How to bind off a ruffle scarf

By Taukazahn | 02.02.2021

how to bind off a ruffle scarf

Resilient Bind Off Adds a Pretty Edge to Your Knitting

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. Feb 23,  · Super Easy Ruffle Scarf Step 1: Materials. Step 2: Casting On. For this project you'll be working on the very top of this yarn (not the metallic part at the Step 3: The "Crocheting" Part. This is super simple. All you have to do is slide the sixth stitch into the hook part at Step 4: Binding.

Welcome to the course, and thank you for letting me guide you on your knitting journey. Introduction to Bind-Offs. To do a basic bind-offknit two stitches. Insert the left needle-tip into the second stitch on the right-hand needle and lift it over the first stitch and off the needle.

Knit one more stitch and repeat the lifting-stitch-off move. Continue this way until you have one stitch left on your right needle. Cut yarn and pull through last stitch. This is mostly at the end of your project, but it can be in the middle if your pattern has an unusual shape. Sometimes the pattern will give you a specific bind-off to use. There are many different bind-offs out there around 60 or sobut most knitters get by with one or two basics.

In my experience, adding a few more bind-offs to your repertoire can make your projects come out looking nicer and working better. It stretches out, lays flat, bunches in, or flares out the same amount as the rest of your fabric, so that it makes an edge that fits perfectly.

The ideal bind-off will also be within your current knitting abilities OR within the desire, willingness, and time you have available to stretch those boundaries. For instance, stretchy and ribbed bind-offs are in one section because ribbing is stretchy and you need stretchy bind-offs for ribbed fabric.

Within the categories, the bind-offs are generally listed from easiest to hardest, with similar bind-offs near each other as often as possible so that you can compare them. As a quick cheat-sheet, here are my favorite bind-offs — the bind-offs I myself would choose, all things being equal — for each type of fabric you might be knitting. A lot of knitters like to plan ahead what is funbucks in 160by2 that they can match their bind-off to their cast-on.

Here are all the bind-offs in this course that have matching cast-ons links go to videos in the KnitFreedom Guide to Cast-Ons. Skip to content I Love Bind-Offs. My Classes » Bind-Offs.

What is a filer head here to learn more and purchase. Or Log In. New to site? Create an Account Login. Username or Email. Lost password? Already have an account? Login Signup. Back in mind? Login Forgot Password? Thank You! Standard Bind-Off: Top Variation. Kitchener Double-Rib Bind-Off. Frilled Standard Bind-Off.

Kitchener Stitch. Tulips Buttonhole. Chain Crochet Cast-On. Chinese Waitress Cast-On. Italian Tubular Cast-On. Tubular Bind-Off. I-Cord Cast-On. I-Cord Bind-Off. Long-Tail Cast-On. EZ Sewn Bind-Off. Picot, Hemmed Edge Cast-Ons. Picot, Hemmed Edge Bind-Offs. Picot Cast-On. Picot Point Bind-Off 1.

Introduction: Super Easy Ruffle Scarf

To cast or bind on with ruffle or ribbon yarn, start at one end of the yarn and insert your needle into the first hole. Continue inserting your needle into the next hole or spacing as you've determine appropriate until you've cast on enough stitches. Don't worry when it doesn't ruffle right away. It takes a while. Here's what it looks like before it starts to ruffle: 9. When your scarf is at the desired length, bind off. Tip. Both ends will form a V shape. Want to master Microsoft Excel and take your work-from-home job prospects to the next level? Binding off is accomplished by knitting two stitches and slipping the first stitch, worked over the second stitch and off the needle, then knitting one more stitch and slipping the second stitch over the third. Do this until there are no more stitches left on the needle. Cut the yarn and draw it through the last stitch.

Recently, my husband half jokingly told me he wanted to send me back to home economics. So when I told my husband that I was going to tackle a crochet project, he was admittedly a little doubtful. My challenge? To create one project with the entire ball of yarn! I posted a photo of the completed scarf on Instagram , and I received a number of questions about how long it took, how complicated it was, and what pattern I used. So, I decided to show you step-by-step, how to crochet a ruffle scarf!

I also found it helpful to watch a video tutorial on YouTube, and in fact, watched it several times throughout the process. To start, fold over the edge and bring your crochet hook through 9 holes at this point you are doubling up. This is probably the most challenging part of creating the scarf, but it will help ensure that the yarn does not unravel and will help hide the end. Continue to pick up 9 holes, skip 1 hole, then pick up the 10th.

Bring the remaining loops through that last loop to continue creating stitches. To end the scarf, ensure you have at least 10 holes.

Double up the yarn as you did in step 1 and crochet through each of the 9 holes, skipping one and picking up the 10th. The entire process took me about hours, although I admittedly did not crochet the scarf in one sitting. The most difficult parts of the project were beginning and ending the scarf, and ensuring that I did not allow the yarn to become unraveled during those times that I was not working on it.

Just from one attempt, I walked away with a few tips that I think might be helpful when learning how to crochet a ruffle scarf:. For additional patterns and project ideas, visit Red Heart. You make it loo so easy. Thank you. After pulling the loops through, go back and find the same loop and chain one; this will keep the scarf from unraveling.

Yes you do Lavelle Mooney. It comes out beautiful. I like it better crocheted than knitted. I have done both. Have fun! I made 2 scarves with this tutorial!

Very useful and now I have one to wear and one to give away! Thank you for the info. The one I am making with your info. This is the first time I have used Net yard and find it a little difficult but I am sure I will get use to it. Thanks again for sharing.

Great instructions!! I have looked at other websites for instructions on how to make these, but they have all been so confusing!! I found yours, and a couple hours later, I had it done. Great job!!

I was given a scarf by a friend and it is beautful! I want to make one from your instructions looks very easy! Beautful goob! Caryn, sorry i misspelled job on my note to you!

Your instructions are easy to follow. I watched a video and the only thing I really got out of it wss to take and straight yhe yarn flat and wrap it aroud a empty papertowel cardboard roll. So that I done. Thst took sometime. But I do better if it id written with pictures. Thsnk you so much for foing that.

God Bless You. Thank you so much for this pattern!!! I have tried others and could not figure them out. You explained his pattern so clearly that it was easy to do!

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