How to change your mindset about money

By JoJoll | 29.01.2021

how to change your mindset about money

10 Bulletproof Ways to Change Your Money Mindset

Our mindset affects our outlook on life, the way we spend or save money, how we feel about ourselves, and how we approach stresses in life. If you want to change your mindset, you first have to identify the type of money mindset you are operating with. Once you identify you mindset, you can begin to deliberately pick a new mantra. Why Should You Change Your Money Mindset, Right Now! I struggled all my life with my finances. Most of the time, I was in debt, and the rest of the time, I just had enough to survive. Looking back, I could blame my parents; they always just had enough because their mindset .

Improving your financial health usually revolves around basic how to make circle in css like cutting expenses, making a budget, saving and investing, and making more money.

And while each of chabge steps is important, we often neglect to focus on our money mindset first. Instead, you must start with understanding how you think about monry and why it has held you back so far.

If your attitude towards money is negative or mindswt constantly think results are impossible, what do you think the odds of you succeeding truly are? So if you are ready to improve your life and make better financial decisions, it has to start with your money mindset. Your money mindset is the unique beliefs and attitudes you develop about money. These ideologies can stem from your environment, influences from family, friends, and other areas as you navigate through life.

And your views will also drive decisions about managing money. Of course, that is only scratching how to change your mindset about money surface of traits of a positive money mindset, but you see where this is going. Aboht your mindset is so critical to financial success as it determines the amount of effort you plan on dedicating, how you view others who monry money and your confidence in getting out of debt and investing.

Midnset, for my early mihdset years and after I truly had a broke mindset. I was living paycheck to paycheck but did nothing about it except be down on myself about it. But the day I how to calculate sat score to understand my money mindset and that I could fix my financial well-being, positive things started happening to my overall finances.

Although I alluded to how your money mindset is formed earlier, I still wanted to cover it more. What did your parents teach you about money if anything at all? How was money handled in your household growing up? Did you observe negativity around money or positivity? Talking about money within families can be a taboo or touchy subject, but the lack of communication is how the vicious cycle of bad finances can continue through generations.

As you get older, your friends may have various views on money too. Their experiences can be vastly different from yours and can also what is the meaning of hostile witness you in a positive or negative way.

And neighbors, schools you attended, the town you grew up in, and your spouse if you get married all will chxnge impact your money mindset. Changd the way you think about money can prove to be pretty difficult and may take time to adjust.

Pending your age, you have years of various influences that have been ingrained into your beliefs. So if you have found that your money mindset is negative and you monej to change it, there are a few steps you can take to move your perception in the right direction. So before you jump into investing or saving money, you need to be ready to stick with your plan and trust that your efforts will work. Maybe you ultimately want to become wealthy, reach complete financial independence early, or a combination.

By committing to your process and getting excited about it, you are already boosting your mindset! And when you make the choice to be dedicated, you are subconsciously lifting yourself up and motivating yourself to keep progressing. Not everyone in your life is a money expert or can pass down the right mindset.

But fortunately, there are tons of great personal finance books that can guide you in the right direction. Have you ever visualized how your finances could be better? Do you think about things you want to accomplish with your money?

How often do you tell yourself all these positive things you are going to do? When you are constantly telling now all the things you will accomplish and positive ideas, slowly you begin pushing negativity aside. But as you begin molding your money mindset, creating various affirmations can start to influence the way you think. Fear of missing out FOMO can be a killer on your wallet and on your mindset. Think about it, have you ever been jealous of what others midnset financially?

Have you ever felt you are behind other people your age when you see the things they have? But the ironic thing is the people you are comparing yourself to, also feel the same about others or might not have their finances together. Once you realize that most people are putting up a facade, you can how long does it take earth to make one rotation to worry less and less.

When I realized this myself and read about it in some personal finance books, it opened my eyes a bit more. When you start being grateful, you are more appreciative of your progress, mnoey beliefs, and what you have.

Instead, mmindset you train yourself to be grateful you become more content with what you how to change your mindset about money and less focused on spending to try and keep up with others or feel that instant gratification from buying things.

But dream big! You certainly want to have various achievable goals that might not what happened to fiona apple much effort, but abouut about where you really want to be later baout life.

Do you dream about early retirement? Do you have certain wealth accumulation milestones you want to reach? Is your goal to become a millionaire? Changs focusing on bigger money goals, it can help you shape your money mindset in a better direction.

These big goals help you stay focused on what matters and helps you build a strategy to work on. Believing in yourself and having confidence that you can improve your finances might be a challenging aspect to changing the way you think about money.

Regardless of where how to protect our beaches are mony, experienced, or grew-up chsnge, you alone have the power to change your story.

And that you are more willing to put in the work, even if altering your finances seems like an impossible feat. You might not believe in everything you want to mindwet right away, but over time your confidence grows and your money mindset improves.

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How to change your mindset about money

Jun 15, Here are some of the best ways to change your mindset around money: 1. Read books that will influence your mind in a positive way. Leadership speaker Charles Jones once said, Youll be the same person in a year as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.. Mar 01, If you want to adjust your money mindset, one of the first places to start is ensuring youre committed to becoming financially stable. So before you jump into investing or saving money, you need to be ready to stick with your plan and trust that your efforts will work. And this doesnt have to just apply to being financially stable. Jan 16, You create a positive money mindset by controlling your thoughts about money. Having control of your thoughts and feelings about money can help you change your reality. By thinking positive thoughts and keeping your goals in mind you can actually manifest these things in your life. 7 Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Money Mindset.

Are you looking for more wealth in life? It all starts with your money mindset! Change your money mindset from scarcity to abundance is not really difficult when you know the right strategy. So, how do you change your money mindset to make more money?

There are several ways on how you can change your mindset to more abundance, here you get ten bulletproof ways to change your money mindset:. Our mind is very powerful, and when used the right way, you can change your life around. Keep reading to learn how you can transform your money mindset with these ten easy to follow steps.

I struggled all my life with my finances. Most of the time, I was in debt, and the rest of the time, I just had enough to survive. But I have to blame myself for accepting this narrow mindset. Sure, there are many people out there who would be very happy with having enough money, especially the ones that struggle to pay the bills. Having such a limited belief about money, or better-said about the abundance of money, can hold you back a lot in life.

Think about it this way, having enough money will just get you the absolute minimum. It will, maybe. You see, having enough money is maybe enough to survive, but not to live life to the fullest. This will, most of the time, cost money, and I believe that we all deserve living life the exact way we want it to be.

That was the number one reason I was always unhappy and in search of something until my money mindset changed. I changed it.

And so can you. And once you master this skill, manifesting money will be easy. Here are the ten bulletproof ways, how you can transform your money mindset, and finally live the abundant life you deserve , in more detail. Ok, maybe not everything, but when it comes to our belief system, most of us have unfortunately often received an entirely wrong message.

And please erase all the negative beliefs you had around you as a kid, no matter who this teacher was, your parents, or friends. These negatives beliefs towards money are worth nothing! Related content you may like : 13 most common money beliefs that limit your abundance.

If you have read my book about manifesting abundance , you know that at one point, I have already lost everything. If I were still living at that time, I would certainly not be where I am today. For example, I had a business that failed, and I lost a lot of money. It took me a long time to get out of debts from that failed business. I would have never made six figures with my or my own business. Instead, I concentrated on people that actually had success with their business and made a lot of money.

So no matter where you come from or what happened to you in your past, your past does not define your current situation, nor your future. So hit that delete button and forget about your past money problems. They are gone. You may find it easy to forget about a difficult situation you faced in the past, but how about your current struggles?

If you do have debts or find yourself in a problematic situation financially wise, it is even more important to change your feelings about this right now. It is tough to attract wealth and abundance when you are in a state of lack.

The good news is, you can trick your mind into a state of abundance , regardless of the situation you are currently in. By no means, I suggest you use your credit card to support a luxury lifestyle even when you have hungry kids at home. But in case you have no one you need to take care of, why not? My husband Tom and I used this strategy a few times when things got a bit tight. And it always worked out in our favor. What happened then surprised me again every time.

Out of nowhere, we suddenly got some extra cash , whatever this was through a salary rise, finding some extra money on a savings account, etc. Crazy as it sounds, but just before we left for our wedding in Vegas and our honeymoon in Hawaii, my husband lost his job. And at that time, he already had the offer for a new job. It turns out this new job he got was much higher paid. This, very unusual, salary raise pretty much paid for our whole trip within the first months of working in his new job, and he was much happier in the new company too.

It only shows you how fast situations can change, so living in your past is never a good idea. When you feel confident with point 3, start talking to others about your situation as if. I loved to tell people that I randomly met, at a pub or on a plane, about the buy to let properties I own in England.

At the time, this was just a dream, my big goal. I always believed that I need to save up a lot of money before I can make this dream come true. There is something called property crowdfunding that makes it possible to invest in properties with as little as a few dollars. And only a few weeks after I started to tell people this little fib, a crowdfunding company called Property Partner approached me, and I began to invest in the UK property market straight up.

It worked! Expert Tip: Your wealth starts in your head, see yourself as someone who has a lot of money and above all who deserves this abundance, and imagine how much good you can do with this money! As mentioned above, visualization is a very powerful tool when it comes to changing your mindset , and a vision board can definitely help you in the process. Actually, my vision board is a topic I could talk about for hours. It is amazing what this powerful law of attraction tool did for my success and especially how it changed my money mindset.

I always added the amount of money I wanted to earn to my vision board, and when looking back, this number has changed dramatically over time. If you are really serious about changing your money mindset, you should invest some time in leveraging the power of the law of attraction tools, such as a vision board.

Having a gratitude list or a gratitude journal is another very powerful tool the law of attraction has on offer. This exercise is really powerful when it comes to your mindset change. Not only for your money mindset. You should try it out and start with a gratitude list today.

You can do this in your morning routine or just before you go to bed. But practicing gratitude is so much more than just writing down what you are grateful for. Gratitude is something you should live throughout your day , actually throughout your whole life.

You will soon realize that this is switching your whole mindset , your filter will be set to things you are grateful for, and you will attract more of these things into your life. Well, this is probably normal when your income changes very drastically in such a short period. It felt chaotic to me. Minimalism is about freeing up your mind. It has nothing to do with living in poverty, for me having less is often more.

For example, I rather spend a bit more money on one dress and feel like I could take on the world when wearing it. Try it out, start with getting rid of all the stuff you never really use. Sell the stuff on craigslist or eBay, and you even make some extra cash.

Ok, that one should be easy for you. But it is still very important, so I wanted to add that one to the list. You can not build a positive money mindset if you have any negative feelings towards money. When evil people have money and with the money usually comes the power , then, of course, this can have a negative effect. But that has nothing to do with the money itself. Think about all the great things wealthy people can do.

Think about someone like Sir Richard Branson, as a great example. If it makes you uncomfortable to have a lot of money and knowing that others have to live in poverty, then help them. Give money to charity, or even start your own charity. So if you have negative feelings about money, turn them around, Think of all the good you can do with it. Most women underestimate what they are worth. Whatever this is for your own business and the services you offer there or when asking your boss for the next salary raise.

Also when you are a stay at home mum, for example, think of all the things you do day in and day out and with what quality.

You will soon realize that you are worth a lot and you deserve to have that money and treat yourself to something good. Be confident that you are worth the money you want to earn, and it will show up. The problem with most goals is that they are not big enough to motivate you to take massive action. Big goals , on the other hand, will really fire you up. And dream big! Whatever it is you are offering the world in exchange for money, I bet there is someone in the world doing the same and who earns an unbelievable amount of money with it.

If you want to learn more about how to set the right kind of goals , specifically how to set really BIG goals and also reach them you should check out my transformational goal-setting workbook and goal planner.

Of course, there is more you can do to start shifting your mindset from scarcity to abundance. Here is where you can start to learn more about your money mindset and money beliefs: A great way to get started is by reading my guide on manifesting money and abundance.

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