: Turns out this plastic part at the top is a tank that can be replaced. Called around and found a small radiator shop that did those replacements. So anyone low on dough, that's an alternative to buying a completely new radiator.

It worked out just fine for me. Thanks again guys. If you do this, you might call around to different shops, because most of them wont give you that price. You must log in or register to reply here.

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