How to carpet a jon boat

By Samunris | 11.06.2021

how to carpet a jon boat

Techniques for installing marine carpet

So, how do you carpet a jon boat? Installing marine carpeting in a jon boat requires removal of any existing carpet, clean up, measuring the deck area, cutting out the marine carpet, laying it on the deck with adhesive, and final touch-ups. Feb 13,  · Here is episode 2 of the 14ft Jon Boat Project. Let me know if the comments below what you think! Facebook: Instagram: N.

You might be wondering why ohw would want to lay carpet what law did obama pass the deck of their jon boat. So, how do you carpet a jon boat? Installing marine carpeting in a jon boat requires removal of any existing carpet, clean up, measuring the deck area, cutting out the marine carpet, laying it on the deck with adhesive, and final touch-ups. Simple tools are required, some of which include a measuring tape, razor blades, scissors, a flooring roller, and adhesive.

With a little elbow grease and not much money, you can have marine carpeting laid on your jon boat in no time. Laying marine carpet on a jon boat definitely takes a little time and effort, but it can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your jon boat.

Objects like seats, fishing pole holders, and random gear should be removed. You want to make sure that whatever you attach your marine carpet onto will be flat and have to ability to be securely fastened to with the help of outdoor adhesive. Depending on the type of deck on your jon boat, you may need to consider attaching plywood to your deck to create a flat surface. Now you want to measure out the surface area of your deck, which will be a heck of a lot easier if everything is flat.

This is probably the how to carpet a jon boat important step of the entire process since any mistake here will show up too late after cutting your marine carpet.

The moment of truth: cutting your marine carpet. Thankfully, most outdoor carpeting adhesives can take a little time to set, so you can take your time applying it without worrying about how fast you lay the carpet. Now all you have to do is lay out the carpet you cut. Try to lay it slowly from one edge to the other instead of plopping it straight down onto the deck.

And guess what? Well, there are actually a number of useful benefits of laying carpet in a jon boat which may not be so obvious at carpst. We all know that there are times when we need to get on our knees when in our jon boat.

As you may already know, carpet is excellent at dampening sounds, which includes the sound of my outboard motor, water hitting the hull, my own footsteps, and even voices. The benefit of muffling certain sounds can how to get fit quick at home a huge difference when out fishing or hunting.

One of the best and most affordable options you can go with when choosing the right marine carpeting for your jon boat is the CE Smith Roll Carpet for Boats link to carpeh reviews on Carpwt. This marine roll carpet by CE Smith is a great option for your jon boat. This adhesive is perfect for jon boaters out there that are in need of an effective water resistant, outdoor carpet adhesive. How to Carrpet a Jon Boat the Right Way Laying marine carpet on a jon boat definitely takes a little time and effort, but it can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your jon boat.

The major steps you should follow so you know how to carpet a jon boat include: Remove the necessary objects on the deck. Remove existing carpet or any other material covering the deck. Clean and touch up the bare deck.

Attach any necessary plywood down to ensure a flat surface. Measure the surface area multiple boa. Cut the marine carpet. Apply the adhesive to the deck. Lay the marine carpet on to the deck. Reattach objects on the deck.

Henry, W.

Benefits of Laying Carpet in a Jon Boat

Mar 19,  · Boat Carpet How To video showing products used and process of installing new carpet on jon boat trailer. Show gluing, stapling, as well as some tips to. May 21,  · Lay carpet in place on the boat, using weights or clamps to prevent shifting. Custom cut carpet for an exact fit using a very sharp utility knife or carpet knife. Once fit is right, clamp or weigh carpet down to the left (port) side only. Fold carpet in half lengthwise (bow to stern), revealing the right side of the floor. Apr 01,  · Sure you can carpet them. It’s up to you if it’s a bad idea or not. Lots of people do it, lots of people don’t. The biggest benefit to carpeting them is keeping feet cool. Aluminum jon boats can get mighty hot in the sun. The downfall is resale value and getting it dirty. I use my jon boat for catfishing, deer hunting, duck hunting, etc.

At Racine Design, we are always busy with regular upholstery and canvas jobs but tend to overlook the obvious other jobs that we can make the same money on, or more. Almost every boat has carpet. Most carpet jobs are lucrative because we often find rotten foundations after removing the interior upholstery. Before we know it, the carpet job has turned into a full restoration, including upholstery and canvas.

Carpet is thought of as a simple project by boat owners, who start by shopping at a home carpet store and then come to us to install it. Home-type carpet is not easy to install in a boat. Most carpet installers do not like working on boats because getting paid by the yard does not match the complexity of the job. By offering carpet installation along with the upholstery job, we can control the removal and installation process, which also gives us the opportunity to change the color scheme.

Our shop installs only what we sell. The carpet type best suited for most boats is open weave cut pile. Backing options include woven polypropylene with a gray-tufted backing.

Weight will be 12 ounce to 18 ounce. Most carpet is available in widths of 6 feet and 8 feet. Some suppliers offer foot width. A ounce product is very thin, and when you wrap it over hatches it will open up and reveal the backing.

I prefer to use ounce or ounce marine-grade carpet. Marine-grade carpet is designed for the marine environment and has UV stabilizers. It lasts for years. Bass boats can take up to three days to complete, so plan for it. Whatever time you think you can do it in, double it. The amount of carpet needed will usually be twice the length of the boat.

So we need 36 feet for this boat. The total amount is calculated different ways by stores and suppliers, some using square feet, some square yards and even running yards.

Most of our suppliers go by running yard. Because we need 8-foot wide material, the total will be square feet or 32 square yards or 10 yards by the running yard. We usually make a good profit on the material and charge for the contact cement, which is heat resistant and waterproof.

Roll the carpet out completely and with a wax pencil or soap bar make arrows toward one end to ensure you keep the carpet going in the same direction. I always use the bow as my arrow direction. If possible, use the old carpet as a pattern. Be sure to mark the old carpet with arrows. Magic markers work great for this. Remember that the cutouts for the hatches will be larger than the actual hatch because they are wrapped inside the lip.

I drill out the rivet slowly, making sure not to break it off. Make sure you label the bow direction on all removable pieces, and remove and label the locks and hardware. I place all hardware in plastic bags and mark them. Next we remove the old carpet. I have found the best way is to use a sonic cutter with an old blade as a scraper. Sometimes elbow grease works best. I have seen some people use a high-pressure washer with a rotary nozzle. This will work, but you lose any pattern you might need because the old carpet is destroyed.

Time is the most important factor because you can spend a lot of it removing carpet just to get to the point of starting to put things back together. Do not use chemicals to dissolve the old glue because they are hard to wash off, and you want a clean surface to make the new contact cement stick.

The idea is to keep the carpet all running the same direction, which ensures that the nap is always going the same way. If you take a piece and lay it sideways it will appear a different color or shade. I cut out and label each piece before I start. This way I know I have enough carpet. Begin with laying the largest pieces of carpet first, then work all the deck areas. When spraying the glue with a simple spray gun, spray the glue past the inside corners where you have to install another piece next to it.

This will save you from having to mask off the new carpet. Glue can be brushed with disposable brushes into hard-to-get-to areas. Mineral spirits will remove overspray on carpet. Contact glue will dry but will be reactivated when more glue is applied to it or when it comes in contact with other dry glue.

Test a sample and see what it does. Tools needed for a carpet job are pretty much the same ones you use for upholstery and canvas jobs.

A good carpet knife and a box of thin blades is a necessity, as well as a sharp set of scissors and a putty knife to get into corners. We experimented during the last year with making our own snap-down carpet by gluing backing to existing carpet, trimming the edges and then binding it with 2-inch acrylic binding.

Ask your sales rep about this product. When binding the carpet with the non-skid backing, we found that spray silicone helps it from sticking to the sewing table.

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