How to be an mma fighter

By Yozshule | 25.04.2021

how to be an mma fighter

How to become an MMA fighter – A practical guide to the fight game

Apr 30,  · Becoming an MMA fighter, you must know how to stand and fight. Your training must include developing your footwork so that you can dodge your opponents, kicks, elbows, punches, and knee strikes. Your footwork makes you a better fighter in the ring. Jul 09,  · We’re targeting both pro and amateur fighters who want to grow their brand in the MMA world, by providing them with all the online and offline tools in order to be seen, and have direct contact.

Keep it local or you will be tempted to skip sessions and be sure to check out reviews of MMA gyms online. The importance of a good coach cannot be underestimated. Not only will he his colleagues be teaching you an array of MMA skills but he will also be your access into the MMA industry. Any established coach will have connections in the MMA world and these connections will mean more fights. More fights is what you will need to become how to be an mma fighter successful fighting athlete, which may or may not lead to getting noticed by the UFC.

Even famous fighters sometimes admit that you have to be a little mad to step into the octagon. MMA is a very skill intensive sport. Modern mixed martial arts consists of a variety of disciplines that involve both ground and stand up combat.

MMA comprises both striking and grappling techniques that have been taken from all kinds of martial arts including Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Thai boxingand wrestling. Make no mistake, learning the skills needed for a successful MMA career should not be underestimated.

But with the ultimate goal of standing in the center of Madison Square Garden with a UFC Championship belt over your head in front of thousands of screaming fans, does sound pretty appealing and must feel like nothing else on planet Earth.

Mixed martial arts is not learnt overnight but over many years of intensive and diligent practice. Instead, you will be getting lots of sleep, eating the right foods, staying off the booze and staying ready for your daily gym sessions. Injuries are common place in MMA training especially in competition. After receiving injuries, there can be months of waiting around for damage to heal and in some cases, rehab may be necessary. This level off toughness is not possessed by many and is mostly reserved for those warriors among us.

Most common injuries in MMA are broken bones, hand injuries such as torn ligamentsknee injuries such as tearing of the ACLwhat causes protein buildup in your eyes of course concussions.

So find the right gym with the right atmosphere and experienced and patient coaches and you will be on the right track. Here is his interview with the awesome Joe Rogan on his highly recommended podcast. Injuries, weight-cuts, getting up early, no beer etc requires a lot of willpower. Mental toughness while god-given in some cases can actually be cultivated with practice. You can learn more about developing a fighting mindset on the British Psychological Society website.

Modern day MMA has become a hugely technical combat sport and requires mastery of a multitude of moves and skills. Nowadays, brain as important as brawn and maybe even more so as there is plenty of strategy and game-planning in the fight game today. Moreover, MMA fighters are athletes and a comprehensive knowledge of diet and body mechanics is also very important.

Having a good character and planning your career carefully are also big factors in any quest to become a successful cage fighter.

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MMA comprises both striking and grappling techniques that have been taken from all kinds of martial arts including Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), and wrestling. Make no mistake, learning the skills needed for a successful MMA career should not be underestimated.

To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 17, times. Learn more This guide is for those budding athletes who want to make a name for themselves in the field of mixed martial arts MMA.

Becoming an MMA fighter is not an easy task; this can only be achieved through continued hard work and dedication. If you want to become a professional MMA fighter like Georges St-Pierre, Conor McGregor, and Jose Aldo and achieve the same level of greatness or even get close to that target, you need to follow the advice of professionals.

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Related Articles. Author Info Last Updated: March 15, Part 1 of Mentally dedicate yourself to the hard work. You need help from others for training and guidance. So, place your ego aside and never be reluctant to ask others for help. You also need to make up your mind to follow this grueling path. Stay focused on what you want to achieve and toil away in groups to make a mark.

Find a place where you can train. Find any club that has all the basic equipment and qualified trainer who will help you with your basics.

If you can afford it, find a trainer. It is quite important what and how the trainer trains you so you must find yourself a good, expert trainer who has all the knowledge regarding MMA. He will get you trained in the best way possible in order to become a pro mixed martial artist quickly. Coaching styles and tracking progress: Ask you coach what coaching style he follows, some coaches are very aggressive while others have a calmness about their methods of teaching.

You must also tract your progress on daily basic, if you think there is no progress then start looking for a new trainer. Fitness trends and injury preventive strategies: Fitness is the most important aspect of all combat sports. For this you need to research on latest trends in fitness and see if you can follow them, but before starting anything take advice from your trainer if you can follow them. Injuries are part and parcel of any MMA athlete, ask your trainer to help you with techniques that prevent injuries.

Stay healthy. Your health undoubtedly plays a vital role in your performance. You need a healthy and a fit body if you want to excel in mixed martial arts. You must eat sufficient amount of proper, nutritious food and drink plenty of water daily. Moreover, you should sleep well as it keeps both, your body and mind fresh.

You should stay away from drugs and alcohol as they affect your body very badly. Eat healthy food- Stuff yourself with carbohydrates as they give the much needed energy before the workout.

Eat lots of protein as they will help you build muscle. Go easy on fat, good fats saturated fats are fine but stay away from bad fat unsaturated fats , which are very bad for your health. Take lot of fluids- Water is extremely important for you to remain hydrated, so drink lot of water throughout the day. Besides water, drink lots of fresh juices that will give you much needed energy.

Choose suitable MMA gear. The gear which you use for fighting, training and practicing has a great impact on your performance and results so you need to buy the best MMA gear and equipment for yourself before starting your MMA journey.

You can seek help from your trainer and search the internet to make sure that you get appropriate gear. Part 2 of Develop attacking skills. Even though defence is must, exceptional attacking skills are also mandatory if you want to reach the top.

So you need to practice attack in several ways. There are many exercises and workouts which help you improve your attack efficiently. Consult your trainer and start improving your attack to get remarkable attacking skills. Master your defence.

Defence is the best offence. You must develop outstanding defensive skillset if you want to stay undefeated throughout your professional MMA career. Start using intelligence along with strength and see how you achieve success in no time.

Shadowboxing is a technique which is used to practice and analyse your skills. You can improve your footwork, attacking and defensive skills using this method. In this method, you fight in the ring without facing an opponent and practice all the moves which you are supposed to use inside the ring while facing an opponent.

Develop your stance. An individual develops a dominant hand right from the start, after birth. Dominant hand is the one that is used the most. Well, developing the stance also depends on your dominant hand. The fighting stance is the most vital factor that a fighter needs to learn in any type of Martial Art. Proper stance allows the fighter for strong and effortless movement and easy transference of force. The stances are of two types and one needs to choose one of them: Southpaw — it is the stance in which fighter has his right hand and foot forward.

He uses right jabs followed with let cross and right hook. This stance is common in left-handed boxers. Orthodox — orthodox is simply the mirror image of southpaw stance and is common in right handed boxers.

A traditional orthodox stance is the one in which fighter has his left foot in front of the right one. Learn fighting techniques. There are some fighting techniques that are necessary for an MMA fighter. Like bending you knees, never dropping your guard, and keeping a good defence.

You will perfect these techniques with the help of you trainer over the period of time. You need to study the sport and learn from experience during an actual fight. Bend your knees- By keeping your knees bent you can ease your movement in any direction.

This give you freedom to defend, attack and counter attack. Never drop your guard- When you are facing your opponent never drop your guard, this is very important whether you are a budding or expert MMA fighter. Keep your hands up to protect your face or elbows tucked in to protect your rib cage. Fight from you head- MMA is not just about aggression alone; there are times when you need to defend and you can defend well if you have the ability to dodge your opponent.

It is also far less damaging as compared to blocking. Blocking not only protects you but it also gives you a counter attacking option. Part 3 of Use social media.

Nowadays, social media is one of the best ways to get famous and popular. So you need to target all those who are connected through different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. To build your audience, you should upload the videos of your fights in which you performed amazingly.

Start with small fights. Visit sponsors. Once you start winning small fights, you can contact sponsors and get yourself financed so that you can sign contracts with good fighters too. You should keep this in mind that if you fail to win even a single fight in the beginning of your sponsorship, your sponsor will lose faith in you and stop financing you. Advance to big fights. Then your dream will start coming true.

But you must know that winning against the big ones is not that easy so you have to get yourself trained in the best way. Target championships. Maintain your position.

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