How to build a putt putt boat

By JoJogor | 03.11.2020

how to build a putt putt boat

Building a Putt Putt Boat

Jul 21,  · How to make a simple pop pop boat from house hold materials. This video tutorial shows you a step by step guide for making a model pop pop (put put) boat f. Putt Putt Boat Instructions NAME_____ Materials list an aluminum beverage can--it should not be dented, or even have been dented and pushed back out patterns for engine and straw bend scissors craft knife Masking tape a sharp corner as on a table or block of wood ruler.

This extensive video series is all about making your own simple steam engine and boat, which is known puttt as the "putt-putt" or "pop-pop" boat. Science Toy Maker gives the full details on making your own homemade steam engine model boat, which is similar to the one seen in the move "Ponyo". In addition to this build video series, visit the worldwide forum on Yahoo! Groupsfocused solely on experimenting and designing pop-pop boats.

See how to build this steam engine boat from scratch, which you can make the body of the boat with a recycled, cut-up milk or juice carton, which is easy to cut, water-proof and aa. Or you make a simpler boat out of a recycled foam grocery tray. In either case, the engine is the same, made from a cut-up aluminum soft drink can and buidl straws. Watch the last three parts to see how bhild make the 3D what to use to remove temporary tattoos for the boat.

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Introduction: Pop-pop or Put-put Steamboat Made Easy for Children

Jan 08,  · Cheap remote control boat: FanPage: My FB: Making toy, boat Author: LXG Design. Jul 19,  · You have built a nice Putt Putt Boat. I have long been intrigued by these and I hope to build one some day. This is one of my favorite videos on the topic: Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk. Paul IT. 29 Forum Newbie. Paul IT. 29 Post Jul 25, # T

I wanted to make a construction manual for a simple pop-pop kit I am making for some friends and colleagues. So I thought: why not make my first instructable? This instructable is aimed at adults wanting to help children make a pop-pop boat at school, at home or wherever you like. Do take your responsibility in dealing fire and steam and in assessing if and how the children can deal with it safely.

I will not explain how pop-pop steamboats work, as you can find an extensive explanation on The Science Toymaker. Original inspiration for the coil engine came from the Pop-Pop Pages.

In the following steps I will explain how to build one real easy. I have been giving creative workshops for children since several years now, mainly at the school my daughter is attending: Leefschool Klavertje Vier. My workshops almost always involve a scientific or rather technical topic, most often something that rides, sails, flies or at least moves: rockets, mousetrap cars, solar powered vehicles, hovercrafts My aim is to allow young children to build working things by themselves, with as little help as possible.

Very often that involves a good preparation making templates and such. The pop-pop boat I present here is a culmination of that. For sources see 1 below; - a narrow aluminium cake baking form disposable. I prefer to use a size a type about 19 cm long, 6 cm wide and 5 cm high, easily giving the right shape; - a binder clip with a base of about 2 cm; - a small aluminium cup, as from a candle light or you can make something similar from aluminium foil ; - about 1 square cm of double sided adhesive tape the type without foam, because I am not sure the foam type is heat resistant enough.

The foamless kind is, when one side is cooled by the water. For the bending tool or coiling mandrel you need: - a sturdy cylinder shape e. For this rudder you can print and cut out a helpfull template from the drawing added to step 6. For the optional decorating you can use permanent markers, common aluminium foil and some more double sided tape. You can experiment with shorter lengths e. To my experience any copper or brass tubing with this diameter is bendable with the mandrel and technique described further.

I never found the need to soften the material commonly available. Of course, for live steam you need water and fire or heat at least. The water heated in steam is taken from the water the boat sails in. So you need clean water to sail in. You only need about 2 to 3 cm depth. As these boats are very light you can only use them outside when there is no wind.

Avoid borders or anything else hanging low over the water surface, because they might be exposed to the flame. As long as they are not leaning over towards the water, I never had any trouble with fragile border materials, like a vinyl inflatable pool, but do not blame me. The heat comes from a flame. I do not use candles, for several reasons. One is that with the coil engines a simple candle seems to miss somewhat on heat or rather heat transfer , resulting in the pop-pop cycle to stop after a while.

Putting a double wick in the candle helps quite a lot but not completely. Another reason is the smoke the candle gives and the sooth deposited on the coil, both with one wick or two wicks. This is not only messy, but also diminishes the heat transfer to the coil. Instead I use Esbit fuel tablets.

These are sold as fuel for camping cookers, but also used to be popular for steam toys and models. These tablets burn very clean. These tablets faintly smell like petroleum , so I guess that is what they are based uppon. The odor is quite faint, the package is not even air tight apparantly there is no need to. The packaging of the Esbit fuel tablets mentions inhalation and contact with the skin should be avoided, but I never had any reaction although I am quite sensitive to such things.

You will find similar warnings on lamp oil. Any way, it is good practice to fuel charge your boat with pliers or tweezers, also avoiding burning your fingers when hot charging. One tablet burns about 10 minutes. Half a tablet gives a little more than 5 minutes. Two tablets is a waste in this kind of boats, not giving a proportionally longer burning time. To my experience, the influence of the amount of fuel on the speed of the boat is negligable.

This tool is best made in advance by an adult. Checking out how the tool is used in the video in the next step can help illustrate how it should be set up. The short screw and the cylinder shape are put near one end of the piece of wood. The gap between both should be equal to the diamater of the brass or copper tube. The position of the screw along the circumference of the cylinder is not critical. However, if you do it as in the second picture, you will be able to mark out the "starting position" for the bending on the long end of the piece of the wood see last picture.

I find the easiest way is to put in the short screw first and the cylinder second. This way it is easier to use the 3mm tube to measure the gap. You can also check the starting position of the tube will be parallel with the piece of wood. You can glue the cylinder provisionary and attach it firmly with a the long screw from the back.

If your cylinder shape is hollow you can attach it by pouring hot melt glue inside. You can add a screw from the back, into the glue mass, but that is probably not necessary. If a point of any of the screws comes out of the wood, do take measures to avoid anyone hurting him or her self at the sharp edge use a shorter screw or grind down. Mark a line on the piece of wood 9,5 cm for 50 cm tubes from the cylinder as "starting position" foor the bending.

You can decorate the boat as long as you use materials that resist to water and in some degree to heat. You should not put any decoration close to the flame, but it even then it is best to use materials that do not scorch or burn when they come to close to the heat by accident. You can make puppets and such with ordinary aluminium foil. I often use double sided adhesive tape with aluminium foil stuck to one side, to make a somewhat heat resistant adhesive tape.

To decorate the hull I use permanent markers. So yeah I made this. I didn't have the dies to make a mandrel. It was quite tough bending copper without simply bending it. I read elsewhere that one could fill it with salt or sand to make it a more solid item to bend.

That somehow didn't work with me. The boat I made was without any soldering or clay sealants. I took a tin can and opened it out to form a square tin sheet and hammered it into a "boat" shape. The boat weighed 85 grams and carried grams of weight before it started taking on water. I then fixed the coil and candle. I avoided making holes in the boat for the outlet pipes. I attached the copper coil ends to two nylon pipes.

These I Just fixed to the boat exiting it backwards. The boat looks crude. But it works. And that sound the very first time We made these today with our children. They loved it. Copper tubing was not available so we used aluminum, it worked well.

After we had built the boats and were nearly done watching them them go around my son came up with the idea to put food coloring into the coil to start with so that at the first put-puts we would be able to see the input and output. It was a great idea, helping them to more clearly understand the process.

Thanks for the great instructions. We had a great time while learning. Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. Thanks for the feedback. Fantastic idea to use coloring! Do you have any images of the result? Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. No problem - it's a great instructable and I always think it's nice to see what other people do with your work.

Incidentally, I couldn't get the. Thanks for another great project! This a very, very great instructable! I like it and I am just going to grab the parts needed! Thank you for sharing, Horatius Steam. I remember these in the 50's.

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